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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

It's a Coolest Ride on Earth Thing, man up

Dear America,

happy tuesday.
hang on, everybody. it is gonna be missy g's wild ride again this morning; I can just feel it.  pop a Dramamine if you have to, grab a friend if you are a wee bit scared.  we will get through this. together.

It is all about Nation Building.  And don't blame me, the president started it.  If he truly wants to go there, then let's go.  Invite us all to the show, right.  Or am I the only one left hanging on for dear life on this very phrase?

The way I see it, much of what the president says gets glossed over by the mainstream -- it is as if his rhetoric is strutted around, in front of the paparazzi, sounding good, looking all-American, and all -- and then poof! there is nothing on the inside to back it up, while all in all, nobody really cares.

He might say it, but there is no follow through in the real world; and even the free market reacts -- with goosebumps and shivers -- wondering what in the world the future might bring -- just where are we going with this.  Everything is up in the air; with a stream of unknowns clearly monopolizing on the day, taking over our every move, hindering all constructive thought.

And we are, for maybe the first time, living in a sea of doubt, just riding the waves.  feeling powerless...something has a hold of us, and we aren't even sure what.  we can't even describe it, we just know we don't like it and never want to be in this position again.

But how can I do this, if I don't know that?

Truth is, we hopped on this whirly twirly roller coaster all on our own volition. Sure, I personally didn't.  Maybe you personally didn't.  But as a group, we all decided that this was the ride -- and fair is fair --  the majority wanted this ride, so the majority wins.  and if you don't like it, then that characterization has already been decided for you, too -- you are either a wussy or a racist, take your pick.

The thing is, we shouldn't even be having this conversation on "nation building."   The founders set us up to protect us from ourselves from the start.  They gave us the warning signs, they enumerated our powers, they read us our rights, they presented our inherent duty - to God and to country - of exactly what it would take from each and every one of us to survive.  They handed over absolutely everything we should ever need to take the right course of action -- in order to protect, defend, and illuminate our essential liberties.

How absurd is it, that we find ourselves these days, defending our first document -- our first Emancipation Proclamation, if you will -- from Great Britain.  How is that even possible?  How dare the modern, progressive, uber-liberal, left wing loons tear apart the engine, piece by piece, and replacing it with anything and everything that runs counter-intuitive to the process of the way this nation, and it's construction, intended.

For if they get their way, we will never make it up the next hill.

From The Heritage Foundation, a beautiful explanation of just this one facet of our heritage, comes from Kim R. Holmes, Ph.D., saying:

"This principle of “inherent” or inalienable rights outside of and despite government imbues our Declaration of Independence and invigorates our Constitution. Since our founding, these important documents provided the basis for our social order and American jurisprudence. They have guided our struggles to overcome slavery and discrimination by race, religion, sex, or birth. And they have guided our engagement abroad.

Yet this principle of inalienable natural rights—fundamental rights that government neither creates nor can take away—isn’t the same as the thoroughly modern idea of “human rights.”

Although both are universal, natural rights most emphatically do not come from government. Government only secures these rights, that is, creates the political conditions that allow one to exercise them. Human rights, as popularly understood, are bestowed by the state or governing body."
This girl, considers Kim Holmes - a boy, by the way - to be nothing short of brilliant.  His entire post, How Should Americans Think About Human Rights? captures the intrinsic value of understanding CONTEXT of country --  as we have only just begun to have that conversation here on G thing just yesterday.  To read more from Holmes -- and I totally recommend an afternoon taking it all in, go here.  Your American spirit will reach such splendid heights, you will never want to leave it behind again.

 But just in case a good read is not in your timetable this morning, let me leave you with this, from Holmes:

"...natural rights, being natural, do not change over time. All men, at all times, have had the same right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Human rights, on the other hand, constantly change. A whole cottage industry has sprung up to advance a bevy of new “economic and social rights” conceived of, defined by, and promoted by activists, governments, and international bureaucrats.

Many Americans are unaware that these manufactured rights are not the same as the natural rights endowed by God or nature. What are often called “human rights” today are social constructs. They either sound like high-minded aspirations—equal rights for women and minorities—or like trivial and harmless concepts such as the “right to leisure.”

These concepts are in fact neither high-minded nor harmless: they are fundamentally incompatible with the Founders’ understanding of natural rights."

Good government -- one that stayed out of the people's way -- relied on each on every one of us to be a good citizen, of sound mind and body, engaged, educated, empowered... to do our part.  That triple E section there was an ode to my new best friends @ Smart Girl Politics.  I am three days in and love, love, love this place to let it all hang out, one conservative girl to another, infiltrated with a few best boys, too. Check it out.

But back on the main line, nearly every debate -- from Debt, Deficit, Entitlement, Gay Marriage, Energy, Church & State, Civil Liberties, Human Rights, International Relations, Medicare, Libya....-- can be course corrected and resolved when proper context and direction is applied.  All of it.

What we are experiencing in America can quickly be defined as revolutionary redistribution -- a redistribution of wealth, a redistribution of rights, a redistribution of liberties, a redistribution of duty, a redistribution of shame, guilt, obligation, happiness, anger, apathy, control, power, even the fun factor...You see where this is going?  Once a government begins the path of redistribution, what is to stop it?  It is a moving train, barreling over the freedoms and liberties of someone else.  It is as simple as that.

While the irony is, the more we break from tradition -- in our so-called progression -- the more we get in our own way.  Full stop ahead, folks.


unless we remind ourselves of that revolutionary experience that happened so long ago.

We can ride that wave again and again; getting more sure of ourselves as we go along.   Think of it like, the Fair's in town, and it never really goes away.   But like all really cool rides -- you, me, everybody -- need to be tall enough to deserve a spin; which, in revolutionary terms means -- we have to know what we are talking about, we have to spend time growing up a little, we have to understand the meaning of real strength, real honor, real integrity in motion.  We have to become part of a group, in unwavering agreement, to get on in the first place -- and to know the ride.  Be the ride; to live the language and demonstrate our ability to keep up -- for the betterment of not only ourselves, but each other. (man up, nobody likes being next to the kid who spills his cookies, right?)

It is not so much about the right to get on, as much as it is the duty to defend each and every seat, as your own, as connected to the whole, in order so that we might not only survive -- but thrive in it, revel in it, in pursuit of happiness in it.  c'mon, take my hand, it will be so much fun.

Make it a Good Day, G

PS and you know...one of the greatest things about riding the Revolution is that, things may twist and turn, we may even get totally upside down and slide backwards...it may even seem like revolution after revolution after revolution... but eventually, we stop, and right side up.  dizzy perhaps.  but boy, do we have a story to tell.

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