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Thursday, June 16, 2011

It's a Situation Unknown Thing

Dear America,

let's play a little game, it is called 'this or that' or what I like to call, 'known and unknown.'  C'mon it'll be fun.

We now know if you appear in 'muslim garb' on a plane -- there is reason to show little, or no, concern -- and if you do raise a concern, you are considered a racist; however, mirroring the theme on the day just yesterday, if you drop the F-bomb -- that is considered grounds for taxi-ing back to the gate and dropping your sorry a$$ off, 'c-ya wuddn't wanna b-ya.'  Overreaction?  Maybe. Quite Possibly.  But I would be remiss if I did not point out, Destination: unknown.

We now know who wears the pants in Weiner's world (yes, and snaps to G, for that is literally and figuratively, badumpba...can you even begin to figure out how this day is gonna go...crazy town right here, right now, prepare yourself!, buckle up, it's gonna be a bumpy ride....).    So, within 24 hours of arriving home, Huma laid down the gauntlet and won.  Resignation, check. Tail between his legs, check.  Kissing his wife's a$$ for the rest of his life, if he should be so lucky (as that reality is still very much unknown), check check.

We now know who is taking bin Laden's place -- that would be Ayman al-Zawarhi. Al-Zawarhi was born into a typical Egyptian middle-class family, did well in school, ate his vegetables, went to mosque -- and by the ripe old age of fourteen, joined a peaceful, fun-loving group whose members mean no harm no foul to anyone, the Muslim Brotherhood.  And continued to grow up through the ranks over the years, becoming a leader in the Egyptian Islamic Jihad radicalized movement, which eventually became just another arm of Al Queda -- and the rest, as they say, is 'history.'  Future for America, Israel, Iran, the hot spots within the entire middle east, totally and without a doubt, unknown.

oh it's good to be alive, isn't it?

Ever wonder about how the new way of the world, seen in the latest waves of freedom, the 'democracy-for-everyone' kick, is really only creating one great big gigantic police state? Infringing upon people's rights left and right, on behalf of other people's rights.  It would be funny if it weren't so real.

Which is strange, when you consider that those who grew up through the Vietnam War era, the sixties, the Watt's riots, the anti-establishment, anti-war, anti-government, anti "the man" time frame... were all about getting rid of the 'PoPo', leveling the playing field, going against authority, running against the tide -- and are now in charge of just about everything.  These are the people who supposedly figured it all out, man.  Go figure.

While the great irony back of all things going on around us, all of what is being made or broken around the world, is steering us right back into the direction of creating even more of it -- you know, a police state.  Truth is, we are further away from creating the Utopian state now, the love child of a misguided generation, than we have ever been!

If we took the cues from those who are leading us now, we are no longer trying on the one-love-y'all philosophy with psychedelic verve, we are breaking ourselves down and out by submission, over-regulation, rules, intolerance, division amongst all the ranks and leading by the common beckoning theme of Divide and Conquer, adding a fist pump to boot.  While anything that falls outside what is considered the Politically Correct boundaries on the day, is quickly labeled extremism, racist, astro-turf, and immediately discredited with ridicule -- continuously -- almost like water-boarding -- beyond recognition.

Get a load of this presidential candidate, before he became president:  watch and be very very afraid (or at least, dazed and confused by the outline of glaring unknowns made known and marked for the history books, casting a heavy haze over a president's own intentions).  What in the world does he mean by that, a civilian military force?

How could the hippies of yesteryear be okay with that?  Are we in the midst of a role reversal, or what?  Are the new kids on the block taking over the world?  Are we in the process of extinguishing all sanctity of our Constitution, the intentions of our founders, blowing smoke at the entire basis for declaring our bloody independence from Great Britain in the first place -- the police state that started it all?

Islamic Sharia Law runs counter to everything the western world, and specifically America, is all about.  The Nation of Islam, to believe in Sharia is a belief in that Allah, Law, Governing, Control is one body.  There is no freedom outside Sharia Law; there is no independence in and of yourself to live the way you wish to live;  there is no compromise in America, under our Rule of Law in conjunction with Sharia Law, which is governance according to the rules and powers of the Qur'an.  Women's liberation, forget about it; gay and lesbian rights, not on your life; following any other religion, outside of Islam, that would be a no.  These are not unknowns, they are each widely known and  accepted as gospel.

To be pure of heart with regard to growing democracy everywhere around the world, the truth must be acknowledged first; and clearly, it is not.   A democracy (as defined by Americans -- and don't even get me started on creating an environment open to the formation of a budding Republic like ours),  has little to no chance of being an acceptable condition and option under any set of circumstances under Islamic Rule, when separation of Mosque and State jeopardizes everything .  It simply is not possible.

