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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

It's To Where America We Belong Thing

"Every opinion reacts on him who utters it." 
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Dear America,

“President Obama, this is your army...
 We are ready to march. 
Let’s take these sons of bitches out 
and take America back 
to an America where we belong."  
Jimmy Hoffa Jr.

And isn't it just peachy that Jimmy Sr. had a son.  And, by the way, that is precisely what he said ..."this is your army...ready to march...let's take these sons of bitches out...to take America back to an America where we belong."  Making clear that "working people" like "a good fight" -- he said.

Hoffa Jr. was the warm up band (of one) before Obama spoke before a delegation of Detroit workers, laborers, countrymen.  And when Obama got up to speak, he said he was awfully proud...appreciating the kind, thoughtful words from every single one of them:

"The president of the Metropolitan Detroit Central Labor Council, our host, Saundra Williams.  (Applause.)  AFL-CIO president, Rich Trumka.  (Applause.)  President of the Michigan AFL-CIO, Mark Gaffney.  (Applause.)  And some proud sons and daughters of Michigan representing working people here and across the country -- SEIU President Mary Kay Henry, Teamsters President Jimmy Hoffa, UAW President Bob King, Utility Workers President Mike Langford.  (Applause.)  We are proud of them and we're proud of your congressional delegation who are working every single day with your state and local elected officials to create jobs and economic growth and prosperity here in Michigan and all across the country." 

...just a little something something pulled from a post by Kerry Picket, Blogger around the Washington Times Water Cooler (the bold face, above, was all Picket).

So, like I said, he was awfully proud because He Said he was proud. -- over and over again.

Are we not all laborers?

What is so special about these laborers?

Is it their dues?  Is it the filling of the coffers to fuel the perpetuation of a lie?  Is it all about the army against the "sons of bitches" that they make? 

But what about the language in and of itself? Isn't somebody going to say something about this?
What about what Emerson gives us, that little something proudly highlighted at the top?

Emerson, in his essay simply titled Compensation, sets it all up:

"Human labor, through all of its forms, from the sharpening of a stake to the construction of a city or an epic, is one immense illustration of the perfect compensation of the universe.  Everywhere and always this law is sublime.  The absolute balance of Give and Take, the doctrine that every thing has its price, and if that price is not paid, not that thing but something else is obtained, and that it is impossible to get anything without its price, is not less sublime in the columns of a ledger than in the budgets of states, in the laws of light and darkness, in all action and reaction of nature."

It may be age old.  It may be old-fashioned. It may be so yesterday; but the truth is, we reap what we sow, people.

In both word and deed, we reap; our every opinion, our every right or wrong action, whatever it is that we do or say comes right back upon us like a boomerang.  It is according to a higher, natural law that no man can put asunder. bam. it is done. just like that. and now, it comes back even faster...thanks to high speed internet.

Our president had a chance to be every man's president, but he didn't take it did he?


He chose to be a president for the workers of the world -- not all workers, laborers, countrymen and women of 'America we belong,' mind you -- just a few, the union label proud.  Or like our own vice president reiterated in another Labor Day appearance [addressing the AFL-CIO in Ohio], and evidently perfectly mindful of the workers who carry a certain natural magnificence over and above the rest...

"You are the only folks keeping the barbarians from the gates. You are the only non-governmental power. The only one who has the power and capacity to stop this onslaught."

 ...you know, against the sons of bitches in the Tea Party.
...now you see how we are all connected?

For more on that, you can go here.

"We" are the sons of bitches and barbarians now; "they" are all perfect ladies and gentlemen, by example.

Hoffa says we are at war; Biden says he is dead serious, that this is not a joke; while President Obama is just  plain proud of anybody and everybody who is on his side.  The only thing the rest of us need to do now is bend over and take it -- according to the liberal use of the Law of Compensation, that is.

Me thinks the Left has forgotten how America, the story of us that we belong, was made.

A revolution arose from certain injustices; we labored for each and every one of us to be free.  A fair and balanced course correction within the Law of Compensation grew from our individual self-reliance, a recognition and affirmation of our connectedness to the whole to do our share, to play our part, to labor and reap what we sow through honest-to-goodness work.

Equal Opportunity does not always equate to equal outcome.  While to continue to maneuver and to labor under such a fraud, in high hopes of manipulating such outcome -- including the out-put and out-take, outward and onward --  is the real tragedy.  And it is not the America we belong.

Good thing the Tea Party has grown resilient to the tirades of free radicals.  As a matter of fact, the Tea Party comes with an inherent ability of being prepared for it, and naturally, have learned to profit from scalding hot attacks filled to the brim.  Some might even say we revel in it -- we remarkably have the insane mobility to float, steep, eat, pray, love in such an environment.  For deep down, we appreciate the notion that 'every opinion reacts on him who utters it.'

peace be with you Hoffa, Biden, Obama, and any laborer who seems akin to easily align.

Make it a Good Day, G
really, do it.  this is not a joke.  this is not a joke. this is not an applause line...make it a good day.

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