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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dear America,


twenty percent of Americans lean far left

oh looky here, twenty-two percent of Americans strongly approve of Obama; while 45% of Democrats strongly approve.

and to the other side...forty percent of Americans strongly DISapprove; while 71% of Republicans strongly disapprove.  For Indy's, sixteen percent strongly approve, with 39% strongly disapproving.  Overall, 46% of Americans "somewhat approve," with 52% "somewhat disapproving."

53% say repeal Obamacare

60% say the economy is getting worse

59% say drill baby drill

61% say any child born to an illegal immigrant should not be an American citizen

and filling in the final number with a glaring sea of seeing red, a whopping 70% say they DO NOT LIKE the direction this country is headed.

Even with a strongly LIKED president, as a person, if the election were held today, the numbers say ANY GOP candidate could take it. Consider Obama up against a man who hasn't even officially thrown his name in the hat; against Trump, the johnny-come-lately with freakozoid 'birther' tendencies, the president garners a mere 49% of the vote, with The Donald taking 34% -- and nobody even thinks he is running!

All the while, the sitting president must be shaking, having entered campaign mode with a vengeance this past week; general civility and statesmanship is already muddying the waters -- as true colors rear their ugly head -- certainly, behavior unbecoming of a commander-in chief, a new world order humanitarian, peacekeeper and diplomat, with a side of international man of mystery, no?

The White House, just yesterday, "rebuked" recent comments from a famous preacher, Franklin Graham. From the briefing room, Carney said,  "I think it's unfortunate that a religious leader would choose Easter Sunday to make preposterous charges."  What were those "preposterous charges" pray tell?

responding to a question citing the Trump connection and the birther fixation, Graham said,

"The president, I know, has some issues to deal with here. He can solve this whole birth certificate issue pretty quickly...[responding to further questions]
...There are many people that do wonder where he really stands on that. Now, he has told me that he is a Christian. But the debate comes, what is a Christian?...
For him, going to church means he's a Christian. For me, the definition of a Christian is whether we have given our life to Christ and are following him in faith and we have trusted him as our lord and savior.
God is the only one who knows his heart."

I'm not seeing any judgment.  I'm not even seeing any mean spirited self righteous boasting.

As Carney decries the claims, like geeze guys, look at him...

"The president took his family to church in a very high-profile way to celebrate Easter"...
"I think it was highly visible to most Americans. And he, as a devoted Christian, he believes it's a very important holiday for him personally, for his family and for Christians around the country."

hasn't anyone tooled him on the art of a making a defense without sounding defensive?  didn't Carney walk right smack into the message Franklin Graham laid down  --

...it's not about the show
...it's not about perception
...it's not about "[taking] his family to church in a very high-profile way," you nimrod!
...it's not about making one's faith so visible it could poke your eye out.

True faith is a silent celebration and reverence to the Most High; the authenticity of one's true faith can only be seen and judged by God, only in relationship with Him, as in "God is the only one who knows his heart." 

What did Graham say so wrong?  Why the rebuke?  Passing no judgment is grounds for a presidential rebuke now?  and even the whole birther thing...all Graham did (just as Trump) was redirect the interest back to Obama to settle the debate once and for all...as far as the mix of faiths in Obama's history -- it's just fact.  He is being led by what Obama has proclaimed to be his own truth, written in his own words, in his own book.  Obama clearly admits that he has commingled his religions too -- his Christianity and his Muslim faiths have each taken sizable turns with the brush of dominance in his life -- and where it stops nobody knows (so under Robert's Rule of Order, I, second the motion: "God is the only one who knows his heart").

But back to the rebuke:  what is the big deal?  why the defensiveness?  IF the goods are there, if there are no issues, the long form birth certificate with the I's dotted and the T's crossed will settle everything.  Get it and be done with it.  UNLESS, you want to continue to riddle the right with ridicule for a reason, as if it serves a purpose; UNLESS, in fact the long form paints a different picture from the defensive declarations coming from the genuine article itself -- giving way to a reality nobody should ever lay eyes on -- there is that.

