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Sunday, October 7, 2012

It's Holland to America Thing

Dear America,

okay so what I'm about to talk about has been building up for several days now...

my hope was to "spill it" directly on-line as a response to a recent post on The Daily Bell; unfortunately, their system  never confirmed my registration, which is quite funny all on its own...  But needless to say, after attempting to log in a number of times, I simply gave up -- of course, thinking to myself, who cares, I gotta blaaaaaaaaaahg -- so there! na na nana na na.

happy monday to me; it's so happy, it came early, considering it's only sunday.

So, in part, this is what set me off:

"There is no lesser of two evils when considering the two major political parties in the United States today. I consider non-voting, voting third party or even voting for the opposition to be justified now, considering how the GOP leadership treated the Ron Paul Campaign, the liberty movement and our primary voters."

The entire piece, Don't Cry for Us, Mitt Romney, can be read here; it is written by resident cry-baby, Ron Holland.

And just how grown-up is he, right?

In reality here -- on the great playground of life --- little old G has no idea where to begin.  It's not like his post was some kind of long-winded shellacking of Mitt, or even the Republican party in general; his post was all of five short paragraphs and a quote from the Bible.

Are you kidding me, Ronnie?

So what --  fess up....does Holland speak for all of you nut cases -- who when feeling deprived of a certain level of establishment respect, you just kiss common sense goodbye, taking your toys with you as you run wee, wee, wee, wee all the way home?  I think you left a ball or two on the black top.

But, seriously?  Is this how you wanna play it?

You know, speaking only for myself -- cuz, that's what I do best -- if Ron Paul managed to haul in the nomination I would not hesitate to vote for him with pride.  For starters, he is a far cry from the Chosen One, and for second, I whole-heartedly recognize his ambitions to return America to her proper, fundamental place.  No question about it.

But let's be realistic, shall we?

Ron Paul had an overwhelming yet slim-to-none chance of attracting ANY of Obama's supporters, let alone enough independents, simply because he comes off a wee bit kooky, while some might even say extreme in his Libertarian views. just sayin'

Just how could our country --  considered to have a majority of us vote just right of center on most things -- settle into a balancing act when roughly one-third of the populace is utterly hellbent on letting the Entitlement Dream live to see another four years with a candidate like Ron Paul running against Obama?

Sure, I like your idea, Mr. Holland, of offering Rand the job of the vice presidency; but reality bites, doesn't it?  He didn't get the nod.  And lest we overlook, this decision came down from the captain of the team;  ultimately, it was Mitt's decision --  not yours, not mine; and not the party's.

But how could you not love Paul Ryan?  For all intents and purposes, Ryan became a one-man dodge ball team while introducing his financial plan; he stuck his neck out there, virtually unafraid, and just took it.  Recess is brutal, isn't it?  But here's you, -- again, returning to some kind of bitter sportsmanship:

"In the November election the "chickens are coming home to roost" to both the Republican Party and the Mitt Romney Campaign for their mistakes and bad deeds. Therefore, don't cry for us to give Romney or the GOP candidates our support, as we sure will not cry for you."
Beginning with your rather poor choice in words -- comparing the infamous sermon on the Rev. Wright mount to this moment in nomination history; all I have to add is, you gotta be kidding me! Do you hate republicans that much?

What frightens me the most in this moment [hard to tell, really, as the mood keeps evolving, you know] is the level of ignorance on your part.   Have you not done your homework on the real Barack, the man himself and his history  -- including but not limited to, his radical mentors and his rather personal Marxist family roots?  Not to mention, how could a trusted site like The Daily Bell, give you the platform to make such a stunning smack-down of the Romney-Ryan ticket?  And with such a limited scope of grievances to boot?  I give you an "incomplete" on this assignment.

Oh right, he's not all things libertarian so waaaaaaaaah.

What a mistake.

What an anti-establishment embarrassment.

What a sad case of cry-baby-itus.

What a sore loser you are; and just listen to yourself  -- with not a care in the world of the real-life consequences whatsoever.

