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Friday, September 2, 2011

It's a Utopian-American Girl Pipedream Thing

Dear America,

so, continuing on a theme, I said I would show up yesterday, didn't I?

I had every [good] intention of being here two days in a row, really I did.

But just look at me, first it was the grandiose two week vacation...and now this; what a flake I am, no?

No continuity, no allegiance to a craft, no day in the life of America to speak of as if nothing is going on at all.  And while I'm at it, let me just admit right now that I don't even have a good excuse other than one thing led to another yesterday -- everything but the blog that is -- and what kind of excuse is that?

so, I suppose if you are one of the few, the proud, the followers, then quite possibly the simmering loss of overall confidence in G is slowly morphing into total abandon; while nearly every ounce of trust, faith, and general enthusiasm is being evaporated.  poof!

But maybe, it is just another symptom of a growing trend -- the loss of confidence in just about everything under the sun.  Reportedly, consumer confidence, business confidence, manufacturing and investment confidence, are all back at 2009 levels; while trust in government is at a rocking 27%, trust in media @ 22%, trust in "big business" @ 12%, trust in political parties @ 8%.

But have no fear, the government is here!  Did you hear about this?  Fresh off the presses from the Obama Administration  -- and a president who claims to be gadget delinquent to boot (remember that speech to college students last year? and oh well if you don't...) they are launching a brand new website:

  'We the People'

According to a White House blog,

"Our Constitution guarantees your right to petition our government.  Now, with We the People, we're offering a new way to submit an online petition on a range of issues -- and get an official response.

We're announcing We the People before it's live to give folks time to think about what petitions they want to create, and how they are going to build the support to get a response."


I'm sorry, but are you for real?

After days, weeks, months of voicing our 'right to petition', also known as the Tea Party, the grassroots expression of American ideals and principles in motion through various loyal patriots of every color, creed, ideology of the melting pot --

After days, weeks, months of the entire LEFT bashing, discrediting, ridiculing of the widespread American voice vehemently expressing 'petitions' of nearly two-thirds of the entire body of the American people --

After days, weeks, months of making incendiary commentary, vitriolic barbs, racially charged AND FALSE accusations, along with an assortment of reprehensible character attacks casting the entire lot as racist, divisive, 'the enemy,' poison, a vile excuse for human beings, and just plain stupid...

what is this?

what, now that you have clearly exhausted all efforts to diminish and/or totally demolish all credibility of the Tea Party -- venturing to censure every single voice of WE the People heard through organized peaceful protests, townhall meetings, and even extending so far as attacking the official elected Tea Party representatives in congress -- you launch a website entitled 'We the People' to assist 'We the People' to have 'We the People's' petitions heard?   Is this a joke?

Hello.  'We the People' have been petitioning for three years now.

And yet, just this week, 'We the People' have been demonized by nearly every member of the Congressional Black Caucus -- all but one, anyway (and one who happens to be one of my favorite people, Rep. Allen West of Florida -- please stick with it! -- if any congressional caucus is in need of a navigational course correction this is it!)  The incivility, the outrageous rhetoric, out of the CBC reached a crescendo this week, peeking with comments from Rep. Andre Carson:

“This is the effort that we are seeing of Jim Crow. Some of these folks in Congress right now would love to see us as second class citizens. Some of them in Congress right now with this Tea Party movement would love to see you and me… hanging on a tree...”

really, Andre?  Now Andre isn't just directing his comments to the Tea Party in general, but to his fellow representatives in office!  ugh. this kind of thing just makes me pissin'dizzy!

What year are we in?

Just how, in this day and age, in America, can our faith in our fellow man be going so far backwards so fast?  How can Andre, an elected representative of the people of Indiana, be so out of line, so wrong, so misguided in his experience and association with the Tea Party, let alone his fellow countrymen/women sitting next to him in the House?

This goes beyond disrespect.

Perhaps it is simply desperate measures for desperate times, a political tactic of raising the voice of one group while extinguishing another.  Maybe it is just part of the implementation of party propaganda, the spreading of false truths to vilify and bury a faction of the American people, of We the People, of whom they do not agree.  Perhaps it is coming after a simple loss of confidence and trust.

But more than anything else, it is sad.

What a sad, sad day for America.

What have we learned people?  Have we learned anything at all?

Have we evolved as human beings, as citizens, as countrymen, as part of the whole and resting our future and confidences upon each and every one of us in assimilating, uniting, and coming together as one body of American people -- as WE the PEOPLE -- for the COMMON GOOD?

Or are we going backwards?

(...and if you are ready for a real shocker...go here.  And if you can bear it, scroll down the article and read the commentary of what comes out of the mouth of a leader of the New Black Panther Militia)  -- with thanks and full appreciation of a post featured @ The Blaze.com

What a sad, sad day for America.

so with our confidences waning, with our trust in fellow man dissipating, with our faith in America leading by example in timeless principles, in universal values, through a balance of power of a limited government of the people, for the people, also widely known as simply WE the PEOPLE, slowly eroding -- the only thing left to do is fall back to our original intent and our founding system of governing under the Rule of Law recognizing the rights, and responsibilities, and duties resting upon the individual.

Consumer confidences, business confidences, manufacturing and investment confidences, interracial confidences and trust cannot be masterminded and legislated and regulated simply by government saying so.

It is individual people who hold the power to grow confidences and trust --

Only individuals hold the secret of living united or being divided.

Only individuals inspire, aspire and ultimately hire, other individuals.

From The 5000 Year Leap, true economic freedom and success is reduced to four simple laws that a nation must maintain in order to grow prosperity (aka confidences and trust):

1. The freedom to try.
2. The freedom to buy.
3. The freedom to sell.
4. The freedom to fail.

Government tinkering with any part of the equation breeds more unlimited government and less unlimited freedoms and liberty of We the People.

My confidence and trust doesn't lie in the government either -- nor in the media -- nor in big business -- nor in political party; my confidences and trust rests on you and me, We the People -- of every color -- being the best American we can be.

My confidence and trust is in the foundation that our nation's founding fathers laid over two hundred years ago.  As the recent days, weeks, months have proved, nothing really has changed; our collection of humanity -- and the personal responsibility or corruption thereof -- is still very human, isn't it?  Leave it to America of always being exceptional and sensational whether in one extreme or another.

While much like the unchanging job market and everything else these days, the integrity of our humanity remains to be one more area that needs some work....

just how many villages will it take to raise just one good country filled with 300 million really good people?

(yes, just consider that my own little version of dreams from my founding fathers illuminating the true, genuine, Utopian-American Girl pipe dream on the day.; and while I'm tip-toeing through the sixties, go here for a fabulous read from Shelby Steele.  Read the whole thing -- as you've got plenty of time over the Labor Day weekend! while with any luck, G will be back on Tuesday, yea me!... so Be safe.  Be happy. and  Be good.)

Make it a Good Day, G

Interesting. From the American Heritage Dictionary:  "pipe dream.  a wishful, fantastic notion or hope.  [from the  fantasies induced by opium.]" 

full disclosure: no opium, or opiate of any kind, was inhaled in part, or in whole, within the remarks opined.

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