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Friday, June 24, 2011

It's a Nation Building Thing

Dear America,

and now, the end is near, and so I face the final curtain... and more, much more than this, I did it my way...

happy friday everybody...and where would the world be without music...I don't even want to know...and on that note, my digression is way too early in the day.

The week began with another assault on 'Under God'.  By Wednesday, we were mildly intercepted with a presidential address, reminding us of many things, but the greatest of these being:  “America, it is time to focus on nation building here at home."  And now, as the end is near, my inclination is to tie the two together.

In the last few weeks we have discussed all kinds of ideas surrounding the making of a nation, the building of good character, casting the foundation upon a virtuous lot to keep things steady, comfortable, peaceful, responsible and always, fully engaged -- and thereby, fully committing ourselves, from beginning to end, to the creation of... how did our president say... that "One American Body."

It is a monumental task, this continuous re-building, especially considering it is a construction project that never really ends.  There is always something that needs mending, perhaps a fresh coat of paint, maybe a new room with a view -- from five minute maintenance jobs to years consumed by a labor of love -- restoration hardware requires each and every one of us to do our part.

The president is so right; it is time to focus this nation on building a better nation here at home; because in this present moment, in this new age of liberty freely expressing, we are coming up in short supply of our most precious resources.  For that one American body and it's shelter is falling apart.

Yes, indeed, "infrastructure"..."innovation"... make for good company, after decades of bad science and evolution and false Gods.

Yes, indeed, "nation building"..."here at home"... just makes good sense, after years of utter recklessness in every way, shape, and form, with infidels running the show.

Oh, I'm sorry.  Did I offend anyone?
What, am I not entitled to share my views of the world and society anymore because what, I come from a place so out of this world -- somewhere, out there,  in awe of God?

Here's a real shocker worthy of a headline: this whole 'Under God' brouhaha is a terrible travesty against not only our nation's first shining, founding principle -- but runs, in actuality, in real life, right smack up against GOD Itself. That is cold, bold, and totally absurd...if not also incredibly stupid.

Enough already.  I have had enough.

And in this moment, I deeply regret the ignorance built into my very next question:  HOW DID WE GET HERE?

Oh, don't bother -- I know.

It is a rhetorical question -- falling in line with everything else... rhetorical speeches, rhetorical inauthentic Christianity, rhetorical political correctness, rhetorical intellectual attacks against our Constitution.  There is an explanation for it all.

The only reason we are here -- as a nation -- is that for two hundred years we gave God our all, and everything more, to make this nation hum.  Our founders may not have each and every one believed in the same God; and by that, let's clarify, a God suspiciously deigned by the mad dog collective as "a Christian God."   Au contraire;  this was exactly the reason why we ran, as fast as we possibly could, from the Church of England, for Pete's sakes.  Their view was far more transcendental, more appropriately and globally framed, if you will.  One might even say, fit for a new age, no matter when it should happen to come along.

We made a nation UNDER God, our Creator, of which ALL of our rights and duties come -- as defined in our Declaration of Independence and clearly spelled out in Amendment I of our Constitution:

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peacefully to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances."

so attencione', oh hallowed halls of government, I HAVE A GRIEVANCE.

My free expression of living life as an American, faithfully under God, is being harassed, ridiculed, slandered and denied.

You want to rebuild a nation, Mr. President?  Start here.

How about we try this -- next time you get up on your high horse at the podium, tell the people to straighten up and fly right; tell the people to stop attacking our first principle; tell the left wing media to stop giving the free expression of  living under No God more credibility than living Under God; stop dismissing the clear and present danger of "nation building" under a system which, under no uncertain terms, wants to erase God from the town square, and if all goes right, totally extinguish God from our heart and soul.

I dare you, Mr. President, tell us, tell us that this is the time to return to our FAITH in God; that in order to rebuild, we must start with basic principles and truths and start all over.  You are a man of faith.  And, after all, you are supposedly an authority on Constitutional Law, you should know all the in's and out's of this like the back of your hand; I have no doubt you have read and thoroughly reviewed the words and intentions of our quintessential documents of our fine nation, and from out of the mouths of our founders themselves.  How could you not and still get your degree?

