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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

It's a War Thing

Dear America,

Maybe it's just me -- but I would sure love to return to the day our military strategy didn't include telegraphing our plans out to the entire world months in advance.

I believe a little mystery in this area is being highly underrated, what in this era of WikiLeaks and other bone heads, who's sole mission is to undermine high braid strategies, jeopardizing our sacred troops on the ground, and what not -- isn't this mode of secrecy still sacrosanct in the eyes of our fearless leaders?

Wouldn't it be nice to return to a time when the internet did not report the downsizing of troops twenty four hours before our president?

I mean, seriously, would it not be music to our ears, if tonight, when our president is facing the nation, that he might just say something like this:  'after careful review with the leaders of our fine military, we [not I] have updated our short range and long range plan...and it is really good....but tonight, for all of you out there in the world listening, I am choosing not to say a word about it...nah nahnah nah nah (and proceed to stick out his tongue here)...God Bless, and have a good night everybody .'

Even just a girl recognizes how much keeping secrets is just as much a tactic as it is policy.

But what do I know?

And if all this was not enough these days -- orchestrating the full drawback in Iraq and leaving them to fend for themselves, while calculating our every move we make in Afghanistan (the Good War),and while dropping drones in Pakistan and Yemen -- we are now expected to support Libyan rebels, even when we have no idea who they really are (or do we? ....hm...maybe the secret is 'on us'...what?  what conspiracy?).

But low and behold, here we are, on the verge of committing to authorizing "kinetic military action" and billions of dollars -- what?   for the next year?  Are you kidding me?  And that question going out to the oddest political couple known to man -- Kerry and McCain -- the latest two-some I like to call the DINO & RINO Show.   Who would ever believe it, an anti-war guy entangled with a prisoner of war guy, and each using the power of political persuasion for their own purpose....coming together....isn't it just groovy.

I can't keep up with the truth to tell you the truth.  And to think we thought summer had something to do with it, for on the west coast, here in California especially, we seem to be running in short supply of Flip Flops and Kool-Aid -- but now we know.

But all these twists and turns of the narrative continues to fascinate me to no end:  it's not a war, it is Kinetic Military Action (and running counter to popular belief, it is also absent of hostilities); it's not a tax, it is a penalty (Obamacare); it's not sex (oh gee, do we really have to go there?).

How will our president define the good war and our mission tonight?  Are we done?  Are we there yet?  With the bin Laden wind at his back, what will the narcissistic Commander-in-Chief say now?  It's all about packaging, timing, and re-packaging, you know.

And speaking of which, on this glorious day in America, get a load of that corroded lung on the shiny new packs of ciggies.  Now, admittedly, I have no dog in the hunt -- as a non-smoker I could not care less.  I just find it funny, in my own warped little head of mine, that this kind of boot to the throat tactic really works.

But what intrigues me even more, is the question of what's next -- you know, is that policy for everything from now on?  Will we see aborted 12 week old babies on the packages of Plan B or the Abortion pill?  Will we begin to see 600 lb. junk food fanatics on the sides of boxes of Twinkies and Whoppie Pies?  Will an image of a rotting, stinking, dirty mouth come with every Hershey Bar and Coca-Cola?  just sayin' -- where do we draw the line and who draws that line in the first place, the left or the right foot?

And really, how do we really know if these pictures of horror were not just part of a convoluted vicious scheme of the power elite to get the president off the smokes for good, under a roll your own nicotine withdrawal program of the highest order, and stat?

These are fair questions (well, maybe not the last one).

Politicizing issues when politics has no business belonging, penalizing one industry over another, deciding which wars are good and which wars are bad outside the boundaries of our inherent master plan and foundation -- painstakingly masterminded by our founders -- and basically upending the spirit of sound self-government under a limited federal government in every way,  all of which really have no business living to see another day here in America, land of the free and home of the bravest soldiers on earth.

The thing is, just maybe a return to one of our first intentions is in order -- just maybe, with one fell swoop across the board, a return to an age old doctrine is the mandate on the day; and it goes something like this: "Mind Your Own Business."

Yesterday was all about recognizing that which comes lock, stock and barrel with our rights are a whole host of duties (many, of which, we are inclined these days to fully ignore).  But if we were to really do more of minding our own business, in every way in this country, our societal woes and international entanglements may not entirely go away -- but I do believe I can say with certainty, the possibility of being able to control our own response with personal accountability, to navigate the road ahead with a clear head, backed by our natural duties as a people, and going so far as to set forth a return to the spirit of isolationism, complete with a global conscience, fit for the new age of international relations, would each return to rule the day.

All at once, we can remind each other of our duty to mind our own business -- to be of good character, to be of sound mind, to be of economic independence, to be of kind heart, to be of good cheer, to be of personal honor and integrity every day.

All at once -- and carrying this spirit out to business and industry -- we can be reminded that the less government intervention and regulation, the freer a people are to prosper and make their own happiness.

All at once -- and carrying this same spirit out to the entire world -- we can be reminded to protect our own fair land, first and foremost.  A task that requires us to not only lead by example, keeping up admirable perceptions and realities all over the globe, but to do so while we pay even closer attention to the things of greater importance here at home.

It is a delicate balance this whole 'mind your own business' sort of thing.

There are a number of landmines for a president in this speech tonight; aside from the duty of sounding presidential, like a man in charge, one who completely understands the magnitude of the task at hand as he stands before all Americans -- he must also stand firm in his ability to portray America more strong-willed, headstrong, and capable than the Taliban, and to that end, as a force to be reckoned with, able-bodied and ready and willing to go the distance (defining cold hard core threat). 

The difficulty arises when faced with a stunning flip of reality -- this president is in the midst of having nearly every poll in America telling him to bug out now, like yesterday.   For after the last ten years -- and having short sighted hindsight being what it is -- the entire episode is now being perceived as a misguided disaster if we were to continue as so.  Public opinion to hunker down for as long as it takes on this one is in real short supply (used to be on the same shelf with the flip flops and kool-aid). 

Now, if it were me, I would simply tell the nation, 'I got this one, trust me  -- and trust me even more when I say, I can't tell you what in fact we are going to do.  It is a big fat secret.  Can you dig?'

[and he would say so with far more eloquence, no doubt -- and just in case the situation dictates, that part where I ask 'can you dig' is no racial dig, okay, so let me beat you to that punch right now.  that is just G being me, getting jiggy wit it... only now, sensing that things are beginning to deteriorate rapidly here...kinda like a reason for a surge or a reason to take away a surge... let's get back to the biznet...]

So yeah, yeah.  I would simply fall back on the War Powers Act, you know -- I mean, how many of us have actually read it, in its entirety?  Huh?  Especially when we know it is common practice for even our own legislators not to read the itty bitty details of resolutions far and wide -- how could we expect that, after all, some are like two thousand pages long.   So how would we know; how would we really know if a code of honor surrounding secrecy is enumerated or not.   Keeping things on the down low should be the way this president goes, that's all.

I should have gone to war college. may that be my only regret.

Good luck tonight, Mr. President. really.  mean it.

Make it a Good Day, G

hm.   the second draw down comes merely sixty days before the 2012 election.  oh really, BO? Indeed, you are the most transparent administration.  Whiskey Tango Foxtrot to you.

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