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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

It's a New World Being Thrown Upside Down Thing

Dear America,

one     week     to       go.

And you know things have turned upside down when the Washington Post Fact Checks a Romney Ad and labels it "technically correct."  Of course, they proceeded to give the ad FOUR Pinocchios anyway -- I guess just because they didn't like it; it was not because it was grossly dishonest, but mostly entirely subjectively grossly disappointing news for the liberal media giant.

From Joel Pollack, @Breitbart.com:

"Here is the naked truth about Romney's claims about Jeep. Romney was wrong to say, in a speech in Ohio last week, that Jeep is moving "all" production to China. That statement, even if it was just a slip, was worthy of correction.

But the Jeep ad airing in Ohio makes no such statement. It says that Chrysler, Jeep's parent, was sold 'to Italians who are going to build Jeeps in China.'  That is 100% correct, and has been since 2010, as Tony Lee pointed out yesterday. It is also true that 'Fact checkers confirm that [Obama's] attacks on Mitt Romney [on the auto bailout] are false' and that Romney 'is supported by Lee Iacocca and the Detroit News.'"
Continue Reading HERE.

But this is old news for anyone who follows this little roadster  -- for G highlighted an article  last Friday from the Washington Examiner's Paul Bedard, that covered every itty bitty dirty detail, as dust was flyin' by the time Bedard was done going zero to sixty in seven paragraphs...  see here.  And his backup came from Bloomberg, see here.

And you know, now that I'm thinking about it -- let's go all the way back to August and a remark made at the republican convention and   "fact checked" here.  Oh right, it wasn't about losing production jobs in Ohio, it was about losing production jobs in Wisconsin.  Ya got me there.

Oh my goodness Oh my goodness

Oh not convinced yet?

READ THIS -- just more old news same story, going back to October 16, 2012.

[And yes, the g-ster is making you read a lot today, what else is new -- but you know what they used to say, "reading is fundamental..."]

oh, getting tired of reading already -- let's watch some  TV --

wow, right?
[and thank you, Vince Wade, for giving us that youtube thriller.]

You know what else is turning upside down?

Obama's nasty negative campaign based entirely upon lies, ridicule, and conduct unbecoming of a president.

You know what else is turning upside down?

Something way more important than that.

For this morning, we must continue to send our prayers east.  The count is up to thirty people who have died,  seven million people without power, and countless Americans under water.  Sandy has become the poster child for nature's wrath and unimaginable destruction.

Even though playing in the world of political opinion has become almost second nature for me on most days, this morning, my heart continues to push pause. 

So until we meet again, which should be tomorrow, allow me to come to a screeching halt. Perhaps it's a good day to simply take care of our loved ones and count our blessings large or small -- for we have seen, with our own eyes, just how quickly things can be blown to smithereens.

Make it a Good Day, G

One more thing to be expected in the wake of Sandy...it's just a little something having absolutely nothing to do with Obama lifting a pen or enacting a tax... is the economy will get a massive tick up in the pick up...with gratitude and appreciation going to flood and fire insurance companies everywhere -- those writing the checks thousands of miles wide.  Reconstruction after the destruction can grow an economy to replace the things which were lost, and calling for more people of all trades to do the handy-work.  May this bring just a glimmer of hope on this tragically dark day.

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