Let me ask you, how can it be okay for one religious group -- who just so happens to be a group who claims to have no religion, except that, of course, of their own god created from their own belief system, which is, what, I don't know,  a belief in nothing? How can they be the ones to continually  hog the microphone?  They are their own God, are they not?  Their God is the UnGod, who by admission believe it is there dogma that rules over mine?  How is that okay?

We have talked about this so much on G, it is beginning to make my head spin.

They have every right not to believe, think or do in NO-thing, if they so choose -- absolutely every right; but they have no right to squelch my belief, or the FREE EXPRESSION thereof.

Just because we name a street, "Seven in Heaven," it does not establish a national religion; and, to prove it, there are virgins up in heaven waiting for Muslims to return home as we speak.  In the afterlife of world religions large and small, a heaven is made somewhere (that is, if you so believe) or maybe it is not, it does not really matter.

Saying Heaven, is like saying Chocolate -- is it always the same?  I think not.  Are we particular to certain brands?  you bet.  Is the idea of what makes the perfect chocolate each and of our own to decide?  absolutely.  Which, of course, brings us to another shocking truth... for you may be one of those odd sort who don't like chocolate at all.  For me, chocolate is just a sliver of heaven I can put in my mouth...can G get an amen?

Sure, it is silly.  But just think about how over sensitive we have become as a society?   And more than that, just think of all the ways this outright perversion of this primary and sacred principle, the one that this nation was indeed founded, is being shamefully swallowed as the new gospel.

If I were a judge -- I would be laughing at every case that comes my way bearing false allegiances to a nation under no god.

The thing is, when we stopped talking about being a Nation Under God in school (from kindergarten through PhD) it became the very day we stopped building a nation.  case closed.

No.  we are not required to think the same way when it comes to God.  IT is wide open spaces, as they say, when it comes to the intellectual spin revolving the question of what is God, is there God, what is It all about?  what is my purpose? where do I belong?

These are questions that seem to be a threat to the Left (as a whole and generally speaking, and in reality, is more like chopped up bits and pieces run amok) -- and all I have to say to that is, gee, golly gosh, so sorry.

This nation, believe it or not, was created to believe in God our own way -- could this not be any more refreshing and free spirited?  Well, at least it was... up until some people began to go on the attack on other people's beliefs.  Now we have mayhem.

Look, if it is any consolation to the non-believers (which, in reality, are so few, it makes me wonder how your voice, out of all the voices here,  gets the total and free run of the stage in which we are all supposed to share)  --  but if we could just settle down and rethink this.  Surely, there must be a way to come together and figure this out.

What if, every time you see the word God, LOVE pops into your head?  Of course, with full disclosure, my beliefs teach me that my God is Love, but that should be neither here nor there, let's not let something like that get in the way, shall we?   But really, honestly, how innocent and un-alarming is such an idea, the concept of love?  surely, you  love,  right?   

We all love...if only our self and a favorite ice cream... can we not then come to a realization we can build a foundation on that, that God is the same as Love?

From here on out, as you go your way and I go mine, can we just agree that when you see "God" that all we are talking about here is Love.  Just Love.  Literally, figuratively, collectively...it's just a whole lot of love.  Some might even call it Big Love.  Very Very Big Love -- and there is plenty to go around.

It's not like everybody has to believe in Jesus, you know what I am sayin'; and by that, I also mean, some of us believe in all the little children -- red, yellow, black or white, each are precious in His sight -- but nobody has to, you know.   Even though, I believe, that we are here on earth as Spirit expressing, my natural inclination is to say, even atheists are children of God -- but now, I guess that is just fighting words, now isn't it?

But I, as a believer, have the Constitution and our Declaration of Independence at my back and in my heart.  I am free to express God, as long as nobody gets hurt.

Nobody in their right mind would say we have established a National Religion here in America.  For our Constitution was written with a purpose, a purpose UNDER HEAVEN by the way (but God only knows).

