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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Dear America,

happy tuesday

You know, if you frequent G, this girl loves a good commercial. And -- have you seen the one where a couple of coworkers (lovers, acquaintances or long time associates, who really knows anymore) are sitting on a bench -- the guy pulls out his OJ with a box of Allegra and begins to look like he is about to take part in one of his morning rituals, when the woman beside him says something like (paraphrasing from memory here) 'you know, you can't take that with Orange Juice.'  He's like, huh?   For me loving the trappings of good old competition, she points out the dangers of combining the two -- and then, turns it into a teachable moment introducing Zyrtec (which apparently, has no issues w/ OJ); only to have another guy walk up, and pipe up, saying exactly the very same thing...'you know, you can't take that with Orange Juice.'

So I guess that would leave me to believe taking it with a screwdriver is totally out of the question...

But isn't competition great!
And notice I am not asking.

Good Morning my dear America.

There are all kinds of angles to play up, or make light, in regards to how we compete with one another, be it in business and selling a product -- or in politics and selling yourself (taken to a whole 'nother level if we include one's soul) -- everything, eventually, is held up to the light to see if there are any cracks in it.

Be it in finding love, friendship, business or pleasure -- all in all, it all boils down to the laws of attraction, competition, and what you've got to back things up.  It is a wicked combination, basically revolving around 'may the best man (woman) (product) (ideology) (country) win.'

Returning from dropping my baby girl off at school this morning I was assaulted (sort of).  While channel surfing on the radio, what sounded very much like a cool melody got my attention; to which point I stopped, dead in my tracks, wherever I was on the dial. And then, with all the charms of a hook, line and sinker, it took my breath away, ew.  It was an ad for Ashley Madison.com.

Without a parental warning, I was being pinned to the floor of disgust with  'life's short...have an affair.'

nooooo.  no they di'dint. 

this is where I go, that is so uncool.

sure, it is America; this is the place where dreams and opportunity unite for all to take part, from rags to riches, from nothing to something in sixty seconds; but honestly, is this really an area that needs more advertising?   Has Hollywood not already done sufficient damage here?  Do we really need help -- and be surrounded by TV and radio ads -- with hooking up for free love with no strings attached -- just for the fun of it, just because we can, just because we have no scruples, honor, or good intentions anywhere to be found?

AM.com (as I refuse to give it any more attention by name) is selling not just love affairs on the cheap, but is actually promoting stepping out on marriage itself; AM.com is consciously ruining commitments and tearing apart the real thing without so much as batting an eye.  And apparently, they must be doing well, for their commercials seem to be everywhere I turn.  ew.

And, as always, same as it works for Zyrtec and Allegra -- we can consciously choose to spend our money, and our attention, to those entities we deem worthy, or not; we can volley the pros and cons in our own little heads; we can read the fine print and understand our duty, or not; we can ask the right questions, proceed with caution, or not...as according to our beliefs, our values, our needs, and our circumstances, as we seem fit.

As individuals holding such great power (and with such natural intelligence within) -- you would think we would all be sitting on easy street by now (and with all the riff-raff no longer in business).

But noooo.  Hence the kicker...

We create our own world everyday; what we choose to support, continues to live; what we choose to discard, ignore, boycott, or discredit by word of mouth, dies.  It is a very simple process, indeed; while it works pretty much for everything.

As the universe continues to say, YES; it responds exactly to our hopes, dreams, wishes, thoughts, good or evil, it is all treated the same.Stupid is as stupid does; good in, makes good out.

There are no victims in a truly free market; it is up to each of us to be knowledgeable, educated, informed, engaged, and intent on doing the right thing, for the right reasons; that was how America was made and marketed, originally, in the beginning. The shining principles through the prisms in the glass gave us a sense of just where our duty and responsibility meet with prosperity and delight; the light source coming from,of course, our founders, and this country's Declaration of Independence and Constitution -- who got their light source from the Creator... go figure, huh... while some may beg to differ no matter how true that it may be...

But, like everything else, we have competing forces afoot; and the difference being  (if lining up the product side by side), there are those who align with victims, taking personal responsibility and accountability and conviction away from the people, feeding us propaganda to grow our dependence on more government -- and those who don't.  Otherwise known as left and right.

And since we are talking about shining lights, Star Parker's column, "Wanted: Leaders with Conviction and Courage" is a great read on this happy tuesday.

The thing is, America is done with sleazy politicians willing to sell their soul for a vote, a special favor, or the next really big deal; as Star opines (and selflessly shines every day mind you), where are the real leaders, beholden to convictions worthy of a grain of salt? (as I get a whisper in my ear from AM.com saying, psss, they're over here...)

Competition is fierce; but don't get me wrong, it is a good thing -- a very good thing.  It makes us get to places we never dreamed possible.  It makes us better, wiser, richer not poorer (if on the side of courage and convictions, that is) usually every time.

Unless you are Butler -- and then competition, win or lose, tells us even more.  To be sure, it was a sad loss, an embarrassing display of having nearly no game left.  Bare in mind, this is the second time for Butler coming out of nowhere, with a Cinder--fella story all over it, and getting to the NCAA finals second year in a row.  This is the stuff where dreams are made of -- and then, it all came to a horrible screeching halt last night.

BUT THEN, all of a sudden a little shining light came through, giving every single one of us reason to go... far out, that is so cool.  And really, I can't even begin to tell it any better than this guy, so read this now, if you will...you won't be disappointed, I promise...c'mon.... psss, over here...  From Dan Wetzel, at Yahoo! Sports.

Dan made me weep for these boys, and I don't even like basketball.  But he gathered the courage to take a look at the bright side and share it with us -- and considering this was written by a guy, about boys, or real men, take your pick, the whole experience for me took my breath away (second time in one morning -- and for all the right reasons...love it).

For better or for worse, we must stand for living with our courage and convictions leading us, moving us forward, fine print and all, win or lose; as consumers and countrymen, leaders and followers, all of us have an inherent duty and delight to constantly hold things up to the light, asking the right questions, making the right choices, and responding with honor, not just for ourselves, but for the betterment of the whole.

Make it a Good Day, G

p.s. please know that G neither endorses, nor is paid by, Zyrtec -- to be fair, I am quite certain Allegra works in it's own beautiful little way, too (just without OJ, duh) and for a whole host of other good reasons for which, without allergies myself, have no idea, but you get my drift...

But as for AM.com -- clinging tight to the K.I.S.S. principle -- 'ew'; stay away from that domain for your own good -- ya see, no problem, whatsoever.

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