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Friday, April 15, 2011

Dear America,


Fascinating how the Left thinks, isn't it?  As much as they, generally speaking, hum and haw about God, keeping our religion, and clinging to anything remotely holy, in the macro, they very much believe and advocate recreating a new America under their own, for lack of better reference, God dot gov.

The Left is perfectly fine shape-shifting the environment, the life and times, replacing church of Christ, Heavenly Father,  Holy Ghost, and the Almighty (as according to one's personal beliefs) with a twisted version of church and state, nearly returning us to the age of the Church of England.  And all without anyone saying a word; mums the word; tally ho, and away we go.

Oh G, you can't be serious?  seriously?  really? this is where your little head is wandering off to today?

Oh yeah, you better believe it.

Think about it.

Who sets the moral standard anymore?

Who tells us where our community tithe must go, and by how much?

Who designates millions of dollars for programs that morally cross aspects of playing God and deciding fate?

Who has become, after decades of manipulation, using guilt, fear, and our natural compassion, up against the right thing to do, as the new Absolute in decision making?

Who has directed nearly the full extinction of the African-American community in America, without anyone thinking twice about it (including African-Americans)?

Who screams the loudest when it comes to the separation of church and state, and yet turns around with affirmative action reforming and rewriting our nation's Judeo-Christian heritage, cleansing our books of all religious history, mischaracterizing America's true north and the liberties that only come from God, our Creator, the Supreme Being that is echoed throughout our purple mountains majesty, our fruited plains, from sea to shining sea?

Who does that?

I could of course go on, but for the sake of staying on point with the argument, let's not and say we did (morally, we are cool like that, right?).

So let me just put this out there, too, since I seem to be on a roll --

Suffice it to say and contrary to popular belief, the so-called Superiority complex isn't found starboard at all; heaven's no, it is more akin to settling in port side -- on the left, and as far left as you can go, the better -- and taking it even further, basically any port in a storm works magnificently.

For those on the Right, the preference (if given a choice) is to leave free will in the hands of the people, trusting, as a moral people (at best), we will continue to do the right thing; and recognizing our place, choosing to revere God and get out of the way, and simply allow God to do what God does best.

For those on the Left, it would seem after the last forty years or so, growing government to the extent of rolling into, if not over, acts of God, seems downright commonplace, almost a natural progression; with a perfectly placed pregnant pause HERE, it wouldn't take much to see that we have been shamelessly emasculated of the principles and values once held dear.

The Left ideology has seeped into every facet of our lives.  With great aplomb, the halls of church and state unite, becoming a conglomerate of sorts, controlling the parish, extinguishing the old world, beginning anew -- for the Left... in their heart of hearts... really, and truly... believes they know better than you and God put together.

Look around, we are back to square one, people...

The Church of England has got nothing on what the Church of Port can do; what, with the internet, Facebook, Twitter, and the umpteen left wing hubsites generated out of the creative life force of billionaires, like the agnostic/atheist/anti-Christ in George Soros, adhering to the principles and tactics of brainwashing, organizing for solidarity, protesting, all following the doctrines and dogma synonymous with the liberal agenda high and low, new parishioners gravitate and congregate exponentially.

The Church of Port may have started out innocently enough, having taken a moment of silence and prayer out of public schools; only now, with the natural progression and evolution, replacing American history with a new emphasis on "gay history" (already featured at a California school near you); and if that wasn't enough, it falls within the same school district that allows a child to leave school premises for an abortion without parental notification; and just this past week, drafted a new program dolling out condoms to eleven year old's in Pennsylvania.

The Church of Port would like nothing more than extinguish and brutally bury the American heritage defined at birth; for the Church of Port wants apocalyptic change -- which must happen, in order to bring about a new world order.

The Church of Port would like nothing better than wipe out our inherent Individual freedoms and liberties, carrying along with them every God ordained attribute and value:  self-reliance, gone; independent thinker, absolutely not, it's all about the collective mind and the collective needs; individual property, prosperity, not if it takes away from the whole -- redistribution, y'll...you get my drift.

The Church of Port wants to be your all, your glory and the light; it wants to Be where you turn to first (somewhere between Chairman Mao and Mother Teresa) for consolation, for return on investment, beholden to the mission of saving you from total despair; and, if need be, replacing that worn out religion with no fuss, no muss, in no time. Because that's how much they feel for you.

This is a superiority complex acting out to the nth degree; no longer are we to value the rippling effect beginning with the individual, to family, to church, to community -- generating the spontaneous injection of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness all from the town square; steadfast in the wake of everything crumbling around us, the Church of Port becomes the Commons, ironically siding with the one thing we abhorred so much, it caused a revolution.

NO longer is it all about limited government with unlimited possibility; God dot.gov makes way for a 21st century tsunami, taking over our lives in ways unexpected, unprotected and totally oblivious to the level of devastation fast approaching; the Church of Port @ God.gov leads the way, making straight paths, crooked; creating false Gods and bearing false witness, all under the guise of an age old ideology with a new age twist -- for it is cool to be your own God, isn't it?  So much power and might...at least, in the moment.

Who needs a real God when we've got God dot.gov, right?

Judgment day is not mine to make (duh) -- having said that, and just looking at what is known and unknown, seen and unseen, the world they seem all too comfortable recreating is the one that God made. 

I know who I am and I am small, indeed, just a girl sitting on God's lap -- feeling genuine compassion for the Left, who, having positioned themselves to be a port with no true harbor, sit lost... floating aimlessly... buoyed by their own assertions and agenda... clinging to no religion, too, on their own ship of fools. 

Oh my goodness, oh my goodness, this is a message of the emergency broadcast system:  I was just blind sided with a cupcake from Sprinkles; my girl brought one home to me, chocolate with vanilla icing and loaded with sprinkles. talk about a mouth full of heaven...and cupcakes have never been my thing.  One cupcake costs nearly as much as a gallon of gas -- at $3.50 a pop -- but that's just how scrumptious they are. Oh, how easily we can be swayed.   in an instant, welcome to the dark side, all gone. buh-bye. at least it felt good going down.

Make it a Good Day, G

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