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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

It's a Twitter Twit Thing

Dear America,

so how many times in the last twenty four hours are you reminded of a running GEICO commercial?

..."do people use Smart Phones to do Dumb Things?"
happens every day, doesn't it.

what started out as "a joke" according to Weiner, turned into ten days of withholding the truth and nothing but the untruth, so help me God.  What began as a little white lie and a hack job upon the Twitter account of a member of our fine House of Representatives, morphed into "I've done things I deeply regret"..."It was me doing a dumb thing and lying about it"...."I hope people can see it for what it really is, a deeply regrettable mistake"..."I haven't told the truth"... one after another, the not so fine gentleman from New York bared all (no pun to the no-longer-alleged crime intended).

And what did we learn in the end (at least, in the immediate hour after the nearly full hour press conference):  that it is perfectly alright to tell a lie in Washington -- and here's the ba-dump-ba -- when you are embarrassed.  Apparently, even the oath of office covers you under such dire circumstances.  And!  No longer shall you be expected to immediately resign (like everyone else caught with his pants down).

And when does the indecent exposure congressman cling to keeping his character intact?  when faced with addressing a crowd of journalists with inquiring minds -- When asked how he would explain the salacious communications between the women (admitting to having 6 online "relationships" over the last three years), he said he wasn't comfortable "characterizing our exchanges" out of respect for the bevy of six of one, half dozen of another, lot.

Even though just about a week ago he "emphatically" denied the charges against him when sitting down with Bret Baier (taking time out of his busy day to meet with the media from inside his congressional office, by the way)  -- yesterday he most emphatically declared, "I haven't told the truth" and "I am not resigning" in the same breath.

I give him a week.

nuff said.

No -- scratch that -- it's not enough.  Let's go to something Juan Williams said in responding to Weinergate last night: "he took a terrible beating today" ... as if, that is enough -- standing before a firing line of journalists is enough of a beating -- according to Juan -- to hold him perfectly accountable... in taking full responsibility for his actions; and totally caving upon any notion that he should resign over this (like Juan has said in the past)....

Interesting to note this exchange that took place just a few months ago (including an eery premonition by Noelle).

I should mention, this was found on MediaMatters -- the uber-leftist outfit, who upon this day back in February, wanted to use Juan's skewering of Sean Hannity for their "gotcha" moment of the day.   What do you have to say now, Juan?  Mister "I was going to skewer you, Sean...if this had been a democrat,  this would have been you're lead story..." with a few yuckity yucks in between... And then to have Noelle chime in with a warning to Juan just seconds later, "don't gloat in it...never know what is coming down the pipe a couple of months from now [um Juan]..."

I would bet my life Juan received a call from Noelle yesterday -- all she would really have to do is send a picture message: via her 4G, of course, just a picture of a pipe, with the caption, "you are here."

Now, nuff said.

Nope.   Hold up.  I do believe I have one more drop stuck in the pipe that needs to get out...can anyone say double standard?  hypocrites?  or how about this, just what is up with the water in New York?  They say it is the reason for the best bagels on earth, but really, this is the third man down in, what, a year?  And sure, coming from the opposite coast line, and only a couple weeks out from another scandalous political fall from grace (if the Governator ever really had any), I am not one to talk.

And you know what else...coming fresh off of an evening watching a real life scum bag in motion on The Bachelorette last night -- me thinks I am falling back into another episode of  'jaded G' right quick (you would only get that if you read me last week).

Can you even believe that Bentley?  Ew.  Ew.  Ew. and more EW.

But then, I look at Ashley and think, oh my goodness -- she is just so naive and stupid; falling for the one guy that came in with all the warning lights on full blast...even after getting a text message (from a "well meaning" friend) suggesting any reciprocation from him would be insincere... and after coming complete with enough red, white and blue flags to ward off the British even -- but nooooooooooo, she didn't pay no mind to any of it... all logic and common sense went right out the door as soon as he flashed his baby blues...

she just went right on believing everyone else is wrong about him...
and just look at him anyway...
he is just so cute...
he is saying all the right things...
how in the world could he do me wrong... 
I told myself to be open this time around....
this time I promised myself to let myself go...
I think I can do this...
I think he is sincere...
but ooooh, I don't really know for sure....
oh what to do, what to do....
aw, I'm going to let myself fall...
I love him so much already...
when it feels so right, how could I be wrong about him...

or something like that.  how am I to really know what went on inside her head.

