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Thursday, September 8, 2011

It's a ONE in Twenty-Three Thing

Dear America,

happy thursday x

as if I didn't already have a million thoughts going through my head this morning -- something that I just heard from my favorite young gun conservative talk radio program here in San Diego, beginning live at six a.m. on 760 KFMB -- the Mike Slater Show -- just said something that made me go wow.

Are you a Slater Crusader?  Did you hear what he just said?

Slater was reminding all of us of just how LUCKY we are to be born in the US of A.  There are 7 BILLION people on this planet and only 300 million are here, living in America, the greatest nation to experience life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. [which within seconds, a caller crunched the numbers even further and broke it down to a ONE in twenty three chance of being born HERE -- instead of Botswana, or Bolivia, or Bangkok]

Slater pointed out that because of this rare occurrence of being born in the country famous for freedom and liberty FOR ALL, we bear the full responsibility of upholding our inherent duty to it.  [aka the reality that freedom does not come free].

As highlighted in brilliant moments of last night's debate, we, as AMERICANS, have the freedom of protecting  and honoring our America along with enjoying it's perks [which we, by the show of the last fifty years, have learned to totally take for granted].

As one example, most every GOP player recognized that in order to fix the daily abuses of immigrating to America, we need to return to our roots -- beckoning all of us to come together with compassion, while holding tight to the expectation of every immigrant to assimilate with the whole in every way.

Breaking this down further -- and after making sure that our border was made secure to the best of it's ability --  this means requiring corporate America and business to uphold our employment laws already on the books; it demands English to be the official language; it expects those who chose to come to America to abide by our Rule of Law, and be fully respectful of fellow Americans, communities, and for all intents and purposes, to be just plain good people; in other words, the process of assimilation is a duty not a right.

But the real question remains, just how can we expect so much from our immigrants when we fail to do the same... considering that we, as Americans in general, have all but forgotten this inherent duty to each other, ourselves, and this country?  Talk about hypocrisy.

Now, on more than one occasion here on G thing, I have humbly proclaimed my own fall from grace; I admit wholeheartedly that I have made mistakes here -- I have taken my own freedoms and liberties for granted -- I have lived aloof and disconnected to my duty to my country -- I have fallen away from understanding my own responsibility to protect, defend, and honor the exceptional and inspirational place in which we live -- I am guilty.  I do not claim to be an expert nor do I believe my way of thinking ranks above anyone else. Each and every one of us is entitled to our own beliefs, arrived by our own experiences, personal evolution, and conscience.

Even if I never say this again, there is not a day that goes by when in fact I do not recognize how little I really am.  I am this big...which means, really small.

AND when it comes to our duty to each other and our country, what I really mean is that it is not so much about what you have to do at all and, in all honesty,  is more about me; this is the context I wish you never forget.

Contrary to what you might think, every pondering post upon  
It's a G Thing 
is less about absolutes and more about keeping a daily dialog with my self -- that pesky little old me --  and my country.  It details what I must do; it spells out how I might think; it capitalizes on what I must learn; it outlines what action I must take; it illuminates the direction I should go -- all according to me, G, just a girl, and according to a day in the life in America.  Also known as the place glorified by the rest of the world ...a place where the ONE in twenty-three deem really, really special... and why?

Because it is special here. 
But more important --
we must ask ourselves,
how did we get here...
just what makes US so special?  

What are the things 
that make America 
so exceptional, 
so free, 
so prosperous, 
so worthy of our respect and unwavering defense?

It certainly couldn't be found in the latest discovery of medicare fraud that makes us so special.

It certainly couldn't be the robbery of the corner store and neighborhood bank that makes us so endearing.

It certainly couldn't be found in the rape and assault and murder of our fellow countrymen and women that makes us so attractive.

It certainly couldn't be found in the masterminding of ways to separate and disconnect us from each other, through the manufacturing of a false divide by religion, color, class or community that makes us so beautiful.

It certainly couldn't be found in the unlimited power of government frivolously spending our hard earned dollars, through entitlements, social security ponzi schemes, and the like [go Perry!] that makes us so exceptional.

It certainly couldn't be found in permitting the illegal crossing of our borders to find a better life, abusing our system and taking advantage of our compassion,  while disregarding all of those who venture to come to America legally, that makes us so loveable.

It certainly couldn't be through phony stimulus plans, too big to fail bailouts, overzealous governmental regulations, the devaluing of our dollar, the printing of money, the exponential growth of government that makes us so worthy.

It certainly couldn't be our losing of our religion altogether that makes us so good.

Just what makes us so special now?  It certainly couldn't be any of these things -- and this isn't even a complete list.  We are becoming just as muddled and mixed up as the rest of the world.  Why would anyone want to come here now?

so we had a GOP debate last night...and all I know is this:

I want a straight shooter coming into the presidency next time around.

I want someone who will honor and protect the America of the proverbial yesterday.

I want a return to universal values and principles that REALLY ARE proven (without the need for a scientist to prove or disprove and "settle" for us outside of our own fair and liberal use of common sense applied...and if you watched the debate you would know what I mean).

I want to live in a country with 300 million other Americans appreciative of our foundation, aligned with the full protection of our country's fundamentals, and fully prepared to do our duty to ourselves, each other, and our country in every way.

It may have been just my lucky stars to have been born here, at this time, in this age; and to question THAT, in and of itself, may take the rest of my life to figure out why, if not also require of me my full attention to the itty bitty details of life here in America.

Answering the age old question as to why we are here -- and why here, why not over there -- is fundamental to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness no matter where you are born.  It pushes us to find our way in life; it forces us to recognize what is inside us, what we are made of, what is it that makes us so special in order to give back to community, humanity, family, God, and life itself.

"All that is necessary 
for the triumph of evil 
is that good men do nothing."  
Edmund Burke

Make it a Good Day, G

so, hey, don't forget to watch the president tonight...
...four in the afternoon here on the west coast...
...gonna have to leave the office quite possibly by three, depending upon your commute...
...but make no mistake, I am sure it will be worth it:
He will be announcing more spending (rumored to be at almost half a trillion dollars now) -- provide for an "Infrastructure Bank" (as if bank and infrastructure and the Fed in the same sentence doesn't print enough red flags to circle the world over 300 million times) -- continuation of the payroll tax deductions for another year -- extreme defense department cuts by jeopardizing our security success in Iraq, by way of making drastic reduction of 40,000 troops there and leaving "3000" to fend for themselves -- a call for the gang of twelve to settle the cut/cap/balance debate to "get it done" before November -- and what speech would be without diminishing, discrediting, and ridiculing the importance of the republican stance/demands -- and all in all, clinging to his Keynesian roots as the answer for everything.  

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