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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Dear America,

the media can create whatever reality they want to create.

case in point, the last 24 hours over the Glenn Beck story...as in, "Beck was a quick burn..." words distributed by the AP within minutes; building up to a "Fairwell to a Fearmonger," which is funny considering it came out of The Daily Beast.

case in the second point, the "no light between" meeting up with John Boehner --  brought to light by ABC, and basically insinuating he must be getting water boarded by the Tea Party to comply with their demands...or else.

Keep it up lamestream.  Keep it up.

Yes, the guy who anchors the THIRD Highest Rated cable news show (otherwise known as THE Glenn Beck) will be transitioning later this year into a new realm of broadcasting.  It's TRUE!  Everybody is ecstatic about it.  But if you only read lamestream, then you would think Fox News took Beck out back, buried him up to the boot on the neck and began stoning him, with Soros invited to throw in the first stone.

But that is the media for you, they just can't help themselves; the counterclockwise spin is embedded into their DNA -- that is merely my observation, anyway...of course, after making reasonable connections, applying scientific backup, factoring in my own CSI experiments, and finding the fingerprints left on each stone turned myself.  look it up.

Oooooh and Harry said, Boehner is "afraid" of the movement.

and Chuckie said, "[ref to Tea People] ...they're the people who say they don't want compromise. They're the people who say they relish a shutdown. And the bottom line is, if he can resist them—not give them their way on everything—I think we can have an agreement..."  you go ahead and run with scissors with that Schumer.

ABC laid it all out...with George Stephanopoulos poking Boehner with provocative claims "[Dem's say] you won't buck the tea party" -- huh, huh, whatta gotta say about that, huh Johnny?  Now give me your milk money.

I watched the president return to the podium in the briefing room after meeting with Reid and Boehner.  It was late.  He looked tired.  And what does he do?  But for the lack of a better analogy, he pulls a Palin; he should have just kept his mouth shut and just gone upstairs to bed.  He should have just let it be. 

But approaching the press with something he could not hide -- a worn out look on his face -- he began to to say things like...

"We just had a productive meeting...
 We discussed the impasse...
with respect to the budget...
the meetings were frank, 
they were constructive, 
and what they did was narrow the issues 
and clarify the issues that are still outstanding.
I remain confident
that if we're serious 
about getting something done
we should be able to complete a deal 
and get it passed 
and avert a shutdown. 
But it's going to require 
a sufficient sense of urgency 
from all parties involved. 
It means that people have to recognize 
that a government shutdown
has real consequences for real people."
...I'm absolutely convinced that we can get this done."

Obama, late, Wednesday Night
somebody wake me up when he's done...
why did he even come out?

he gave us nothing new...he didn't even make us feel very confident in the process...and throwing in a worn out strategy, telling a random story about a random citizen who might be adversely affected.  Nice fluff but it didn't make it anymore presidential or newsworthy (and by appearances, not even his own heartstrings seemed to be all that into it).  
Give it a rest already, Mr. President - - the over saturation of the market is unbecoming and somewhat uncomfortable watching; and time and time again, I don't know how you do it, but somehow your arrogance precedes you in nearly every official capacity -- and that isn't a good thing.

Leadership is not passing judgment and condescension down the ranks.
Leadership is not belittling the "quibbling" over the people's dollars and common sense.
Leadership is not ridiculing the opposition when in front of the smaller... safer... perhaps potentially pliable voter audiences.
Leadership is not status quo -- voting present -- just showing up -- and otherwise avoiding taking a stand on exactly that which YOU said YOU would do when YOU came to WASHINGTON (do you remember the old refrain, "I will go line by line...I will cut the deficit by half in four years...").  
You keep saying to everybody 'it's not that complicated' -- that it's clearly 'not about me -- but about you guys, over there, not doing what you need to be doing'...
acting more like the parent who says, 'do as I say not as I do'...YOU don't stop there.  YOU grind it all home with that protruding thumb of yours from the podium, 'let's be grown ups...it's what the american people want...can't you guys just play like adults'?
How about a game of pin the tail on the donkey?  anyone?

Interesting slate of numbers over the last several years, most startling is the reality of today against the promises of yesterday; using a blog from PolitiFacts, the last couple of thoughts highlight this stunner: 
"To the contrary, the CBO projects the running total of the country's national debt — which was around $7 trillion when Obama took office — will increase to nearly $12 trillion in four years" 
hello, anybody paying attention?  So Obama has not only NOT CUT the deficits by half  -- but he has DOUBLED our National Debt! (and with time left on the clock...joy joy)
Today, we are well over the conservative CBO projection on the National Debt by over TWO T's. 
Taking this into account, along with the Obama Administration making a mockery of it's own plan to "cut deficits by half before the end of his first term" -- suffice it to say, we only wish we were running Bushie's Billion dollar deficits.  Doomsday and fearmongers unite on principle and panic, for we are headed into another straight year of seeing red to the tune of TRILLIONS, not billions. 
but you go ahead, call me crazy.  see if I care, na na nana na.  sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.