And now -- in the weird, wild way that only a G spin can turnabout -- only in America does this seem to lend good reason for our reason to being here in the first place.

America became the shining beacon on the hill because we managed to find a way to capture all the lessons of the fallen man and roll it into one Republic; our founders recognized certain truths, and created an entire government revolving around good character, sound principles proven over the ages, and tried and true universal values.  America would not work, and be blessed, any other way.

The day we stop growing the good, is the day we die as a society, as a leader in the free world, as the one and only purveyor of freedom, liberty and justice for all.

There was a good reason being good became so vitally important at our birth.  and yesterday, highlights merely one aspect.

sure.  as people, as humans, we are far from perfection.  Which is why, our founders directed us down a path making our Creator (call it whatever you want, even Big Bang, or BB for short, if that is what rocks your world) our king; humanity would always fail us.  The intentions were clear right from the start -- if our rights and freedoms were to come from a place Not of This World, we would revere That, centering ourselves around That and not man.

Because why?
Because men fail.

We would not become a place that places all of our hopes and dreams upon the good graces of those in power, of privilege, those who claim to have the kind of character and inclination to lend us some kind of temporal salvation while here on earth and follow like a herd of sheep; for all our hopes and dreams would rest upon Something Greater than ourselves.

For most, that would mean Eternal Salvation takes precedence over the temporal -- the so called collective salvation, is replaced by one's own personal relationship with God; and building a life from our own connection to That which we call by many names, and honor It by just as many different ways, we create a life from self-reliance -- shown the way by the likes of Emerson, for one.  We create a life, doing the works of good -- shown the way by the Bible, for another.  We try to master being as good at being human as we possibly can and are forgiven when we fail (that is, if you believe in That sort of Thing). And then, most important, we gather ourselves together to build a government with cornerstones built solely upon the steadfast principles, the universal values, and the unalienable rights ENDOWED by our CREATOR, and having been proven over all time.

we certainly cannot accomplish this (Good Government) when divided by special interests, or discriminating agendas.

we certainly cannot accomplish this (Good Government) when we desert our One Nation Under God foundation.

we certainly cannot accomplish this (Good Government) when we put our trust in man over Truth.

we certainly cannot accomplish this (Good Government) skewering opposition, instead of melting into One.

we certainly cannot accomplish this (Good Government) when losing our scruples, marbles, and all credibility in a nano second, losing any sense and sensibility in a twitter-twit minute.

Speaking of which, Scott Rasmussen, a political pollster for decades, lays out the political environment like this:"the American people don't want to be governed from the left, the right, or the center. They want to govern themselves."  Good Government under Good Self-Rule (under your God of choice) is the way America was intended to be.

and we're back to  'do people use Smart Phones to do Dumb Things'...

Whatever happened to telling the truth and living by the Truth? for that might be the one thing that if we all tried to do a wee bit better at doing, might save us...myself very much included in that.

Insert Footnote here: One more thing you can always count on, when G points fingers, she is always looking in the mirror asking the question 'how you doin?' (and if you say it like a new yawker it is more fun)  Even though I consider myself "pretty good" when character standards get exchanged -- truth is, none of us are perfect creatures, right.

So it is a crying shame what had to happen yesterday. a crying shame for us all.

nuff said.

Make it a Good Day, G

don't forget to click on DEAR AMERICA  above, for your song!  One of G's favorites by Robert Palmer...oh mercy mercy me...things aren't what they used to be...

Last Word (really): how about this tidbit of twitter twit trivia -- Bill Clinton officiated over Weiner's wedding...does that not say it all, or what? funny stuff.

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