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Friday, June 10, 2011

It's a Little Boys & Big Girls Thing

Dear America,
is a philosophy of failure, 
the creed of ignorance, 
and the gospel of envy, 
its inherent virtue 
is the equal sharing of misery."  

Winston Churchill

rough week when it comes to men and politics; a one liner that could very well continue to stand on its own, even if you dropped the last two words, if you ask me.

so now you must be wondering, what does Churchill have to do with it?  well in the matter of men and politics, the answer is everything and nothing at the same time.  This morning, this quote seems to say it all:  one good man declaring the utter idiocy of an ideology without one mean-spirited untruth about it.  It's simple eloquence is beyond words.

now, considering I started this "G thing" out of frustration with both subjects [men and politics] just shy of two years ago -- venturing to keep an American girl diary on the day -- I can only imagine what it will feel like twenty years from now, after studying man and politics, smart phones and dumb things, years down the road.  kinda like an Ann Coulter.

I mean, my God, she has been at this for literally decades -- basically, what might very well be all her life if we were to round things up.  How does she do it and keep herself sane?  [yes, so in my humble opinion, G totally believes she is...and how!]  And more that, that girl is one smart cookie.

Ans it goes without saying, that this girl would love to catch her debate any liberal -- just bring it.  Alan Colmes would be chopped up into a hundred pieces as soon as he opens his mouth, that's all I'm saying.  Even James Carville: gone in sixty seconds.  Whatever you could throw at her would be deflected by her armor and sharp wit before three words are out of your mouth; for she has studied 'the other side' as if being her prey -- she knows what you will bring, knowing every deep dark facet of your mindset, and is aptly, fully, methodically leading you into a trap every time.

Granted, she is hard, fierce, stealth on most days; and if we lay it all out there, she has developed one tough heavy duty shell around her, maybe in spite of the deadly, toxic environment in which she lives [and in a snap, it would appear G is returning to Darwinian day of yesterday].   And why?  Because she has had to.

Any conservative writer, commentator, pundit, journalist...friends, neighbors and countrymen...have had to adapt to the conditions on the ground.  And right quick if they want to survive.  While this phenomenon -- visceral attacks on an entire set who just so happen to think differently than the way the left brain thinks -- is set to get worse before it gets better.  To be sure -- and going the way of unemployment numbers, jobs reports and economic growth -- it is, regrettably, very much expected.

But, of course, in the weird way we think in G land, Coulter is so out of my league -- so distinguished in the area of study, of men and politics, of left and right, of good and evil -- I can see how  she can be intimidating to even the most learned leftist thinker.  Coulter is like a tall and skinny brain with a blonde bombshell attached.  What [liberal] man can really hold his own against all that?  [same with you Sydney kitties...you got nothin' on this one]

And really, digging deeper, and at the same time being totally superficial -- just look at her hair!   Every hair is long, straight, blonde,  with not one out of place; every strand stands at attention ready for their next orders.  Who can do that day after day after day?  Humidity, fuggetaboutit.  Fly-aways, not on your life.  Even Coulters hair knows exactly how to respond, no matter the conditions on the ground.  Unheard of....
now for me.  G.  my hair never looks the same way twice, let alone 365 days a year, year in and year out.  my locks, are like my blog, you never know whatcha gonna get...even I don't know until I get to the end...for it's like it's got a mind of it's own.  and this may be more information than you care to know, but in my view, regarding my hair, my philosophy seems to fall along the lines 'the messier the better.'  and we're back to how I blog.  that is soooo weird........

wow G, nothing like letting it all hang out this happy friday morn, is there?

Now something she said in an interview relating to Anthony Weiner, the twitter twit, delivered an ah-ha moment in an instant.  She basically said, something to the effect of ...these guys, these politicians behaving badly, are like a warped return of a personal nature.   It dates back to some kind of juvenile injustice of the hormonal kind; that these guys probably couldn't get dates in high school, and now that they have reached gluttonous levels of power and prestige and bank accounts, they feel almost sanctioned, endowed by every right under the privileges of civil servant, to act out.  The little boy who never rated with the girls then, is finally having his day.

