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Monday, October 1, 2012

It's Day-Tripping on California and a Zing or Two Thing

Dear America,

look out.
California doesn't need to wait for the outcome of the next election to know its future...
No need to even swing by the Haight-Ashbury district to get our palm's read or smoke something psychedelic...
And certainly no need to wait to see the latest infrastructure fiasco to come to a high speed halt, having declared itself belly up.

No need to wait.

The governor has declared to go all in, to turn California into a bureaucratic, welfare state, utopia -- come one, come all.

As if it is not enough to know that the recently "naturalized" citizens under Obama's new definition of illegal will now be able to get a driver's license, no questions asked -- but as of this morning, we have a new line item deduction for every paycheck.  It is in the amount of 3%.

Everyone in the state of California will be placed into this program.

GO HERE for a pretty complete breakdown of the entire thing.

somebody going by the name 'indaba' said this in the comments running underneath:

"As a small business owner myself, this would be one more reason to stay at 4 employees and outsource all the work I could. The extra admin and time and then the added cost in these client rare times would be overwhelming.

govt officials doing these programs should be required to run a small business for a year and meet a payroll every two weeks. If they do not meet payroll, they should have to get the amount deducted from their own pay until they have to take a line of credit with the bank and go into debt to keep the business going.

Then, and only then, should they be allowed at the levers of government. Goodbye California, nice knowing you."

and there ya go.

Guys and dolls who have never worked in the real world -- those who cling to the bureaucratic answer for everything -- do not understand the trickle down effects of bad policy.

And as for the ability to fundamentally-frighten factor, unleashing the unintended consequences of such an action -- we will not have to wait long for this one to take it's full affect.  Just a whiff of this, and it's enough to send us spinning.

This is just a another governmental ponzi scheme to steal money.  It's THREE percent!  And it will take extra work on a bi-annual effort to opt out from here on out. 

All this, virtually on the morning after Campbell's Soup lays off 700 workers before the end of next year at their northern California operations.

And if you have time, GO HERE for a post entitled: The Export Business in California (People and Jobs), by Wendell Cox -- dating back to the business climate of just five months ago.

California's population continues to grow due to migration from other countries and births exceeding the number of deaths.

It has been estimated that it costs Californian's over 10 Billion a year to cover the expense of "incarceration, health care, and education of illegal immigrants."

And keeping things real, even facebook can't save us now -- and surely, that wasn't part of the plan, was it Jerry?

Ya see, Jerry -- and anyone who favors Jerry's twisted ways...

is that eventually --  by way of growing a bigger, better 'state'....eventually, we run out of other people's money.  Was this notion first uttered by Margaret Thatcher?   Who knows and who cares; that is the least of our concerns right now, isn't it?  isn't it, California?

So.  Is it accurate to say,  so goes California, so goes the nation?  Here's another clue...just out today.

Only time will tell.

In other news -- we are two days out from the long anticipated presidential debate.

Real quick:  this is a fascinating tactic out of the Obama camp -- "oh, I'm just okay."  Says BO; giving his humble opinion about his ability to debate.  Oh -- he's so much better than me.  

Oh Ok.

From the guy who has spent the last four years going I, I, I, I, me, me, me, me -- is he actually going to hide  behind a curtain of phony humility? The incumbent -- the one with precedence in his favor -- is attempting to  come off as the underdog?   One of the greatest orators of our time [on teleprompter, that is] is pleading the fifth element of public speaking?    Oh, I can't speak that good, no good, or all that well...really now, just look at him, just look at what I'm up against...

Oh Ok. That's a good one.

Barack Obama is a lawyer for pete's sake -- are you kidding me?  You can't argue very well?

Oh and you guys don't stop there, now do ya?

Speaking on behalf of the president upon Air Force One, Jen Psaki duly noted:

"He wants to speak directly to the families -- the people who are on their couches at home, having snacks, drinking a beer, drinking soda, whatever it is, and tuning in for the first time -- and that's who he's speaking directly to...

We also saw in reports that Mitt Romney and his team have been working on zingers and special lines for months...

That's not what the President's focus is on. So if you're expecting that, that's probably not what he's going to deliver on."
Oh Ok.

Alerting the masses of Mitt's intention to zing one in there, to put this president in his place [working on that for months even!] -- the Obama campaign claims to take the high road all the way and days before either one has had a chance to make their opening statement.   Audacity lives to see a second campaign.  oh joy.

And way to make another disingenuous plug to the simple man drinking the beer on the couch. But you know, now that you mentioned it, inquiring minds wanna know -- is that guy with, or without, a factory job? Does the couch have any holes in it?   But good thing for you that dog just ain't gonna hunt today, poor little bubba-boo has gotta bum leg; G's just got no stinkin' time to respond to that crafty characterization tossed in for working class color.

We can only hope Romney has it in him to zing him once, if not the begeesus out of him.  The truth is [and I've done some polling on it... if only in my own mind... given the purple haze wafting through the air all the way down from Sacramento] from what we've seen so far, Mitt seems way to polite to bite.  I double dog dare you, Mitt.

Only time will tell.

the making of the best zinger, 
albeit clever and zingy,  
is grounded in truth.
But consider this -- 
they are much like our 
High Speed Rail 
in California.
Once planted,
it takes on a life of it's own
for better or worse.
While the best is totally,
[oh yeah, baby, and we like our organics out here.]
Don't zing when you should have zang.

Make it a Good Day, G

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