The only reason the president is not settling the debate is that this display of who's calling who ridiculous still works to his favor -- poll wise -- that is, if there was a poll illustrating such.  Deep down, Obama believes his own invincibility, that he is winning the future every time a birthing question gets thrown out on a whim and a prayer; it perpetuates the injustice against him for no rhyme or reason; it makes the right look foolish; it invigorates his base and reinforces the organization for his re-election.  We walk right smack dab into it. and the cycle goes round and round.

You know what's funny...now that Obama is in full campaign mode a year and half from the voter's box...where is one of his first stops?  Northern California, to entertain a billionaire sixteen times over and still four years away from thirty -- facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg. So the "self-made millionaire" himself, Obama, begins his march against the rich facing one of the richest young bucks in the nation, if not the world.  Interesting.  The web of hypocrisies is astounding...did you catch that, there in the light of day?  the contrast is beautiful, isn't it?

You know, the president has all kinds of wealthy followers -- people who have made bank in the naughty capitalistic free market experiment going on here in America; let's bring out all the colors of the rainbow and draw up a short list:  Zuckerberg.(16 Billion net worth)...George Soros (carrying a net worth only around 14 B's), Warren Buffet (62 B's), Oprah (mere 3 B's) ...Bill Gates (56 B's)...Arianna Huffington (hardly worth counting @ about 100 million)...you get my drift...lots of wealthy wealthy friends (listing the big O was the closest thing we got to Hollywood...)

The greatest number to fear in today's election cycle is the mounting debt; a debt in which the IMF, as of just yesterday, declared, that in less than five years, if we don't make a course correction, we are gone.  gone baby gone.  bye bye miss american pie.  as there would be no point even calling each other names and taking sides, for america would be made in china for the rest of time.  But, knowing this, even if you added up all the numbers, took every last dime from every single heavy hitter, deep pocket, High-Baller from coast to coast, we would still never have enough to pay down this debt (and not even close to counting the 50 Trillion in unfunded liabilities and entitlements, of course).

The thing is, with everything there is a yin and a yang; there is always light and dark at play --  truth and lies in what we say -- good and evil intermingling with the every day.  The only thing we do know for certain, is there is always a proportion of yin and yang within all that we see, everything we do, taking into account all that is seen and unseen, whether we agree with it, approve of it, believe it, or dismiss it altogether.  And for believers, only God knows what is in our heart; only God sees what we cannot see.

which should give us all the more reason to pause and check ourselves in the day to day -- are we being honest?  are we being loving?  are we honoring our mother and our father and the people we love with our whole heart?  not because we have to but because we want to, because deep in our heart we know that this is what God wants..  Are we treating each other fairly, and with respect?  are we leading by example in our best way possible?  are we living in peace, if only with our children and our neighbors and our community in  which we live?  are we trying to communicate openly and without judgment, are we trying to solve the mounting issues coming from a place of virtue, civility and courage?  how do we emulate the character and qualities we want our children to embrace and imitate?

It isn't so much the wealth that is the problem, is it Mr. President?  You can't tell me the generosity of strangers who support the communities and charities that keep children alive, who protect and care for families far and wide, who give of themselves, as well as their hard earned money -- you can't tell me that  this money isn't working on the side for Good. Wealth is not evil, just as a gun is not bad; it is what we do with it -- it always gets back to the character deep inside the individual...something we cannot see for sure...something only God knows...

As you are well aware, Mr. President, as Christians we believe in the Ten Commandments; one of them goes something like this,  "You shall not covet thy neighbor's house....wife...ox...donkey....or anything that belongs to your neighbor."

By all accounts, redistribution of wealth by the numbers does not sit well with the people; but when you get right down to it --

and I could be wrong about this...
being it's not for me to judge and all...

but it would appear, in a very big way...

...this fundamental transformation thing you got going on here by way of social justice by way of redistribution of wealth by way of robbing the rich to give to the poor by way of punishing the rich for taking all the risks by way of stifling the natural urges to reach the depths and breadths of our very own self-reliance and experience a world made with our own two hands and be able to stand back and look upon it and say, wow. that is good and be joyful -- actually goes against the word of God.

but again, God is the only one who knows for sure; and that, along with the poll numbers, we can take all the way to the bank and back.

Make it a Good Day, G

and didja know this?  78% of Americans believe Jesus to be the Son of God (still).  Truth. Light. Love. it's a good day.

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