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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Dear America,

"Is there no virtue among us? 
If there be not, we are in a wretched situation. 
No theoretical checks, 
no form of government, can render us secure.  
To suppose that any form of government 
will secure liberty or happiness 
without any virtue in the people, 
is a chimerical idea.  
If there be sufficient virtue and intelligence 
in the community, 
it will be exercised in the selection of men; 
so that we do not depend upon their virtue, 
or put confidence in our rulers, 
but in the people who are to choose them." 
James Madison 
from The 5000 Year Leap, by W. Cleon Skousen

oh the way our government spends money

oh the way our government loses money

oh the way our government deflates money

oh the way our government prints money

oh the way our government wastes money

money money money

Everyday people understand the value of money; our government, not so much; and yet, we continually put them there to do just that.  As Madison frames it so well, all of this, tragically, is just as much our fault.

Friday was a big day for spending; you know, besides the usual 35 billion dollars spent on interest alone for one day.  In an article from The Washington Times just this morning, Eli Lake informs the citizenry about the authorized use of $25 million dollars for "nonlethal" aid to the Libyan Opposition Coalition, the Transitional National Council (TNC).

The White House has authorized the full support to the TNC, clarified in a memorandum to Congress, which also declared the group perfectly harmless in every way (but the jury is still out); duly noting, the group has "publicly rejected terrorism, embraced the Geneva Conventions, and emphasized its dedication to building democratic institutions to provide for a secular future in which a broad range of Libyan citizens will be able to participate." (even though the same article quotes an insider, Noman Benotman, believing there to be "a 1,000 freelance jihadists at large.")  Don't you just love that, "Freelance Jihadists" bit....makes me wonder, which is more dangerous, a Freelance Jihadist or Freelance Journalist?

Currently, the TNC is being led by Mustafa Abdul Jalil -- a Judge, a former Minister of Justice, and newly ordained breakout artist of the Gadhafi regime (for what it's worth, Wikipedia describes him as simply a "Libyan Politician.").  And you know who loves the guy?  The Human Rights Watch.  They think he is golden.  and yes, the same Human Rights Watch who is rolling in the dough, after receiving about 100 million dollars in support from.... wait for it...George Soros; the same Human Rights Watch that condemns Israel more often than not, while full on abuses under Sharia Law go unconscionably unnoticed all over the Middle East.  oh my goodness, take a breath, gretch

To steal one of President Obama's favorite words, and kicking up yesterday's theme of manipulation to a whole 'nother level,  we are being "misguided" in Libya in every way; but no matter, let's just give them 25 million dollars of our money (on top of the millions already spent in missiles and planes to secure a no-fly zone) at a time when we have no money, after our AAA credit rating has been hijacked by our own stupidity, leaving us with a negative outlook and a very possible downgrade on the horizon, all while on the verge of taking on the Debt Ceiling debate, not to mention the discussion for the 2012 budget, to be ultimately settled by a dual.

Yes, let's drop 25 Mill like it's no big deal; let's do that because it is the right thing to do and credit worthy groups like the Human Rights Watch "Likes" Mustafa on Facebook.

And isn't it funny, the memorandum goes out to Congress while everyone is on spring break for two weeks. done.  next.

side-note: have you noticed how many things are being accomplished skirting Congress altogether...throw in an executive order here, a Czar regulation there, pretty soon, who needs a stinkin' Congress.

And how about the news about our government getting the whole "buy low, sell high" principle backwards?  Apparently, the greatest government since sliced bread is considering selling America's stake in GM at a loss; a company we own roughly 60% of, and a stock currently trading at a level hovering around 44% BELOW the "break even point."

This, I clearly do not understand.  We, being the fools who rushed in, HAD to save GM... HAD to save jobs... HAD to save the American dream for the auto industry ...and all of the trickle down economics it came into contact -- for this, too, was part of the 'too big to fail' fallout; and now this -- sell, sell, sell like a scene from Trading Places (even if it means making us look like total idiots).  We might as well be singing, and now,  the end is near.

I'm sorry, do we have to sell now?  Is there some kind of rush to limit our liabilities all of a sudden?  Are we trying to clear the books, even if at a total loss, as if we could somehow find a way to profit by it?  I mean, come on, do we actually need more bad debt and write off's? seriously?

The good news, we must hold the stock until May 22nd -- what d'ya think?  will it all magically bounce back by then?

Couple this with the irony back behind the latest run of ads from the Post Office -- you know what I'm talkin' about -- the one where the office dweeb is sitting at his desk flamboyantly stacking up overnight packages, when the happy-go-lucky Mailman pops in and points out, if it doesn't actually need to be there overnight, he could save a whole lot of moola if he used the world renowned U.S. Post Office.  Of course, as the thirty second spot goes (sold in prime time time slots on our dime.  um, why?), the dude doesn't give a rat's @$$ -- cuz it's not his money! all the while, the mailman/good samaritan/prophet of all things frugal and solvent, attempts to alert the clueless with a well timed eyeball roll of the imminent danger standing right behind him...the boss. oopsy-daisy.  The U.S. Post Office selling us on the finer points of sound money management?  really?

Conservative Fiscal Policy
Limited Government
Buy Low, Sell High
Stable Credit Rating
Balanced Budget

all things we no longer do, or live by; but rest assured, I am pretty sure we got a Czar for that, just like the one in charge of jobs. (we don't have time for Immelt today -- but isn't it interesting how we promote a global community and identity most all the time, and yet, we turn around and complain when it comes to other parts of the globe getting our jobs...)

Stephen Moore, an economist and frequent commentator on Fox News, appeared with Neil Cavuto yesterday and said the most profound thing in relation to another UN travesty.  Having recently declared "mother nature" a victim of human rights violations -- even while children, still, starve in Africa, are left helpless to the sex trafficking trade in India, and are assigned to hard labor in China -- the UN wants us all to know, they are now in the business of being mother nature's self-proclaimed legal advocate from here on out...okay...

But this is how Steve characterized the new global initiative (and paraphrasing it): we are presently entering a new Pagan belief system...one that supports the CREATED, instead of the CREATOR.  doink, der it is. Not sure what just hit me upside the head, whether it was a coconut or the Light of the World, but either way, I think I get it now.

Perhaps the UN forgets, democracy in the Middle East still looks very much like Allah taking the lead; and considering Allah is Everything Omniscient and Everlasting , isn't it quite possible to think even Sharia Law might take issue with the "created" having more superiority over the "creator", creatively speaking.  just sayin'

No worries --

"democracy" is flowing all over the world now ... and it is good (or so we are told)

we are spending money to make money...even if it means, losing money, burning money, printing money, deflating money, wasting money...and it is good (or so we are told)

and good ole GM is out, while GE is totally in (cuz it's a green thing)...  and it is gonna be good (or so we are told)

the wheels are in motion...other people benefiting... madly, deeply, stupidly... at America's expense all the way around, and it's going global if you haven't noticed. it's a g thing -- only backwards.

Make it a Good Day, G

government gone wild. org ...check the video out.

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