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Friday, April 1, 2011

Dear America,

speaking of April Fool's Day...there are so many ways to take this for a spin today.

Considering The Patriot Post did this to us this morning:

"AOL to Purchase The Patriot Post

On the heels of AOL's $315 million purchase of the Leftist news and opinion site The Huffington Post, AOL Chief Executive Officer Tim Armstrong's board of directors has authorized him to offer to purchase The Patriot Post for $425 million.
Armstrong notes, "With our traffic dropping like a polished stone and major losses at our media properties, we believe that the acquisition of both The Huffington Post and The Patriot Post will provide us with the ability to control the Internet's giants on both ends of the spectrum of public opinion in the U.S. market. This will be good for AOL and good for the fundamental transformation of the United States of America."
We would like to offer our readers the chance to offer feedback here. We hope you will understand."

Now, throwing something like this out there would be like me calling the folks and saying 'I'm getting married today!'  Can you say, jaw-dropping-ly unbelievable? How 'bout, shut the cluck up!  Or, that's so funny I forgot to laugh (pardon the family inside joke).

But all kidding around aside, spreading freedom and liberty is serious business; upon this happy fool's day morning, please click on the link "understand" -- lend your heart, and give of your silver, towards a worthy team of patriots. They do marvelous things every day and need your support.

and speaking of things, here's a great link to the marvel of media marching this April Fool's Day, putting the news of funny in full force.

...gives us a certain pause, doesn't it?  The power of the media is no joke. Remaining mindful and vigilant as to what we read, and what we swallow as truth or false, comes fresh to us with duty and delight everyday; with that inherent responsibility in mind, our gullibility meters must be checked and balanced accordingly.
and other things:

“Making sure jobs are available 
is the first thing 
I think about when I wake up in the morning 
and last thing 
I think about when I go to bed at night,” 

Obama said at a UPS facility in Landover, Md.
(and hmmm, speaking of marriage, I'm sorry, Michelle)

assuming to be piggy backing on an idea birthed by GM in a Jeep ad, he goes on to say '[we need to] grow the economy that makes things...not takes things...'
“One of the best ways to reduce our dependence on oil is by making our cars and trucks more energy efficient, because transportation accounts for more than 70 percent of America’s oil consumption...If you’re a business that needs to transport goods, I’m challenging you to replace your old fleet with a clean-energy fleet that’s not only good for your bottom line, but good for our economy, good for our country, and good for our planet.”
...yes, because we haven't already been doing just that over the last forty years.

How about we cease crony capitalism (making a nod towards Jeffrey Immelt); how about we try making it easier to do business within the U.S. boundaries (making a nod towards The Heritage Foundation); how about we stop making it easier to grow government, now doubling down over American manufacturing.

The thing is, and this may be going off on a whole 'nother line of thought (whatever), is that this is exactly why someone like The Donald has a chance to be the next president of the United States; someone without the political lineage from birth -- or manufactured through the miracle of association (like an Ayers), organization (like an SEIU), and otherwise, commonly regarded as friends in high places leaving no traces, who just so happens to create the very conditions to fall into position by the magic of TV... and fraud.

We have been duped (yes, shamelessly tying the day back into the fray).

We (aka the populace) fell for the hopey-changey thing -- while some have yet to give it up; we didn't want to pay attention to the connections, the truth, the associations, the manufacturing of a president right before our very eyes.

Just in case you didn't witness it, Trump was hammered by O'Reilly this week, answering to a bombardment of tough questions -- from Libya to the economy to China to Iran.  O'Reilly seemed to stop just short of calling him crazy, believing perhaps the "unintended consequences" from "threatening" the likes of China or Iran might be damaging.  O'Reilly seemed quite concerned with the possibility of "creating confrontations" all over the world...

Perhaps O'Reilly was just bringing his 'fair and balanced' journalist A-game for the benefit of his viewers -- let's hope.  For what a guy like Trump brings to the table is something that only a businessman (woman) can understand.  It's called leverage.  Along with a host of principles and values, America has lost the lead, leverage, the edge, almost across the board.

What America could use, among many other things (which we don't have time for today), is a president who gets that.

Within our boundaries, we hold the largest consumer base with the greatest potential for expansion of freedom and liberty and democracy and prosperity for all, ever to be created by civilization to date; we are protected by our Constitution, and the Rule of Law, as defined by our founders.  But more important, with that inherent birthright, in defense of the Republic for which we stand, comes great duty and delight. Much like the angst and pain of a budding start-up business, every new generation starts the process of vigilance all over again.

VIGILANCE-- even if that means being strong-willed, firm, and non-negotiable on some things. 

With bouffant hair and all, Trump said last night, "we are being ripped-off by the rest of the world!"

I believe it is time to stop making fun of his hair, and start manufacturing a brand new regime change; while given the official nudge to...make things not take things... just this morning, even our president would have to be in full support --  at least in rhetoric (deep down, who really knows anymore).

Make it a Good Day, G

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