One look at Weiner and she might have a point.

She also pointed out something else unexpected:  the infidelity rate for men is at about 15% [just to be fair and balanced, ten for women].   This may sound absurd, but I would have thought far worse.

But let's reintroduce Churchill to the discussion:  Socialism loves chaos -- the civil unrest, lack of jobs, loss of scruples, debauchery and lawlessness of all kinds.  It feeds off of the unrest like a "philosophy of failure,
the creed of ignorance, 
and the gospel of envy, 
its inherent virtue
is the equal sharing of misery".

The thing is, it is a good day for America if these infidelity numbers ring true.  This means we are returning - or quite possibly never left --  an era when integrity and honor actually means something.  Being loyal to the love we have for another, becomes something we fight for, live for, yearn for. Like most everything, the eighty-twenty rule seems to rule the day.  There will always be some people willing to stick their reputation and honor on the line for a cheap thrill, a fast high, a quick twit with someone they don't even know.  There will always be that, because human nature is not infallible.  We fail sometimes.

The good news is that most of us really don't.   Most of us want a shared life of happiness ever after; most of us want to do the right thing for our baby; most of us want to expect the other person to treat us with loving care and do the same in return.  This is what we want, as a majority.

These may be universal values when it is all said and done -- but the reality is, like it or not, every bit of it comes with a conservative underpinning.

More Americans believe in the right to life, than those who do not.

More Americans believe in less government, than those who do not.

More Americans believe in the free market, than those who do not.

More Americans believe in God, a Creator, than those who do not.

More Americans believe in traditional marriage, than those who do not.

More Americans believe and respect our Constitution, than those who do not.

More Americans believe you teach a man to fish and all else shall be added unto you, than those who don't.

This president was raised deeply rooted in the teachings of social justice -- having been raised by a mother and grandparents who believed in Socialism, following the dreams from my father anchored in Marxism, and being a staunch believer in community organizers far and wide -- the unions, the alinsky armies, groups with intent to bring about civil unrest, creating social divides and conflicts when there should be none.

In a way, our president was raised with the deep understanding of man and politics, especially of the social justice kind, through and through.

then there is this:
"It is a happy circumstance
in human affairs
that evils which are not cured in one way 
will cure themselves in some other."
--Thomas Jefferson

Which brings me nearly full circle.

You know what I would like to see; I would like to see Obama up against the Coul-train of thought.  They are like exact opposites in most every way, are they not? [talking just politics here, not talkin' race or hair color at all.. even though for kicks and giggles we could go down that track too...he is black and she is white; his hair, very short and going grey by the minute; hers, long and highlighted, probably every six to eight weeks. now see,  that wasn't so bad now was it? ...ah so quickly we can digress, no?]

Obama believes that government is what saves the stupid people who know no better....the "philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery."  even if he never says it out loud, this is what he believes.  so much so, he is fundamentally transforming America on these very ideas as we speak.

Coulter, not so much.  She believes in the philosophy of prosperity, the creed of knowledge, goodness and charity, and the gospel of God's grace, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of opportunity, with no guarantee of happiness, come today or tomorrow.

Continuing on now, as if I know her as much as I hate her perfect hair --  she believes that good and evil lives in each new day, and it is how we respond to it, with it, and around it, that creates a country worth saving no matter what other people say.  She walks her talk and is willing to debate anyone, anywhere, anytime, about it.  and to anyone who gives it a go, good luck with that.  Anthony Weiner would be fun to watch; but now, then again, like high school, she wouldn't give him the time of day.

as we started out the day, men and politics are an interesting breed, indeed; having already admitted, just men, in general, is enough said.  [don't hate, I love you guys -- matter of fact, a couple of you are worth having my heart xoxo]  But in all honesty, it may take a lifetime for a girl to fully understand them; AND, fair is fair -- it comes with an equal portion and obligation of boy understanding girl.  That is what makes life so fabulous and worth living, if I don't say so myself.  Some days, you just never know what you're gonna get.

and with that the day is done.

Make it a Good Day, G

how about this guy...

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