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Friday, April 8, 2011

Dear America,

you're right Jesse, as in Jackson, it is about a difference in ideology; you got me. them. whomever. whatever.

Although I beg to differ on each and every one of them, I couldn't help notice you left out a few.

They'll also support:

-- the right to life

-- the de-funding of the UNfunded, UNconstitutional liability enacted illegally under the "afforable care act"

-- the continuing receipt of paychecks and supplies to our courageous boys/girls, presently fighting three wars, without the illogical, unconscionable, ideological interruption -- by the passing of an interim CR on behalf of the clear and present danger on multiple continents, but that which our "Commander In Chief" deems a "distraction" to the debate. (a debate he only popped into in the last 48 hours)

speaking of which, Mr. oops I did it again President made another curtain call late last night, and in effect, told us nothing new (again) by saying:

"...just completed another meeting
...we've made some additional progress this evening...
those differences have been narrowed.
a few issues
that are important to both sides
...further along than yesterday.
now, less than 30 hours away...
800,000 families...
are not allowed to come to work...
we then have millions more...
impacted...FHA loans...passport...
seeing money lost or opportunities lost.
again, 800,000 federal workers impacted
millions more, businesses, farmers, veterans...
that's what's at stake.
[quoting an economist]
'mount very quickly..greater the odds for a renewed recession.'
IT is because of the narrative of a shutdown
starting to move,
an answer in the morning...
meaningful cuts,
living within our means,
preserving [winning the future]."

Leader in Chief
second verse, same as the first, everybody now

Precedence tells us our President does two things really well -- he waits to the last minute to speak up or he jumps to conclusions.  In this instance, he completes both, with his usual mojo leading the way; and sees all outcomes as a win-win for him.  Either way, he believes he has thought this one through -- through and through; and comes up with the ends justifying the means, regardless.

He is basically partying like it's 1999 -- or rather, '95?

But really, what kind of president holds our military hostage for an unknown length of time, even after entering the United States into a third war (not to mention, one that is totally misguided and misunderstood)... who does that?

And really, what kind of president is elected on the wings and a prayer he would be truly different, but after all that's been said and undone over the last two years, still acts as if he is above it all when he wants to be, but a radical when he needs to be, and yet, takes the middle of the road, milquetoast approach more often than not... who does that?

Fresh from my happy place this morning came word from Mark Alexander, of The Patriot Post (the entire read linked just two sentences up):

"However, the outcome of the current debate is much more than a budget agreement for next year and the next decade: It will determine whether our nation will avert systemic economic collapse or collide with it head-on, plunging us into the most significant National Security Crisis since 1860, and condemning our posterity to the inevitable institution of socialism and the abject tyranny that accompanies it.

If a majority of our countrymen are not able to distinguish between the veracity of this grave assertion and political playbook hyperbole, the consequences for the next generation of Americans will be grim as the light of Liberty fades."

"condemning our posterity  to the inevitable institution of socialism and the abject tyranny that accompanies it."  oh my...I had to make it pink just to help me breathe again.  What, pray tell, are we doing here people?

Make sure you hook up with Alexander's Essay on"The Most Perilous National Security Crisis Since 1860" this morning.  He gives us charts, graphs, sparks of vision and Reagan-isms... showering us with purple rain if we don't do something soon, for we truly are at the corner of jive and dime ("prosperity or poverty").

so this budget thing...apparently it gets down to the public being forced to fund abortions:

"They're willing, it appears
--clearly, to throw women under the bus 
even if it means they'll shut down the government. 
Because that's where we are. 
That's the one issue that was remaining last night." 

Prince Harry, today
(I do crack myself up)

In this day and age, I do believe Planned Parenthood could be abundantly funded by those who support what they do, it is as simple as that (and the beauty of the FREE market!).  I mean, my goodness, just have the ladies of  NARAL and NOW and Code Pink-- and all of their associations, like SOROS and moveon.org and every other left wing media outlet, just send out an email alert; King George could right one check; done. next.  Where is my right to choose?

Why should I have to pay for someone else to have an abortion?

...and pulleeze, do not even go there on cancer screenings...right, like Planned Parenthood is just a 'health care provider'...crock, crock and more crock.  PP has stayed in business because it is THE business to take care of unwanted business, pregnancies; otherwise, all that "health care" providing they keep dishing out like a buffet line...birth control, counseling, immaculate screenings...would actually have the reverse affect....

...something is not quite right...something doesn't jive... unless, in reality, they must not be very good at protecting the community of women and girls in the first place.

America is at the crossroads.  We are in a time that questions everything we are and everything we want to be meeting up with destiny.

You are right on, Jesse, it is about dueling ideologies, and may the best one for America win; scratch that, make that a win-win for everybody.   Can you say flash forward?

While this girl only wishes she could just flash dance this one away on this happy friday, I am still puzzled...

It is just so strange, no?  Abortion has jumped out as the stinking point.  hmmmm

...makes me wonder...
...so what are we to think...
...so defunding parts of Obama's love child under the "Miss Affordable Care Act" is no big deal?
...just an unstuck sticking point, no longer a flash point, oh well...we just had to let it go.
...just part of the unintended consequences. my bad, too bad.
so what you're saying is...25 billion in funding for the 'affordable care act' can get thrown under the bus and everybody's okay with it?  really?  seriously?  Parts of the largest piece of legislation known to man can be thrown up on the stirrups...while defunding Planned Parenthood, we will have none of that.  no way. no how. not under my watch....

who does that?  why?  

Make it a Good Day, G

but this we do know...the Democrats had total control of Congress and the White House for two years, with ample time to push through the 2011 budget with no fuss before it's deadline of OCTOBER 2010!; first excuse, didn't want to affect the outcomes of the midterm elections; after shellacking, couldn't muster the enthusiasm, nor the will, in the lame duck; now, after 48 days of having a budget proposed by the House GOP, after the Senate delayed and delayed and delayed, the president entered the picture with just 48 hours to spare -- and the democrats want to point fingers at the republicans?  that's a good one.

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