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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

It's Spinning a New Pope of Hope Thing

Dear America,

So we may be searching for a new Pope of Hope...

when it comes to worshiping idols, the demonstrably partisan, richly divisive, and oh so lovely loquacious lefties seem to be losing their religion these days; it has been in waves, but the growing numbers of discontent, the disproportionate lot breaking away from the rose colored tide, is cresting. [G note: wish I wrote this...worth a read now or later, take your pick]

But moving on, you watch; it will happen and it will happen soon...
Hillary will be the one crowned to return order to the pure chaos running amuck in the kingdom.

If I were running a campaign against "Obama" -- I would be switching gears right now.  He is not the one we need to beat, just you wait.

And I wouldn't make light of it either; my campaign strategies would appear like a deliberate, overt, about face.

And no, this feeling that's come over me isn't just because of Steve Chapman, duh, the talk of the town and a journalist out of the Chicago Tribune, who simply had the courage to speak his mind.  Read This.

It's been an eery feeling building up for quite some time now.

And yesterday, when I linked to THIS article from The Blaze at the very tail end, who would have thought I could take it to the next level on the very next day....oooooh yeah, that's right, me.  If this gets out, women everywhere will want to have his head (of course, NOT literally).

And how about the rantings of leftwing pundits and liberal intellectual elites beginning to freely question their own king? Calling out the PANIC button even...Carville hit that.

Beginning with the first sign of ripples in the water.... the nearly trillion dollar stimulus package didn't work.... while the second stimulus, nearing another half a trillion dollars, doesn't stand a chance; put it all together along with the sharks in the water beginning to circle --

"there is good news for the president. I checked the Constitution, and he is under no compulsion to run for re-election" (nod to Chapman);

“[It] actually fit all of the classic legal requirements for a genuinely hostile workplace to women,”(nod to Anita Dunn via The Blaze);

"[What] should the White House do now? One word came to mind: Panic” (with the hat trick nod to Carville); 

-- all making way for the flourishing finish:  Plan C.  Clinton to the second power, in all her glory.

And let's just say, IF she jumps in, the mainstream media will be dropping Barack like a rock.  Can't wait to watch that smooth transition...but I digress.

Actually, if I were to really go back into the deep dark abyss of the world wide web, it was Obama, himself, who ventured to go where no one would fear to tread first -- when he said this:
“Michelle and the kids are wonderful in that if I said, `You know, guys, I want to do something different,’ they’d be fine,” Obama said in an interview with NBC News that aired Tuesday morning on “Today.” “They’re not invested in Daddy being president or my husband being president."  per Obama, from an article on Politico, in June 2011

Setting yourself up for a fall, huh Humpty Dumpty?  ...for all the king's horses and all the king's men...

So the new script, the latest leftist shift, is to create the very conditions to overthrow the current leader with a new one in such a way that still saves face; making it look like a natural occurrence and replacing the spontaneous combustion of the old guard by slipping into a perfect rendition of simply more of the same -- only in a skirt  make that a pantsuit.

It's beautiful, really.  Brilliant. Like diamonds dancing on the water inviting us into the deep blue sea.

The GOP needs to be all over this girl starting right now.  

Perhaps it is the GOP who needs to panic.

Will the GOP hear the warning bells in time?

Who will make the best Odysseus up against the sirens of a leftwinged goddess like Hillariosyeus? yes. corny. stupid. silly.  From one man's kingdom is another man's prison.   From Humpty Dumpty to Homer. Whatever.  G, as usual, is all over the globe.  but it's my blog and I can do what I want to, say what I want to, you ,too, can cry if you want to cry too. la la la lala  Besides, I've got beeswax in my ears and won't hear a thing.

Make it a Good Day, G

the only thing that will prevent another democratic contender like a Hill/Bill round two, will be Obama himself.  Phrasing it in such a way we all understand:  if his EGO is too big to fail, he will insist on staying put... if he cares more for his party, and the agenda in play, HE will step down.  But we shall see, won't we...we shall see.

I really hope I am wrong on this one.

I have been wanting to get into America's Job Act, but have found myself distracted, under the spell, mesmerized by all the other hands in play.  Oh we will get there, we shall overcome (maybe...depending upon the ever-changing tide) But if you want to take a moment to read the bill yourself, go here.  Talk about hilarious; but thank goodness this one is only 199 pages. 

Last thing:  This is funny.  The IMF has lowered it's forecast on America's economic future; we've been downgraded by the IMF.  sound the alarms.  One more reason Hillary should jump into the pool.


  1. You are a mind reader for the us and the nation ... Thanks, but sorry that the result will be the one thing that DNC needs to do to be competitive in 2012, laying it all out for them .... And just think, Hill just said, she'd never run for it ... Timing Perfect

  2. Corollary to all are the red herring swirling debates on "issues" which are merely a distraction to keep Americans away from the real threat, the purposeful destruction of the US economy and civil / moral compass. Both parties are now absorbed with the story, how can it be that Obama cannot see that none of his policies have worked. Based on the book "The Manchurian President," he diliberately floats inane and illogical failed policies because he knows that the press and opposition will fixate on an "issues" argument while he steals the horses out of the barn leaving us no horsepower to pull our economy out of the ditch of debt! His every new policy is more outrageous than the previous and everyone falls for it. He and his liberal handlers are laughing all the way to the Constitutionan shredding machine.