Our founders truly believed they were divined by our Creator, by the Maker of All Things seen and unseen, to lay down this nation's Rule of Natural Law.  Our rights, appreciated or not, understood or not, came right out of the Ten Commandments, and then some.  Our rights, as they were written, came from God -- and, against all popular belief,  still do.  Nothing has changed.

This was to protect the people from having a country like England, back hundreds of years ago -- where the Church controlled every function of government and prospered off the backs of it's people.  This was to protect the citizens from it's government -- giving all power to decide such freedom of expression to the people, on their own, in their own time, any way they so wished.  This was to protect this nation from being a society wrecked with internal civilian warfare, pinning one order against another, creating chaos, as it occurs every day in places like Syria, Iran, Egypt, and the like, using tenets of one Religion, one belief, to control people in every way --  in total denial of certain rights taken for granted here -- as in the divining of a real separation of mosque (church) and state.

It was to protect US, the citizens, from an overzealous government using a religion to control the masses.

America was set apart from the rest of the world solely on the basis of our religious freedom.  It is the cornerstone.  It is the foundation.  It is the way we have always been -- and the way we can only continue.  It is the way, the truth, and the light, that created a nation that prospered; and prospered very well  BECAUSE of our faith, not in spite of it.

So this week, under God, we have experienced another test of the human spirit.  And in the end, I agree with a president wholeheartedly when he says it is time --  it is time for America to focus on nation building here at home.

And it begins with returning to the Free Expression of our Faiths -- in God, in Love, in Life that surrounds us.

It begins with reminding the citizenry of the great responsibility we have in front of us -- for we are at a crossroads.

But the truth is, nation building does not require stimulus, infrastructure, green energy, or spending not even one dime; matter of fact, it is the most cost effective way  to not only rebuild our nation as we sit in the throws of economic disaster, but the wisest thing we could do, on the cheap, in order to recreate a nation revolutionized by our first principles, for the next generation.

These last few days, questioning the spirit of a nation under God -- this week, with a nation's focus brought back to the home front -- is an opportunity.  We are not in the midst of chaos.  There is order here in America.  We know that It lives here and is Something we honor.  Deep down, restoring our faith is the only thing that will take us from here to there with any given sense of calm.

we just need to walk our talk (again).

what are we good for?

what reality do we wish to live in -- order or chaos?

isn't it better to ask what is God, what is Love, what is Life all about ?  than not at all.

do we not owe that to our children, who are just beginning to grasp this thing called life --  only now, as the careless chaperones we have been, turn over to them a broken world?

just how do we expect them to make a life and sense out of it all -- what will ground them, console them, give them faith to push through it all?  Chocolate? maybe.  and maybe not.  but what does it hurt to talk about it? absolutely nothing.

Establishment of Religion -- I wish!  We couldn't be further from the truth.  We are living in an age where "religion" is vilified, shunned, ignored, deemed irrelevant and ridiculous.  Unless, you are Muslim, then it is all good.  Unless, you are an Atheists, then all the power to you.  Unless, you are just a hater of Christians or Jews, then that secular theater gets played all day long. Tolerance, pulleeze, I laugh in the face of danger.

It is a big world out there; there is room for all of us; but the last place on earth I would ever think I would have to defend my freedom of expression, of my religion or yours, from road signs to crosses to curriculum to a nation's Pledge of Allegiance -- is here. 

To the atheists, if you are telling me that you cannot respect another person's religion, just who is the one being closed minded and bigoted and rude?   To the intellectual elite within the media, feeding this narrative, is this really how you want to play it -- copy-writing a nation characterized by living without a soul, without the courage to stand up for our nation's first principle?

'Under God' is what we make it -- nothing more nothing less.  

If a street sign saying 'Seven in Heaven' is religious establishment -- it is the most generic ever made.

It is time to focus on nation building here at home.  

The good news is that it will not cost a thing; and the bad news, restoring our courage, integrity, and honor, requires us to hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil,  in return.

Make it a Good Day, G 

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