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Monday, September 19, 2011

It's a Faux Religion-In-Chief Thing

Dear America,

just a note to self and continuing on a theme from last week...

not only were we asked not to pay any attention to it, but if we tried to talk about it (you know, in public), we were immediately labeled and ridiculed as being a bunch of right wing loons, fundamental extremists, and even...racists, if in the moment it fit.

The mainstream media all but ignored it; while even if they gave it a minute of their time or priceless print space, it was clearly, decidedly, dismissed as being a point of interest as if there was nothing to see here, move along dot org.

Rev. Dr. Jeremiah Wright, who?
Black Liberation Theology, what?

We couldn't talk about any of it.

Even the words coming out of his own mouth had to make us wonder -- you know, in the months, if not years, preparing him... molding him... attaching the strings on and the like... I mean, leading the charge of support for the totally vetted, overly qualified, highly educated, super smart,  future president of the United States of America..... roars of thunder goes the crowd....

From his book, Dreams FROM My Father:

"I ceased to advertise 
my mother's race by the age of 12 or 13, 
when I began to suspect 
that by doing so 
I was ingratiating myself to whites."

"I never emulate white men 
and brown men 
whose fates didn't speak to my own. 
It was into my father's image,  
the black man, son of Africa, 
that I'd packed all my attributes 
that I sought in myself: 
the attributes of Martin and Malcolm, 
DuBois and Mandela."

From the Audacity of Hope:

"I will stand 
with the Muslims 
should the political winds shift 
in an ugly direction."

Oh and there's more...GO HERE and even more HERE

Nope.  We were not even allowed to question it...

We were asked to take him at his word, at face value; we were told to ignore the signs, the questionable associations, the sketchy details of a life trying it's darnedest to look homogenous with the whole of America.

Context is everything; the books cited above, written by a President -In-Waiting, could seamlessly morph into case studies of How To Reach a Target Audience and Win...(for it was circa a life time ago, during a time mainly focused on winning the future in Chicago and subsequently the state of Illinois)  He needed "his people" to come out in droves and vote; and they did.

Nope. But here we are, now 2011, now with three years under his belt, and we still can't touch him (you know, when it comes to understanding the man behind the teleprompter).  We have no idea who he really is.

Of course, it doesn't help him to further his no-need-for-concern-cause with all the video streaming and circulating in free market abandon...

I think that for most people, we can pretty much agree on something -- we just want to know the truth..

Addressing the 2012 Nominees for the next POTUS:
  • We want to know how you think, specifically, with regard to your beliefs, your religion, your faith -- because naturally, this gives us an immediate gauge of understanding and, in an instant, we are able to glean a sense of who you really are on the inside..  
  • We want to know what it is you stand for --  especially when up against unrelenting political winds, unimaginable tests of spirit, being the nation's chief caretaker and community leader, peacekeeper and Commander-In-Chief, at home and abroad. 
  • We want to know what grounds you (and to the Atheists out there, even if that which grounds you is only your big, bad, Self) -- because the nation's trust is in your hands; while the position, itself, comes with it's own lightning rod, with the inherent power to create feats of cataclysmic change through electrifying, scorching, fundamental transformation.
Our overall disconcerting mood -- as an electorate -- is the direct result of the mainstream media protecting President Barack Hussein Obama from being properly vetted, be it his beliefs, his Muslim ties, his twenty year history attending the church of his mentor, Rev..Dr. Jeremiah Wright, his free spirited associations -- and basically, masking his very all and everything that attributes to the core of his being --  his mind, his thoughts, his true ideology, his emotional baggage, his insecurities, his narcissism, all the things that together define the character of a man; a man whom we clearly DO NOT KNOW. Can you say run on, girl, with that big bad run-on sentence?  holy toledo, thank God it's just a blog.

I think that our interest in the religion factor of a certain Rick Perry, or the Mormon in Mitt Romney, conveys a deeper meaning and motive; we've been burned by Obama.   Whether it be wrestling with what on earth we thought he stood for or what in heaven's name is his God be true, we have no idea who he is, or on what faith he stands.

And more than that, we believe that even Obama is dazed and confused.  Because by all evidence over the last three years, his words, his actions -- and especially his in-action's -- show a president who seems to be at the mercy of some kind of nor'easter coming through; God only knows which way and why, nor when or where, come rain or shine.

"A tyrant must
put on the appearance 
of uncommon devotion to religion.  
Subjects are less apprehensive 
of illegal treatment 
from a ruler 
whom they consider God-fearing and pious."

Which leaves me thinking this: just maybe the Obama we know is all for show.

And just where is the unbridled and unbiased balanced journalism recording his every flaw?  just where is the groundswell of uncommon outrage after being hoodwinked and bedazzled by a total fraud?

let's just say they, --his shepherds and followers and fishers of (wo)men-- are experiencing a few technical difficulties.  And if you still got it in you, read this for more on that.

over and out,
and better still...

Make it a Good Day, G

a great song is just a click away on "It's a Faux Religion-In-Chief Thing."


  1. What we DON'T KNOW can HURT US!,

    THANKS !!!!

  2. The Ultimate Alinsky Crisis that is too large to waste is the financial collapse of the USA. Who are the responsible parties and persons dictating our headlong thrust into national bankruptcy? Who benefits from this manmade crisis? The Democrat Party thrust Obama on our nation. Can the Democrat party that failed to vet Obama be allowed to be considered as a legitimate party in future elections? The people must speak. The Tea "Party" (not a party) movement of individuals is showing the way. Will Congress come to it's senses before it is too late. Is gthing the only voice of reason - Dutch Girl with thumb in the hole in the dike?