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Thursday, September 29, 2011

It's the Evolution of a Lie -- or Two -- Thing

Dear America,

so, for just a wee bit of follow up from yesterday:

For all of you who would not vote for Herman Cain -- left and right alike -- and drawing upon conclusions The Left has already made for us -- consider yourself a racist if you do not like Herman Cain.


That's not fair... how idiotic is that logic...
Yes. Indeed.  It does sound incredibly asinine, doesn't it?

And yes.  I am speaking more directly to The Left.

For this is the kind of stupidity coming out of that camp.  It has been used against conservatives for so long now, most of you -- left will hunting -- don't even recognize how reee dee Q lous it really is.  But every morning, you all gather around the fire singing the same old tune, while unknowingly trapping any possibility for a true leap forward, killing it for the rest of us, and then eating it for breakfast.  [who is being the neanderthal now, huh?]

This is normal for The Left -- the side who lives and breathes on the side of gin masters and demagoguery.  Having learned these skills from the professional, self-righteous community leaders past and present, everything is about the next score, the next battle, the next trap, the next line of attack.  Using age-old strategies of divide and conquer, the means to an end are not only totally irrelevant, but without limitation -- do whatever, say whatever, as anything goes, while the more you pile it on the better.  And most important, let us not forget: never let a crisis go to waste... even if you have to invent one first.

Nothing is by accident.  Every thing has a purpose.  The entire animal gets thrown on the spit, and then ravenously chewed up -- or, it gets rigged into something else, retooled for another use, and used up in every way known to man.  Not even the vultures stand a chance to profit.

And now -- albeit a rare occurrence with such intensity and force -- we are witnessing a presidency go down in flames.

And to think, it's one of their own. [puts a whole new dimension on eating their young, doesn't it]

It's funny -- the world in not flat --  the chosen one is not real -- and all while the wisdom back of creating yet another racial firestorm out of recycled kindling, built upon one false premise after another, reinforced with the recent flash up featuring a Morgan Freeman narration no less, has backfired.

But the thing is, that ain't the worst of it.

Word in town screams deeper, wider, broader issues -- far greater than anything we could even imagine; for the hoodwinks of an entire political party is lighting up from within.

For Quick Flicks, this is what's stirring:

Herman CAIN: addressing the African-American community, claiming a fair amount of brainwashing...

Maxine WATERS: addressing comments made by the president, "who is he talking to..."

Tina BROWN: addressing the Morning Joe, "...he wasn't ready..."

Oh, but I thought Tina worshiped the guy, like he was her new bronze sun god, or something...

From November 2008:

"This has been an election full of magic. White Magic that only the black man from everywhere and nowhere could perform. Even his adored grandmother dying on the eve of the victory had a mythic feeling of completion to it in a candidacy full of signs and symbols. Remember the three-point basketball shot when he played with the soldiers in Kuwait? It’s as if Obama is the prince who lifts the curse in a fairy story, a curse that began eight years ago with an election wrenched away from the rightful winner and begetting as a consequence the wrathful visitation of tragedy and wars and hurricanes and economic collapse."

and I dare you to read the rest: yes you can.

Oh my was he ever lifted onto a golden pedestal, huh?

Or was he?

Perhaps he was already there -- all it took was a little black magic to have us all believe in him the way he believes in himself.

After reading a quick draw report on The Daily Bell -- Is Obama on the Way Out? -- citing real trouble down under, in the underbelly of a president, my immediate reaction was to say it isn't so and brush it off -- for the story seemed too outlandish for even for The DB.  way.

But after tapping upon the windows to the world for a spell, Fellowship of the Minds adds the fifth dimension sorely needed, offering us this account of Wayne Madsen's Report [WMR]...

Quoting Wayne's world directly, the fellowship goes quickly to note this:
"WMR has previously reported on Obama’s narcissistic personality and how it has adversely affected his leadership capabilities as president. Obama’s day usually begins by his conducting “vanity searches” on Google to see how he is being treated by both the main stream media and political blogs. When he encounters negative articles, Obama flies off the handle in a rage punctuated by the use of foul language, according to sources close to the White House. Obama is reportedly totally obsessed with how the media is covering him."
G footnote: leaving the print The Fellowship delineated in red, red.

Now, I tend to agree with The Daily Bell's disclosure:  "We have no idea whether Madsen's reporting is accurate or not. We have, however, noticed the beginnings of what we believe to be a subdominant social theme – that Obama is not an effective president and that he will lose the upcoming election."

G's other foot dropping: rumor has it Wayne Madsen is in hiding for fear of his life (running from the real or imagined Obama boot chasing him -- and no doubt clinging to his innate survival of the fittest skills to save himself).

The thing is, the evolution of a presidency, the young prince of peace, the chosen one who seemed to have come down out of the heavens to save America (if not the whole entire world)  is revealing it's own twisted natural progression.   Come hell or high water -- whether ill prepared or entirely misguided --  the attributes that no longer work for our highest good... to lift society... to progress, to profit, to rebuild, to restore all that we are... these things ultimately  just go away.

And now we are witnessing  -- in fits and spurts all over the place (a daily occurrence on G Thing) -- even the media seems right there and ready to help in speeding up the process.

America is losing confidence in this president [good explanation of this, go to the founder of BET, Robert Johnson].  Let the official unraveling begin.

But I am inclined to believe he never had real, authentic confidence in himself to begin with -- and that's how it starts, doesn't it.  (not askin')

Barack Hussein Obama has lived a life built entirely upon false assumptions and untruths, while personally struggling to mend the split personalities and multiple dimensions within -- by color, by culture, by religion -- and each exposing, if not testing, the true depth of his national allegiances.  The prince of uncommon arrogance, narcissistic tendencies, fueled by raging hatred dating back to childhood and told in his own words within his memoirs, is spiraling into another world of his own making.

Begging the question, if he IS so smart, why didn't he see this coming?  How could he not know that he would be under the microscope from day one and every day thereafter? 

Being the very creator of a campaign built upon facebook and twitter and everything grassroots and Obama Spring -- how could the circulation and syndication and publication of every little thing he does, pro or con,  throw him off so? 

A truly confident man would be totally unaffected.

The narrative will progress to show this man, this prince, the way out.

So here's an idea:  how about we just drop Herman Cain into the Oval Office right now and save us all the trouble?  [Which immediately leads me to wonder about this girl: OMG

Make it a Good Day, G

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