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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

It's All About an Attack Watch -- Leave King B Alone -- Thing

Dear America,

remember back a few years when we all heard that rousing cry going something like this... 'leave britney alone!'
it was the passionate, uninhibited, grassroots, totally organic outcry from evidently a huge fan.

...clearly a lovely girl...
a staunch supporter, adorer, follower, perhaps even a card carrying member of the captivated Britney base.

She was simply sick and tired of her baby getting used and abused by the spinning media and mayhem following what else, the self-inflicted wounds of too much media and mayhem. 

But the desperate plea stuck with us for awhile..it was a vicious cycle of tears for fears, hit me baby one more time, now hit me with your best shot with just more tears for fears, hit me baby one more time, now hit me with your best shot, followed up with a chorus of oops, I did it again each and every time.

While looking back on it, it may very well have been some of the nation's first episodes of pop culture leading a campaign with a personal agenda that is best described these days as "going viral."  We heard the cry everywhere and often.

What made me think of this, you ask?


yup, that's all it took to send me back to the piercing ramblings of 'leave britney alone!'

so this "attack watch" thing would be highly entertaining if it wasn't so true.

The Obama Administration morphed from socialism to communism today, marked by the introduction of a brand new campaign to make the people mindful of attacks against the Chosen One.  They want you to speak up; they want you to make note of it and tell them all about it...to "fight the smears."  And it is fully paid for, by the way, from an outfit simply called, "Obama for America."

In essence, America is being asked to 'Leave King B Alone.'  waaaah

Evidently, censorship of our liberty to speak freely against tyranny is not only in vogue, but it is organized, advocated, with a killer website running viral homegrown video as we speak to support it -- feed it -- if not spin the followers out of control with it.  how cool is that? is this a great country, or what?

I would be shocked if only it wasn't so expected.

For this president has his bronze thin skin showing once again....oooh baby baby as the buttons come flying off.

Adding another twist, last night captivated a nation with a couple of Special Elections -- the most widely watched being the seat in New York, replacing an idiot a.k.a. Anthony Weiner.   News this morning is claiming that the two [GOP] wins stand as a direct rebuke of the Obama Administration, mostly having to do with his overspending and overreaching of the federal government.

I would say it runs a whole lot deeper than that.

This week on G Thing began with a quote from the president who had the audacity to call for Congress to act on behalf of his brand-spanking-new-jobs-act with "no games, no politics, no delays."

This -- coming from a president who is manufacturing controversy and corruption and crony capitalism antics to the millionth and billionth power -- exponentially surpassing the number of green jobs saved or created [nod to Solyndra...oops] -- let alone making so much as a dent in comprehending what makes America really really work (for real).  (being really redundant. tell me something I don't know already). 

It isn't just about a rebuke to the policies of the Progressive/Socialist/Redistributionist-In-Chief -- it is baby baby so much more than that.

What America really really wants is a show of ethics.  We want America to get it's &$%* together.

we are so sick and tired of the unethical, immoral, unaffected elite leading us over the bridge to nowhere to the land of missed opportunity and stomped on dreams.  We want the government to not only shut up -- but get the &*#$ out of the way.

we expect all of you [in government] to be honest, lawful, thoughtful and responsible.  It is neither left or right -- we just want someone else -- because what other choice do we really have but to follow the Rule of Law in place until we get it right, right?  [God help us...].

we are saddened by the display of government gone wild -- it goes against everything we thought we ever were...even if it was only in our own mind.  for oh how easy is it to hang our star on an aberration of reality.  we inflicted these wounds upon ourselves, no one else is to blame.  It is a free country -- everything is up for grabs --  anyone can capitalize on any thing at any given time, right?     Doing nothing is just the same as doing something every single time, huh shuga'. And right now, I don't even care if I make any sense -- that's how out of control things really really are.

Too bad we haven't learned -- scratch that, more like have forgotten --  how to capitalize upon our good.

Oh if only we could grow our prosperity by doing the right thing for the right reasons and begin to manufacture more of that.

If only we could grow the good.

If only we could get all our kids to go school and genuinely want to learn.

If only we could encourage all immigrants to follow the rules of entry and citizenship.

If only we could glorify a moral and civic duty to ourselves and each other to respect one another and our laws.

If only we could all remember that the free market, and a truly free society, relies on maintaining real freedom for all; recognizing that with our inherent self-reliance to live, grow, work, and play, creating our own successes and failures, that it comes in direct proportion and relationship with how we live, grow, work, and play.  huh. well I'll be, imagine that.

If only we could keep a humble allegiance and greater faith as one nation under God  -- for divine intervention, divine providence, and in keeping with our covenant to country and each other.

If only.

Stimulus is merely a cosmetic answer revealing a deeper issue running viral, if not totally out of control, on substance. Faces can change [as in: so what about District NY 9 Special Election!...so what about President Hope and Change!....so what about the latest pop star of the hour....so what].

The reality is nothing will change until WE DO; nothing will change until our hearts and minds and actions align with principles and values of real character -- and that goes for all of us.  and as always, myself starting center stage.

Oh baby baby one more time... we can all do better.

Make it a Good Day, G

baby baby one more thing: isn't it [the outcome of the latest special elections] more like a referendum on ourselves, upon what we have turned into, more than anything else? just askin'

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  1. "Ultimately, only God matters", Fr. Joe Breighner, Baltimore, MD, USA.

    Humans do not exist by random chance. "Beyond the Cosmos", Hugh Ross, Ph.D. Astrophysics, etc. Each human must decide their purpose in their gift of life!

    Thanks to G for requiring the thought ... Or Prayer