Just a girl to Mr. Holland's Opus, IF MITT loses this presidential race --  then surely we will kiss America goodbye; oh and it will be almost instantaneous.  That's how different Obama's America is.  And if we go there, we might as well hop scotch down that road and compile a long list of boo-boo's yet to come; a skinned knee's got nothing on the trajectory of sudden and life-altering ailments on the way. You want something to cry about?

You big weenie!  How could you even think it would be like even-steven between the two? Yeah, like Barack and Mitt are like last picks for team anti-establishment.  We get it.  BUT with all due disrespect, sir, you're an idiot to think they are ONE IN THE SAME!

Waaaaaaah  Waaaaaaah

So what, your favorite color didn't get picked,  but take a breath will ya?  Think about what you are saying here.  This logic of yours simply makes no sense; matter of fact, it is totally, unmistakably, ILLOGICAL, only to be tarnished further by your rather illegitimate, narrow-minded, ridiculous solution.  We might as well just leave our bikes out in the rain, for nothing really  matters at all.

Ronnie baby -- old G Thang here can understand your disappointment, but this opinion of yours is offensive in every way.   Get a grip and change your mind and write sixteen trillion times on the black board:  "ROMNEY-RYAN Believe in America."

Oh no matter.  Who am I to think I could change your mind?

I am merely hanging my hopes on the independents and libertarians far and wide to think for themselves and choose to ignore this sage advice of yours.  Even teachers can get things entirely wrong; even preachers are human.

But nice touch with the last word coming from the Book of Matthew.   Did you know, it's authorship is actually an anonymous soul.  It is projected to have been written by a Palestinian Jew -- having taken creative liberty with the Gospel of Mark, plus a Greek translation of Matthew's Aramaic "oracles."  The purpose of this gospel was to convince the Jews that Jesus was Christ, in fulfillment of  prophecy dating back to the Old Testament.[nod to The Bible Handbook, from Nelson's Pocket Reference Series, for a little help]

The thing is  --- to be a dedicated follower of anything we must not only feel strongly about something, but we must prevail, and carry our cross no  matter what it takes; the follow through, day in and day out, is what separates the faithful from the jaded,  from the spirit-less, those who just decide to give up.

Yes.  It's not easy.  It requires us to muster the faith and patience to carry on, even when conditions are not ideal.   Hell, it's the nudge by nudge philosophy of governing that ultimately creates the very conditions for diabolical change, the kind of fundamental transformation only one of the last of the two standing speaks so highly of -- and so audaciously and openly, at that.

So if I am hearing you correctly -- you see the two as being one in the same, insinuating Obama's Redistribution is tit for tat all things being equal to Mitt's intentions for Reformation of decades of bad government.

You might as well think Black Liberation Theology is the same as Christianity; you might as well think the color blue is the same as red; you might as well just move to Venezuela or Greece, if it's all the same to you.

Clearly, you are incapable of discriminating even the lesser of two evils with any semblance of real honest to goodness thought unique to the set of circumstances facing America.  For you, the minutia of all things monotonous and well established is enough to just burn the capture-the-flag altogether.  Even when the true differences are like black and white [and that is absolutely not to be taken literally];  but just like up and down or left and right, you just cave to clinging to your hard-line approach.  Ex-squeeze me? Red rover, red rover just how sophomoric and  juvenile are you?

OR...... just maybe...muster a little strength, and have a little faith and stick it out; Mitt might very well be our last great hope for any future "Ron Paul," or a Rand(i),  to have his [or her!] way with us the next time around.  It's what I like to call, baby steps.  But oh no, for you, it's all or nothing.

Oh just look at me.  Carrying on like there's no tomorrow.
Let's ring this bell and bring this one to a close, shall we? 

I just can't believe this stance of yours AT ALL, Mr. Holland -- so there!  You, sir, are an idiot. 

I said my peace; now maybe I can get some sleep tonight.
Make no mistake:  All in all, your attitude sucks;
and you know what they say...
sometimes it's the only difference between
an A and a B, of liberty or tyranny.

Make it a Good Day, G

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