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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

It's an All Grown Up Thing

Dear America,

obama is in puerto rico right this minute.
first time a president has visited in fifty years.
political?   nah

Such is the administration of "transparency" --  we only get some in the areas a see through curtain isn't necessary,  warranted, or in the least bit, should be encouraged -- which covers all kinds of indiscretions, large and small, from the countless days leading as Campaigner-in-Chief and feeding the audience what it wants to hear --  to his minions, like the twitter-twit of an Anthony Wiener...which falls into the TMI category right quick.  boys will be boys.

happy tuesday everybody.  moving on to other things...

so --  last night -- the debate in New Hampshire -- sure did a bang up job solidifying the repeal of a presidency gone wild (and with it: obamacare, the unsanctioned war in Libya, the power of the federal reserve, the overzealous actions of the EPA, the growth of government...to the tune of 35% increase of our debt and the 20% unsustainable growth of our federal bureaucracy just to name the top five on the night).

That, along with casting a brand new light of things of little or no importance, bearing insight on the likes and dislikes for fascinating, yet petty points of interest.  For instance, Cain prefers "deep dish" over thin -- and Bachmann (in the only moment of the debate when she sounded indecisive), when she could not make up her mind between Elvis Presley or Johnny Cash.  [G note: going with a 'little less conversation' over 'walking the line' without even skipping a beat.]

Taking the lead from last night's moderator, CNN's John King, if we go the route of "this or that" or pass or fail, allow me to break things down in a jiffy:

Gingrich gave it a go to redeem himself (pass);

Pawlenty gave a fighting spirit to shake his 'vanilla-ness' (pass);

Cain gave it grandpa love with his folksy werther's appeal (pass);

Paul gave it a big throw down on the Fed, the Federal Reserve, and nearly every federal facet run amuck known to man, sometimes without taking a breath (pass);

Santorum gave it the college try against the oppressor flashing his young guns all around (pass);

Romney gave it full throttle politician (pass); and

Bachmann gave it her good girl goes to washington -- with all of her 28 kids -- and brings home the bacon and fries it up in the pan and still finding time to look damn good,  making it all look so easy breezy beautiful cover girl (pass).  [yes, go right ahead, and count all the decades we touched upon there]

They all passed, and some with flying colors.

The common refrain was making Obama a one term president; and even, just Today, the president remarked on just that:  From the Today Show with Ann Curry, he said, "Michelle and the kids are wonderful in that if I said, 'You know, guys, I want to do something different,' they'd be fine. They're not invested in daddy being president or my husband being president. But they do believe in what we're doing,"  Fine by me.  For more, go here.

All in all, any one of these guys (and doll) would be totally worthy of the office of the presidency -- not to say, that we, the people, do not have personal preferences already lining up.  We do.  But isn't it wonderful that the gang of seven last night are shades of what is to come.

And more than that, I am pleased to see that, more often than not, the diversity within the party is something of both mystery and majesty in motion; conservatives, especially, are not all cut from the same cloth -- we do not agree, hands down, on all things.  And what a joy it is to witness; there are all kinds of possibilities even when following along in ideology and standing side by side on stage; albeit somewhat predictable in part, it was a lively debate on ideas even within a single political thread.

Unlike the narrow minded pattern leading from the Left -- who seem to run on riot, rage, agenda and chaos -- the right is not led by the Union label, manufacturing divisiveness to create the fabric of social change, all the while usurping the powers of the people and this republic's Constitution.  The Right welcomes the opportunity for debate on the merits, in hopes of weaving the best solution, on all fronts from head to toe.

We have only just begun the political process of electing the next president of the United States.  But if all goes right, it will be someone brand new.  We don't have all the answers yet; all that has yet to be revealed.

And, as such, the anticipation alone might just get the best of us.  kinda of like waiting for a birthday or something.  America is experiencing a deep-seated need for change, only different; for it is all about the fundamental return to the finer details of what it means to keep our REPUBLIC safe and sound.

The thing is, we might be growing up.

And much like the benefits and challenges of growing a year older, we are wiser and fully aware of the set of new responsibilities that come along with reaching a new age -- and, at the same time, we are filled with excitement for all the brand new things that we can do now that we are, you know,  a year older and wiser.

We know what to do with the brand new bike; for we know what we did with the last one -- the one left out in the rain for days on end, the same one we have habitually thrown to the side of the house without a care of either scratch or knocking off the bell.  We know what we did last summer, and the summer before that, and the one before that. 

All we could ever want now is another chance from the folks to trust us, for this time would be different -- even though, deep down we know,  we hardly deserve it (we just would never be caught dead admitting it).  Strangely, something seems to be happening within us -- that, along with our voices squeaking -- we have reached a pivotal time in our lives all together; and, in a remarkable turn of the seasons, we get it now; we know, that if we got a chance to do it all again,  we would cherish that bike in every way.

Of course, all things considered,  it is hardly worth lamenting all the ways we abused the old red schwinn -- not in this age where the misery index loves company; it is just time to move on and begin anew.  Out with the old and in with the new -- even if it is blue. (like everything else these days, "shovel ready was not as shovel ready as to be expected" per obama, hardy har har, meeting with his jobs council just yesterday, but I digress)

We will take what we get and roll with it.
We will take good care of it and never take it for granted again.
We will revel in the new age, a new morning in America -- and thrive --  riding like the wind.
And, we will, never forget. 

happy birthday to me -- and to you -- a new day is about to begin.  Last night reminded me of how much I can hardly wait --  and, who knows, like birthday wish lists past and present, we might change our mind a number of times before the year is done and then some; which, in my experience, is a phenomenon totally expected dealing with the adolescent mind (and don't argue with me, we are, as I scream from the other room and slamming the door behind me).  Roll the eyes here.

In any event, yippy skippy  -- hip hip hooray for miss usa -- she just might turn out alright.  time will tell.and, shedding some light on mama's little secret,  goes a whole lot better with a little wine.  cheers.

and, just maybe it is time for a girl to take the handle bars.

Make it a Good Day, G

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