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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Dear America,

catch my tears somebody -- it's Maundy Thursday and how.

so the guy has since apologized, basically choosing to take full responsibility only as an afterthought; he regrets the post, but stands by his criticism anyway; he is only sorry if it offended, not so much that the deed was done.

All brought to you by Wonkette ...with no need to say more...but we will.

Please, read the Jack Stuef blog (don't be afraid, it's short and stupid):

"What’s he dreaming about? Nothing. He’s retarded,"  

Jack Sprat spews from the recesses of idiocy...

"Is Palin his true mother? Or was Bristol? (And why is it that nobody questions who the father is? Because, either way, Todd definitely did it.) It doesn’t matter. What matters is that we are privileged to live in a time when we can witness the greatest prop in world political history." 

So we are back to questioning the true mother, are we?  While Jack Sprat takes it one step further, saying "either way, Todd definitely did it?"   that's so funny I forgot to laugh.  I mean, that was trying to be funny, right? you aren't really insinuating a case of incest with the Palin's, right?  oh well, either way, makes you look ridiculously stupider than any child with Down's.

Hey, Jack, do you know any family with a Down's child besides through the miracle of TV and the subsequent narrow minded lens of political posturing? Do you have any real sense of the power of the written word?  Even your half-heart'd apology with no regrets makes a continuing mockery of the whole charade.

You see, I can speak about this, because this thing called Down's I happen to know an awful lot about.; it is something I keep pretty close to my heart, along side a reality steeped and mellowed and warmed with nearly fifty years of intimate, family, brotherly experience.  This meaningless trash talk you just throw out on a blog on a whim on the fly without thinking -- using a Down's child as the worst prop in world blogosphere history, I might add -- is deplorable, a corruption of humanity.  Have you no soul?

And then, as if THAT isn't enough, the entire experience is rounded out (if you get the nerve to take a whiff, anyway) by reading the onslaught of Palin polluting commentary unfit to be seen or heard, let alone taking in with a long, deep breath...just where is the UN? I believe we have an epic human rights violation occurring upon the earth, the likes of which we have never seen before.  oh the sludge, the grime, the irreparable damage...I can't watch.

You know I make it a habit reading comments after articles just to get a read on where the nation sits on various subjects, through media left and right; it's kind of one of my favorite guilty pleasures -- it's like it's so bad, but it feels so good, and all the while, what comes out of it most days is a sense that most of us DO think before we speak.

Not always, of course; but generally, after well meaning articles pick apart the facts, separate the opinion, and keep to a line of respect and professionalism, the comments thereafter generally respect the contributor, writer, commentator right back.  There is divisiveness, at times; other times, opposing opinion cuts off any chance for understanding another person's view before it even has a chance to sink in; but more often than not, those who frequent the site on a regular basis, those who already align with the view before even popping open the home page, naturally concur with most everything said.

That being said, the comments following Jack Sprats juvenile rampage fit to a T.

from 'Barb' --
"...I've said it before and I will say it again, it has to suck for Trig to have a special needs mom.
Happy Birthday Trig! I hope your parents took you out of the 7-day diaper bag long enough to have some cake. I'm sure they will make you a baby bottle full of Triaminic, with its cool grape goodness, and you will go seepie-byes real soon."

from 'Downfist Troll'  --

Here's to Trig! May he be the first Palin to get a G.E.D.

from 'Gopherit'  --

"i can say, with zero snark, that Trig will likely be the most qualified Palin for the presidency. Sorry, Trig. Wish your family didn't suck."

from 'DustBowlBlues' --

"The look-I-didn't-abort-this-retard prop baby named after Roy Rogers' horse. Poor little Trigger got dragged to every possible campaign event in 2008, no matter whether it was time for him to be in bed or not."

every       single      one     of the comments.  all three hundred and thirteen and counting. Wonk on, Wonkette toads, wonk on.

catch my tears somebody.

these are the young, hip minds Obama wooed the first time, in order to get elected; they are all apart of the d-list crowd who watched his Town Hall meeting on Facebook, I'm sure; this, by example, is the kind of civility, generally and widely accepted, from the mouths of his faithful followers.  Stooping to the lowest of the low is part and parcel of the MO they keep and share and pass around like a virus -- taking Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals to heart and to market.

catch my tears somebody.

How in the world did we make people who no longer care about another person's feelings in this way?

Is it simply the unintended consequences tied up in the after-birth of the new age, living vicariously and recklessly and anonymously on the net with no strings attached?  As if it doesn't matter what we say or how we say it or who we talk about -- even if using a Down's baby as a visceral, provocative, prop?  Or is it we only ingenuously care when they are on the right side of our political ideology?  either way, this is as ugly as coyote ugly gets.

catch my tears somebody.

You know, the reality of living with a Down's baby -- for me, coming along a year after and teaching him how to walk...and on through the years...bearing witness to that same Down's baby who never failed to show up and be the brightest bulb on the block... no matter where we were -- is a reality I wish everyone could know.  In truth, everything I ever really needed to know, of the things that truly matter, I learned from him (not to mention his supernatural dry wit, the irreverent displays of all things silly, and the unbridled shaking of the family funny bone all the days of my life).  I love you so much kissy!

catch my tears somebody.

I weep for the world this morning; we seem to be continually losing something of ourselves in each new waking day.  Decency, civility, virtue, are things becoming all too often heavily disregarded and freely discarded, thrown by the wayside and left for dead -- aborted by popular belief and a general sense of selfish, narcissistic, invincibility that reigns superior over everything else. 

wonk on with your big bad self and let's just see where this leads the world, huh? 
are you proud of yourselves? 
does this make you feel good? 
all of you, not just Jack Sprat... all of you... every        single     one of you, huh?

for once, put yourself into somebody else' Tom's shoes, I beg of you.  What you all seem so-happy-go-lucky to throw around on a whim without a care, seemingly quite pleased with yourselves for doing so -- I would not wish this kind of hatred upon my worst enemy.  AND, having this kind of hatred paired with a subject matter so thoroughly and characteristically in-congruent -- the innocence of a Down's baby -- my heart is left stunned by the violation.

...oh my... what's this?  wonders never cease to amaze me.
I am not alone... what is it we have here... I do believe... heaven is crying along side me... hence the drizzle outside my window to the world.

For some of us, I question the probability on this one, but no matter, let's complete the day in our usual flare anyways...

Make it a Good Day, G

really good
as good as it gets even
well, as good as it can get for a Maundy Thursday, anyway.
bless us one and all.

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