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Monday, June 13, 2011

It's a Tony Award Hypocrisy Thing

Dear America,

happy monday

last night was a special occasion with the Tony Awards hitting the highlights of the year on stage; but given all the world is a stage these days, that will be a perfect jumping point on the morning.

I really detest watching the Tony's, the Oscar's, the Emmy's and the GG's (my slang for the golden globes) -- and find it awfully hard to stomach for a full evening.  It's great though, everybody deserves recognition for a job well done; so let's bring out the Elle Snap Cup once again -- for to be able to pull off saying and conveying other people's wit and charm, all the while making it appear so real, is absolutely more amazing than I could ever imagine; it is breathtaking; it is downright a skill that transcends time, space, reality to an ego level truly magnanimous, enveloping a certain narcissism of feats unmeasured.

And boy do they love to protect their own.

Sure, part of what Tina Fey had to say about her co-star, Tracy Morgan, was a wee bit critical -- I'll give her snaps for that...as she said:  "The violent imagery of Tracy's rant was disturbing to me at a time when homophobic hate crimes continue to be a life-threatening issue for the GLBT Community."  And she should have left it at that.  But nooooooooooooo:

"It also doesn't line up with the Tracy Morgan I know, who is not a hateful man and is generally much too sleepy and self-centered to ever hurt another person.

"I hope for his sake that Tracy's apology will be accepted as sincere by his gay and lesbian co-workers at '30 Rock', without whom Tracy would not have lines to say, clothes to wear, sets to stand on, scene partners to act with, or a printed-out paycheck from accounting to put in his pocket."

Oh yes, because his apology should be enough to set things right.
Oh yes, Tina, get him where it hurts.  Don't hold back.  Really stick it to him.  Please, go on...

What? That's it?

Okay, call me funny, but you pretty much went to bat for him in between the lines, did you not?

Now, bear in mind,  Mr. Morgan claimed he would "pull out a knife and stab" his own son IF he were gay.

Wow, if Mel Gibson had said it (who is already on the outs in AllthatGlittersandGlee-ville); if Sarah Palin had said it (what? she had a show of her own)...oh my goooooood, it would be curtains for her (as if anyone needs a reason anymore); the truth is, if we were able to find any conservative in Hollywood at all -- and they said it -- out loud -- it would be hell to pay.  Which leads me to this -- show me ANY conservative who would think this, let alone spray it all over town. It would not happen.

The NBC spokesman said, "we made it clear that this kind of behavior will not be tolerated."  oooooooh  "will not be  tolerated."  But you are!  You are tolerating it right now and letting him live AND keep his job.  Certainly, if Morgan was hitting from the right, instead of the left, NBC would have fired his intolerable, narrow-minded ass on the spot, with no commercial break.

So the whole double standard thing is alive and well for a second, if not a third, or is it the umpteenth, week in a row.  Can we get the ratings please?

So just in case you haven't had enough in the --  "And in the unfukeenbelievable" category ---

Chris Rock tweeted this, upon the news of Morgan's outburst:  "I don't know about you, but I don't want to live in world where Tracy Morgan can't say foul inappropriate sh--."  Just when you thought getting the award for an awesome hate speech couldn't get any better.

wow.      and to think.............. I used to love the Rock.  If he wasn't 'a brother,' would you have still stuck your reputation out on the line for him?

While quickly highlighting in the ' and what to think of the lamestream media' category, we have this:  absolutely nothing. silence is golden theater.

Forgive me if I point out the obvious, but if a true conservative in any way, shape or form had uttered so much as 'knife' and 'gay' in same sentence -- they would have been pummeled with attacks and ostracized for life.  are you kidding me?  are you kidding me?

and time constraints do not give us time, unfortunately, to touch upon the underlying cultural issues crying for attention from behind the curtain [as in, generally speaking, the brothers just don't like the gays]...again, we just don't even have time for that kind of nonsense for the show must go on.

So moving on for this happy day after the fricken Tony's morning...and continuing on with the theme.

Fresh in the 'STFU' category comes along bearing gifts to the fringe element of Hollywood:  TRUMP.

