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Saturday, October 20, 2012

It's a Romantic Discussion on Death Panels...happy saturday...Thing

Dear America,

happy saturday.

G normally sleeps in, lounges around, reads her horoscope, and drinks coffee from her little French press, delaying the inevitable list of chores until noon, if I'm lucky -- and today is no different. It's still early and I gotta big time stall going on...while the drizzle coming down outside my window sure doesn't help...

and then I made the mistake of turning on my computer.  All of a sudden I am wide awake.

The Daily Bell -- a truly libertarian group -- has a post this morning from Anthony Wile reviewing an article from the Daily Mail out of the UK; and a shocking collaboration of ideas and summations on 'community organized' health care ensues.

"3,000 doctors 
putting patients on 'death lists' 
that single them out to be allowed to die."

So, folks, considering there has been wide spread scuttlebutt on the number of people who have STILL not made up their minds -- as if!-- let this be the pink slip that wakes you up, too.

How can you not know?

Obamacare IS heading in the direction of "3,000 doctors putting patients on 'death lists' that single them out to be allowed to die" whether you want to believe it or not.  And without it being repealed and replaced with real reform measures, through the process of electing a brand new philosophy on the matter, this will become our reality.

Enough said. But just in case it isn't --

A little something, something from Donald Berwick:

"I am romantic 
about the National Health Service [UK]. 
I love it,” 
and calling it 
“generous, hopeful, confident, joyous, and just.”

 Tony Perkins from Family Research Council said this about Berwick:

“Berwick, whom the President entrusted with $962 billion dollars, heads up the Centers of Medicare and Medicaid–a job he was never approved by Congress to do,” he said. “Instead, the White House, sensing that his pro-euthanasia socialist views would pose problems even for his own party, made Berwick a recess appointment.”

Continue reading a mother-lode of research on "the Shadow Party,"  socialists, medicine, and more, HERE.

You know, in my early days, health care was nearly all I talked about -- you might say, Obamacare was my muse. To this day, it's awfully hard to imagine how America, of all places in the world, would venture down the path of nationalized medicine -- and yet, here we are.  Tragic.

From a couple of days ago, here's a column written for the NY Post, by Dr. Marc Siegel.

Or read this piece on Obamacare and Doctor Shortages, from Susan's Page.

Or read this, Killing Marcus Welby,  How Obamacare stifles private practices, by Dr. Scott Gottlieb

All "radicals" work the same way.

It is a system of nudge by nudge;  you make the conditions on the ground difficult for a private practice to make it, we lose the private practice and it's as simple as that. 

So, considering it is Saturday, after-all, and my chores are still staring at me in the face, we will keep this entry short and sweet.  Of course, the only thing sweet about it was the sugar in my coffee...but that's just getting stuck on semantics [actually DON'T CLICK on it! it only takes you to a stupid HuffPost post...and it will just ruin a perfectly good saturday morning]

Make it a Good Day, G

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