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Monday, June 27, 2011

It's a Spring Thing even when it isn't spring

Dear America,

sometimes the Lord works in mysterious ways -- and when I say, the Lord, call It what you will...Spirit, God, Allah, the big bad Universe speaking to you.  once in awhile, if we sit still long enough, a bump on the head this way comes.

Okay, not to continue down this existential path for too long here, but something happened to me yesterday.

Now, first, bear in mind, my girl is out of town for nearly a full ten days -- having started that count down Friday evening.  And I kid you not, when I went to put on my "Singers & Swing" music, to fill up my soul in her absence and buffer the deafening silence, first thing Saturday morning --  what should the very first melody play for me?  Solitude, sung by a John Pizzerelli.  funny stuff.

It was heart wrenching, and yet, oddly warming all at the same time.  It was as if the Universe was listening to my lonesomeness,  and acknowledged every little bit of it.  With words like, 'in my solitude, please dear Lord, send back...my love.'  And sure, it fills in for a love song, too (and lookie there...strangely enough, applying it there fits like a charm.  wow.  things just could not get any better in G land...now frantically filling the sudden awkward silence with sarcasm).

OH and the old Universe was not finished with It's work -- oh no.  It was just getting warmed up...

[and really, in a moment, this too, should tie back into our continuing conversation on nation building, but then again, it's go time with just a girl...no promises]

So the five minutes of solitude quickly jumped, jingled and jived into "...why should I have spring fever... when it isn't even spring...I'm as busy as a spider spinning daydreams, I'm as giddy as a baby on a swing...it might as well be spring...

all of a sudden I am up again.  I have the house to myself, no baby bird to feed (other than the pooch) and I can pretty much do whatever I want.

[enter crickets here]

oopsy daisy, girl down.

ah go ahead, you keep going, I'll be fine, save yourself.

That was Saturday.

-- Sunday -- 
'this is the day our Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it.'

So, part of my Sunday ritual includes a double dose of God, from two totally separate directions, yet equally bringing me to the same place.  I love my Joel Osteen -- and I love catching the Sunday Heart of the Nation Catholic Mass on television.  For me, the two offer a modern cultural application of our Creator working mysteriously on earth, backed up with ridiculously powerful, sentimental, and trusted tradition.

What can I say,  to label my religion as it stands today, is an impossibility -- there is Lutheran (huge, thankfully, all through my childhood)  there is Catholicism (still huge, as it runs deep in my family heritage, while it has grown in my heart falling in love with a good Catholic boy) and still, there is a wee bit of Religious Science (having been introduced to it by accident and never regretting a single moment actively involved at Seaside Church, for nearly a decade of what now seems another life).  Yeah, yeah...somewhere here is nation building... try and keep up.

So, back to my easy Sunday morning.  

Not only have I been feebly attempting to 'let go and let God', as they say at Seaside, by practicing the presence, living life from a place of Spirit Expressing, and listening to those still small voices that we capture once in awhile in our hearts and minds -- but what did my Aries horoscope read?  (yeah, yeah, no other Gods, I got it...but please, this is going somewhere...)   It gave me this:  "the slow, static nature of the day will teach you some lessons on patience."

The thing is, you need a bit of context -- just before I read my daily sun sign blip -- I went to turn on my TV to see my church boys....

And in turn, poof!  broke the TV ...or was it that the TV broke me?  no bother, in this moment, it could easily go either way. .."the slow, static nature of the day will teach you some lessons..."  really?  Is that how you roll, Mr. Universe?  Is that the way we are gonna play it?

Again, too funny for words.  static, eh... 

The Universe is like, I'll show you something to remember.  What are you gonna do now?  huh?  HUH?  Yeah, G, you think you are all that, step back, take a chill pill and take a moment to learn a  thing or two...enough with the pity party in front of the TV...not on my watch.

...so no Sunday services of any kind....  no Fox News Sunday....  no movie to watch for all of twenty minutes before I fall asleep on the couch on a painfully peaceful, hazy, lazy, one fine dog day of a summer afternoon.