Now, admittedly, I cannot begin to sound off on my own G-list of mea culpa's on the Donald --that is with regard to my own lapse of common sense in thinking he might, for just a moment, make a decent president.  I cannot even begin, what might very well be a three day monologue, of all the ways I was wrong about him.

But just when I thought he might be all washed up, he pops back up like the night of the living dead claiming things like this [of the party he once called his own -- for at least 15 minutes anyway]:

" there is no reason for Paul Ryan to come out with this plan..[jumping on the Mediscare bandwagon]  and like what, does the GOP have a death wish, or something"  -- or something like that.  It doesn't really matter.

with all due disrespect, Mr. Trump, do us all a favor and shut the f--- up [just speaking the language you love so much in a country you love so much, because you love yourself so much].  ugh.

Do your homework before inserting your Italian loafers in mouth next time, wud-ja?  geeze louise.

FYI, regarding that Medicare program  -- the one that IS going broke -- Ryan's plan did NOT TOUCH GRANDMA!  Everyone who is 55 or over is getting the exact same coverage until the day they die! End of story and start rolling  the credits.

Changes, proposed by the level headed young gun in the House of Representatives, only shapes benefits for future generations before they get old, by privatizing only parts of it -- because why?!  Because the Medicare plan we started out with in 1965 is no longer solvent as it stands today!  Case in point, we no longer living to the ripe old age of 65 -- we live to be nearly 80!  Do the fukeen math and pay attention!

So not only do we recognize the obvious by just a gander at the general life span discrepancy -- but OBAMACARE wiped out 500 Billion dollars from Medicare to help pay for his national, federally subsidized and individually-mandated-against-our-will health care plan -- which, clearly, all but cements it's dire fate; and for this, nobody on the left has said two words about it, let alone who the Obama-Onion award goes to (but now, that also includes even you, dumbass).

So while the GOP had NOTHING to do with it -- the reality is -- Medicare is already going down by the president's own "Affordable Care Act" which is hardly affordable, not paid for, and by no means giving any of us, especially old people, any better care (matter of fact, it will well be far worse, as panels of bureaucrats decide GRANDMA'S fate).

noooooooooo  but you go on, Mr. Trump, babbling on about everything you seem to know very little about.

If I were FOX News, I would never have you back again:  dump the trump dump the trump.  For you, fine sir, are becoming a bigger idiot by the minute.

But hey, today, we can be rest assured that Tracy Morgan -- by all accounts, from people who know him and love him just the way he is -- is Not A Hateful Man.  He is just a bigot.  But no real hate is involved according to the great Tina Fey, who is soooooooo smart and sooooooooooo charming and sooooooooo funny she deserves an award every day -- but only --  not today -- not for this... stand up, over-gratuitous, making a fool of herself casting universal amends all willy nilly, kind of response.

now send in the other clowns.

Make it a Good Day, G

and please, my apologies for using a whole fukeen lot of bad words -- please don't hate.  everybody who is anybody seems to be doing it. oops. which reminds me, remember this from a G blog of yore:

"right is right 
even when nobody is doing it; 
wrong is wrong
even when everybody is doing it."
witty rancher, using his own material, 
somewhere in Montana

there I go again setting myself straight.

and yes, there is plenty more to be concerned with going on today....like the fact that Israel's days are numbered...like the fact that we are still operating the federal government without a budget...like the fact that we are about to leverage everything we got left with the debt ceiling debate...like that fact that it costs $4.69 for a loaf of bread....like the fact that Hillary Clinton's next big role will be to oversee the World Bank (which was mysteriously denied in less than 60 seconds from the State Department (...why be POTUS when you can rule the world, right)...like the fact that Obama's idea of eliminating waste and fraud in order to grow the economy is creating another panel/board/committee to review government waste and fraud (and this new drama, only coming upon signs that a second term is looking a wee bit unrealistic...we can see you, Mr. President, put a costume on or something)...like the fact that America is transforming right before our eyes like a midsummer night's dream and perhaps beginning it's final act.

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