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Friday, September 30, 2011

It's a Demias Jimerson Rule Thing

Dear America,

oh my word, TGIF!

G just heard from someone near and dear to her heart -- after thinking I lost her for good.

Wow.  How things, feelings, moods, can change in just an instant, no?

But THIS isn't about that.

Until this very moment my heart has been heavy.  And not without real reason --

between the ceaseless, reprehensible attacks against those of us akin to the hearts and minds and solutions of the Tea Party Movement...

between the strange surge in attacks against Christianity through sweeping cultural changes by legislation and regulation to the desperate, rogue attempt after a well meaning 'bless you' following a sneeze...

America's loving, compassionate, tolerable pulse --  most often exemplified by our widespread and prolific Judeo-Christian heritage, through the teachings and philosophy built upon universal values and principles passed down to us from the pillars of great civilizations far and wide (Jerusalem, Athens and Rome) -- is gasping for air.

and then along came an eleven year old.

just makes a heart melt, doesn't he?

"God, grades, touchdowns."  In that order, the reporter sums it up.

this is the age of redistribution of the wealth even on the football field.   The establishment must curtail the natural ability to blow the competition away, and restrict the number of touchdowns this pee-wee football star can make.  It is more fair this way, they say... you know, for the other players who are less talented and less able to do what Demias Jimerson can do.

but just get a load of this kid's response....is that not beautiful, or what?

But little did we know (until today) what we thought to be the latest version of a Mao Rule, a Marxist Rule, a Lenin Rule, a Che Rule, and currently morphing into a made for the twenty first century, Buffet Rule -- has yet another household name for easy brand recognition:  The Madre Hill Rule.

We are so obsessed with making things "fair" for everyone (or is it controlling everyone), we are now making overt requests to dumb ourselves down, calling for refrain, based upon a brand new premise for fundamental transformation, that being: everything NOT equal.    Get it? in direct opposition of the foundation laid out in our Declaration of Independence.  But I digress.

How about we get a grassroots action committee together to emphasize "The Demias Jimerson Rule" ?

Go big, little pee wee, go big!  Score -- as many times as you can; for after all,  football is a sport --  and more than that, it is a competition!  why should this little guy hold back?  Somebody find him a sponsor...

Oh. Right.   He's already beholden of the Highest and Best Sponsor known to man:   The Almighty Rule [made little man and personified by name as Demias Jimerson].

AND    I     DARE     one of his teachers to come out and tell him he can't praise his Lord. I would be first in line for that ticket.

Besides this day already showing signs of a revival...with the reuniting with a soul sister -- this Demias Jimerson story just makes my heart sing even more.  It's enough to think it just might carry me into the weekend and back to a maudlin monday morning with a certain lightness of being ... just in case I had any residual doubt still stirring.

Make it a Good Day, G

AND speaking of some  old  commies, I mean, going on the offensive --

read THIS...
oh okay, Van Jones... "you're going to see an American fall, an American autumn, just like we saw the Arab spring. You can see it right now with these young people on Wall Street. Hold onto your hats. We're going to have an October offensive to take back the American dream and to rescue America's middle class."


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  1. Thanks for inspiration of youth, the reconnect with a friend ... And the juxtaposition of sound capitalism with the vapid policies of MARXIST envy that has FAILED in EVERY APPLICATION for which Stalin killed 20 million via starvation because communism is 100% opposite God's given human nature ... The Creator's plan in the FIRST instant of the BANG! Oh, such joy, as expressed in the priorities of the young football marvel.