And since I am having so much fun with myself this morning, how about we take a poll:

It's called Pick the Shutdown:  A.  Football   B. The Fed

and how sad would it be if the 2011-2012 NFL season was canceled?

On a totally different note, Jamie Oliver, the Brit running around trying to redo our school lunches, was apparently shunned by LA (wonders never cease).  In any event, Oliver's response, a recipe right out of Alinsky's rules said this, "[that's cool] you only have to affect 2% of the population to make radical change."

Two percent.

Now whether that is a truth or a dare, the idea that it takes simply a nudge to create real change is very real.  This administration proves it everyday.  The nudges come by way of propaganda, regulations, moratoriums, ridiculing, mocking, judicial activism, DOJ's operating above the law, mainstream media married to the mob mentality -- for solidarity, you know -- for the good of the country, and all...

case in the third point
"All of this means one thing:  
the only way for America’s energy supply 
to be truly secure 
is by permanently reducing 
our dependence 
on oil."
New Age Energy Speech 
March 2011
Obama is crystal clear.  It is not about our dependence on foreign oil that is in the way, it is OIL itself. With 70% of our consumption going for transportation, that is a whole lot of nudging going on.  

And let's have a reality bites moment:  all it takes is a look at how we live our lives to know better.  The number of trucks that deliver our food and goods to stores --  the number of SUV's that drive the car pools --  the number of sports cars -- that may go to zero to hero in sixty seconds, but overall, don't they just blow a whole lot of gas out of a two-seater for nothing?  Isn't it all for show and tell?  We love our cars (and our car choice more).
And really, how could we RV, or take long summer road trips down back roads and country lanes in a cramped, midsized four door, if we have to get off the juice? Anyone fathom to guess how unrealistic traveling with solar panels is --  or how difficult it would be having to go from electrical jump to jump in a timely fashion, and calculating every move we make?  
I would like to think we could make a car that runs on sugar, too. But really? 
Especially considering I don't believe for half a second that we are being told half the truth surrounding oil in general; so, are we just supposed to trust a system created around OPEC, speculation, investment, and return on the dollar of sheiks and billionaires and the power elite?  Is that it?  
Not to mention, times Have CHANGED -- do we really trust the world wide oil reserve calculations?  Have we not already improved and innovated our way further down the road enough to think that what may have been out of the question then, is now very much a possibility now?  Does the end of the question and answer period start before we even begin nowadays?

The thing is, this morning, I want real journalism to find it's way back.  If I want opinion, let me choose to go to that opinion, but force feeding me garbage, as if I have no brain to think for myself, packaged up in neat and tidy assumptions, masquerading as unbiased journalism, pulleeze.  That is simply wrong.

Doesn't Katie Couric, Diane Sawyer, George Stephanopoulos, Brian Williams, want America to live within it's means? Do they not see the writing on the wall like the rest of us?  Are they seriously okay with running trillion dollar deficits, and doubling our debt before the decade is done? Don't they welcome diversity of opinion as much as the next guy?  Isn't it reasonable to believe not everyone has all the answers, whether left or right?  Isn't it time the mainstream media made a pinkie promise to the other half of Americans they seem too quick to chastise in some way, shape or form, every night of the week?

Glenn Beck leads a show that is the THIRD highest rating in cable news, with good reason; Boehner leads a House of Representatives from left to right to center, with a passion (if also a few tears).
Obama leads in what?   
Penalizing American oil companies, 
Regulating our lives,
Mocking public displays of disgust over unlimited government spending,
Formally criticizing Israel and the building of settlements,
Extinguishing America's Free Market,
Devaluing our American Dollar,
Upending the best health care system in the world,
Suing the state of Arizona and siding with Illegal Immigrants,
Siding with Unions, over Americans, in Wisconsin,
Siding with treating some terrorists like Americans, and some Americans, like terrorists.
Siding with democracy in Egypt, but not in Iran -- 
Supplying "humanitarian support" in Libya, but not in Ivory Coast.
NOT taking a serious stand against our deficits, national debt, and holding Congress to the fire.
NOT going line by line and making honest to goodness cuts.
NOT cutting the deficit by half (yet) (not even close).
in other words, he leads in waffling on every single principle and value we, in America, hold dear.

the list could go on forever.
and yet, none of it will be on ABC (at least, not in the way the story should be told).

Make it a Good Day, G

really long winded today... and I'm really not sorry for any of it.

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