Talk about a police state -- oh my goodness -- Sharia takes the cake celebrating Mohammed's centuries old birth and then some.

But wasn't the Left listening -- weren't they equally alarmed -- when their guy opened his great big mouth and declared "we should have a civilian military force" just as much as the American Right next door?  Is that like the Minute Men, or more like SEIU minions by day and thugs by night?   And they should be "just as strong, just as well funded..." as our fine four forces of the military --  Navy, Marines, Army, Air Force?  seriously?  And funny, coming at a time when Congress is being forced to consider austerity measures of our own -- step aside, Greece, we see your debt and raise you ten fold.

More important, is this really how you feel, Mr. President?  Is this really part of your plan, to add a civilian military force to watch our every move, set us straight, to make sure we don't step out of line?   ooooooh, sounds kind of Nazi-like if you ask me.  Is your goal really to be the next Stalin, Lenin, or just a Che?  Who are you and what have you done with that fresh sweet face of a typical american-indonesian-kenyan boy who grew up with next to nothing and yet everything he could ever want, before he was introduced to a brand new world through the eyes of radicals past, present and future? 

You seem to believe we, the people, need to be controlled, regulated, watched, in most every way -- along with our wealth being redistributed along the way?  What is that?  That is not coming from the American spirit.  Just who is responsible for breaking that spirit inside you, dear boy?  Who is feeding you this nonsense?  I would think even your friend, associate, mentor, ghost author -- whatever he is to you that you neither wish to openly make known or unknown --   Bill Ayers -- would take issue with a police state?   I mean, c'mon, that is precisely what he was so totally up in arms and throwing bombs up against. 

I do not understand how America got here (but I know why).  I do not understand how you seriously got elected (but I know why).  I do not understand how you can even begin to think we need more PoPo on the payroll.  But let me take a stab at this from another angle  -- with further review, I really don't want to know why.  It doesn't matter why you think this is a good idea. For I can tell you right now, Americans want nothing to do with it.  I have faith in the America I know, and fully believe this to be true in every way.

Perhaps the Tea Party should begin to change it's standard garb.   Our failure might have been approaching this from the wrong way.   Just maybe -- and taking direction right out of Alinsky's Rules for Radicals -- we keep all the red, white and blue flying, but we transform our polos and button downs with some tie-dye action.  Maybe we need to re-frame and re-image the peace symbol as one of our own; maybe we need to slap on the head bands and throw on the long flowy skirts, and dance around in circles with tambourines and bongos.  Just maybe -- refreshing the idea of masking our identity we  spoke of only 24 hours ago -- we can fool all of you newfangled establishment folk, you young guns who think you can remake America and change the world right before our eyes.  It is worth a shot anyway.  It could be a shot heard round the world again if we are quick to the punch and keep our eyes open.

What's the worst thing that might happen? we get kicked off a plane, or something?

For by the looks of things, if we don't do something about it now, we could be arrested and thrown in jail just for showing our self-reliance, displaying our independence, and just giving somebody a piece of our mind.  Which, according to intentions made widely known three years ago, all considered a serious threat, a breach of security, and totally worthy of being safety controlled and deftly monitored under this administration; and all for our own good, you know.

wow.  everyday we learn something new.  some things seem so unfukeenbelievable, it would seem like an hallucination, or something, if it weren't for the fact it was recorded.

yeah, yeah,
dropping the F-bomb on a plane is grounds for immediate removal;
by force, if we have to.  ah huh
yeah, yeah,
Anthony is the man of the house.  ah huh.
yeah, yeah,
the Muslim Brotherhood is all about democracy, they only want what we have. ah huh

yeah, yeah, and just what we need -- a bigger larger more powerful civilian military force, that sounds like a good idea (this idea really scarier than the first, thank you Rahm).  ah huh; Mr. President, you have been rubbing elbows with the Muslim Brotherhood for way to long now, and it is beginning to show.

this or that, known or unknown.  the day is done.

Make it a Good Day, G

here is an interesting answer coming from one who is a "believer in knowing what you are doing before applying for a job."  fascinating.  and of course, leading G to believe he knows exactly what he is doing...he knows exactly what he means... when he says that we need to have a civilian military force -- he means it;  and when he says that he stands side by side with a widely held belief, that the Muslim Brotherhood mean no harm -- he means it; and when he says that he stands on the side believing that Weiner should step down (because it is a distraction, not that he did anything wrong) -- he means it.   He means every word of every word he says.

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