And that's when it hit me, the raspberry on the head, WAS GOD... close up and personal.  God was talking to me, just to me.  but then, I don't know, anyone else get hit on the noggin with a message lately?

While right now, just the thought back 24 hours ago, there are tears rushing down my cheeks; and I find myself unable to even keep up with my self.

There is just so much I need to say, so much I need to do, just so much that must be done -- here -- on this earth -- and especially, here, in this beautiful country -- in order to rebuild a nation caught stuck on one channel, a culture without substance; a culture completely captivated by reality TV; a nation grown so entirely narcissistic, we can't seem to get out of our own way.

It's never really quiet long enough to make a real go of it.

The volume is up way too loud; and, generally speaking, everything is on autopilot and nothing is authentic.

Nation Building.  That is good Mr. President.  It is spot on.  However, this funny feeling in my gut tells me that we are talking about two different things, aren't we?  (again, that is what a long -- long -- really long and quiet afternoon is truly good for. did I mention it was long?)

Last week, I dared you, Mr. President, to begin "NATION BUILDING."  And in this week, we will go marching along on that same refrain.

We are witnessing furor and frenzy over a whole host of cultural twists of fate and fancy...

...to be continued.  stay tuned.

We need to squeeze in one more story:

picture this...as there I was, unbeknownst to me, watching my last movie on a Saturday afternoon, FARGO (yes, and what a god-awful choice it was indeed...but understand, I had no idea what was on the horizon, I'll have you recall...let's just say, the universal power source took It's power back)

Anyway...as we were, there I was, deciding to spin a little Solitaire as I watch stupid TV,  setting up the cards the way my Grandma Vi taught me when I was twelve.  Only to look down, only for a second or two and look back up...and there they were.  Words, a whole lot of words on the screen, forcing my eyes to scramble as fast as they possibly could to get it all in my little head.  In a nutshell, just words lending proper context to what I am about to see.  blahg blahg blahg.

These words, written with a backdrop of total silence,  told the viewers within reception range, that what we are about to see is true, only the names have been changed to protect the integrity of the family left picking up the pieces. ...and talk about pieces, OMG.

which, of course,  made this girl think...

If someone should happen to miss this context, they would be ignorant of a simple truth.  If you missed the words hanging on the silent screen -- you know, while setting up a card game, if making a sandwich in the kitchen, or fetching popcorn -- you would miss the essential links to actual story,  with truth right smack up against make believe.  It is the difference of walking out of the theater thinking, wow, that was gnarly -- good thing that was just a movie ....and.... oh my goodness, I can't believe it was true, that it really happened.

Context. It is everything.

And nation building with proper context is the most essential thing.

Now, some of you might even say -- yo G, here you are about to close up shop for the day, and you hardly said two words about this whole nation building thing at all.  you tease.

And I would have to say, you are right.  shoot me.    -- no, scratch that....throw me into the wood chipper and chop me up into teenie tiny bits and pieces with blood spattering everywhere.    whatever.

This is just the first two minutes of the movie.
This is just context.
We are building context before we can build a nation.

are you picking up what I am throwing down?

And the thing is, this might take awhile...but h-e-double toothpicks, I got nothing better to do.  I've got nothing but time on my hands, right?.  The TV broke me in two; and with good reason.  And I may never get it fixed or replaced.

and doesn't the Lord work in mysterious ways...

I'm a restless as a willow in a windstorm, I'm as jumpy as a puppet on a string...I'd say that I had  spring fever... but I know it isn't even spring...sing it with me...

Make it a Good Day, G

speaking of springtime, speaking of Arab Spring, check out what this guy @ barenakedislam has to tell us, considering context is everything and all.  read this Discovered my go over the weekend joining a new group:  Smart Girl Politics.   This website, on a real story happening now, came via a group member @ SGP -- go girl go, as I like to say... as then, she talks to friends, and they talk to friends, pretty soon, the whole world knows a thing or two and then some.  

This just in (and speaking of a good sign of things to come): Rod Blagojevich is found guilty of nearly all charges and facing 300 years in prison for attempting to make hay with Obama's seat in the senate.  wow.  talk to me.

don't you love pink and green together?  simply the essence of springtime.

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