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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

It's an ATM Thing

Dear America,

happy wednesday

this has been one of those weeks I feel all over the place.  it is hard to focus on what seems to be the thing in question, the  thing of most importance, the thing that rises above all other things.

First, let me say this.  Given the new age of  being able to fool everyone under the anonymous atmosphere operating as blogs everywhere, let me  just say I am not a liberal masquerading around as a conservative.   I am all right and right of center, all the way -- and while we are at it -- I am all girl.  Did you happen to see this today from The Daily Bell?  Fascinating stuff; and get a load of me, believing all of us who spill our heart out everyday, and interact, communing with the world, do so with integrity intact.  Well, blow me down this fine hump day, why don't you. We seem to be getting crazier by the net-minute.

And now moving on.org to our president, the Innovator-in-Chief:  what the hell were you thinking?   wow.  falling back on my theme for the week -- that is, if I can gather my thoughts together long enough to come up with one --  let me say, unfukeenbelievable.  Just in case you missed it, theme for week = UNFUKEENBELIEVABLE. [hey, if I am gonna go bad girl and say a bad word I might as well get a full week out of it...right Joe? -- and by that, I am addressing our impromptu job creator extraordinaire by default, Joe Biden, who throws the F-bomb around quite freely -- and not my papa Joe...although, I do believe, in this moment, he just might let my dirty mouth slide as well].

"There are some structural issues with our economy where a lot of businesses have learned to become much more efficient with a lot fewer workers. You see it when you go to a bank and you use an ATM, you don't go to a bank teller, or you go to the airport and you're using a kiosk instead of checking in at the gate."

SO Mr. All about Math, Science, Engineering, Technology, Green Energy, Innovation -- is now questioning the very thing he is trying awfully hard to toot; and, if I'm not mistaken, complaining about it; being a glass half empty kind of guy; building it up only to tear it down (which, low and behold, defines a bureaucrat in and of itself).

Perhaps -- if he were to put on his Free Market thinking cap -- he might realize that with that fancy smancy kiosk or ATM, the higher paid technological expertise market has grown through the roof -- creation, engineering, manufacturing, construction, maintenance, security, new product innovation, industry improvements,  like kiosks and ATM's, are all gaining -- being able to save money in one area, in order to have the freedom to reinvest in another.   Considering the possible upsides, a closer look  might  make it seem more like a fair exchange, if not, more than fair.

In other words, a kiosk in the airport streamlines operations to allow for more money to go to, perhaps, more airplane safety concerns  instead of adding another check-in attendant... just sayin'.   And really, it's so easy,  anybody can do it.  The airlines were actually paying people to do this?  What a rip off that truly was (I know, I know,  there is a time for everything under heaven...).

It is just funny how this guy thinks, that's all.  Not surprisingly, given the indoctrination imbedded into nearly all of his nifty fifty years, we can easily surmise that free market ideas run counter to his natural inclination.  Sad, really.  How crazy is it that we elected an American president who just doesn't get  it half the time; some of our most basic, fundamental beliefs and principles don't even get past the door, any connection is by chance, happenstance, or dumb luck -- or worse, just words, rhetoric, free market language that he throws around haphazardly just to sound good.  Speaking of hidden agendas and masking reality,  Obama is fooling no one.

And now, in rapid fire, let's take a fancy at all of the various issues hitting Washington this week:

  • The unlawful war in Libya, with the House suing the White House -- when nearly 90 days later, Gadhafi is still there, we are spending money we do not have, we are unclear with the mission, and we don't even know who the rebels are -- talk about a good mystery...unfukeenbelievable.
  • The review of Muslim radicalization in America's prisons right under our nose....unfukeenbelievable.
  • The sale of firearms to Drug Cartels by our very own ATF guys, with approval by Holder...."operation fast and furious"...is that for real?  that's something I might come up with and admittedly, I'm a goofy girl.   unfukeenbelievable.
  • The NLRB suing an American Enterprise, Boeing, for going into a "right-to-work" state
  • and all the while, Huma is arriving home to her twitter twit of a husband right now -- oh to be a fly on the wall...unfukeenbelievable.
  • not to mention, the Debt factor, rising at a rate of about 2 B's a day, with the president not even close to taking the lead.  unfukeenbelievable.
  • and what to do, what to do..how do we create more jobs --- that's a hard one...such a quandary...a mystery....
Our president continues to use Joe as his go-to guy for all of his special projects -- from overseeing stimulus funds, to following-the-recovery -dot-gov, to "shovel ready" infrastructure (leave it a bureaucrat to not allow extra room for red tape), to working out a deal with republicans on the Bush Tax cuts, to jobs creation in 2009 - and again in 2010 - and again in 2011.

"Nobody messes with Joe," were the president's exact words, while at the meeting in North Carolina a couple of days ago -- at CREE, Inc. -- a meeting aptly titled, "Jobs Council: The President's Council on Jobs and Competition" .  While the backdrop wallpaper, behind Joe when he was addressing "the council," showed a repeated phrase:  "Making Government More Accountable."

Perhaps first off, unfukeenbelievable -- do you want competition, or not?  do you want innovation to evolve some industry when possibly extinguishing another, or not?  and really, what does the government have to do with it anyway?  Albeit a nice idea, but a meeting on JOBS and competitiveness focuses it's main message upon "making government more accountable" -- guys? -- hello? -- maybe this is your first mistake.

Get out of the picture! Set the jobs free!  Let the people go!  Get out of the way!  ....just for starters (but what do I know, I'm just the 800 lb gorilla in the room...oh yes... going right back to the beginning and the great big mystery back behind the blogosphere these days --  you never know now do ya?)

So, we have nobody messes with Joe and making government more accountable, this is what the president proposes to do to save the economy and create more jobs.

hmmm -- maybe a little innovation might come in handy here...

Please.  Somebody.  Anybody.  Isn't there a couple of fuk'nbigdeal-robots for this?

and there you go, G is all over the place all over again.   and some might even think in such a way that is totally unfukeenbelievable (whatever); but with regard to the week-on-blog, this is considered great follow through, a key quality for any free market mover and shaker. 

Make it a Good Day, G

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