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Monday, April 25, 2011

Dear America, an open letter to The Donald:

"For where two or more are gathered in my name, 
there am I with them." 
Matthew 18:20

There is something very deja vu going on; it's like, whoa dude, have we been down this road before?  The flashback of a presidential campaign a couple years removed; bearing witness to a stage of Romanesque proportions, columns of Grecian dominance, setting in motion the pulpit from which just a man would woo us into believing something so incredibly out of this world, that as it turned out, it actually was. 

A recent horoscope I read noted a twist of one of my favorite verses in the Bible, and basically, brazenly usurped the power of the Almighty and claimed, 'anywhere two or more are gathered, there is politics.'  and that's where my open letter to The Donald begins...

I would very much like to believe -- now that we have seen the light -- America is no longer a congregation of blind worshipers and gullible followers of anything remotely inauthentic; we seek the real thing in all matters, whether it be our religion, a soul mate, a doctor, a voice, or a president.

Please, let not our current condition fool you, Mr. Trump -- America is not a pawn, and her exploitation is hardly up for discussion; contrary to popular opinion and the growing cultural tide, the bid, for the office of the presidency of the United States of America, is made in America to attract one thing, and one thing only: civil servants of virtue.

In the beginning, the government, by design, constructed the rule of law and the rules of engagement for the highest job in the land, not according to a ruler or a king, nor propping up one church over another, but through a process of meticulous selection from the bottom up; the primary consideration over all, to find the true statesmen -- giving back to country, selflessly, authentically, looking after her as if his life, and each life thereafter, depended upon it.  And this is where we have the first issue...

As you well know, given you created it and all, your ego enters the room long before we take a look into your eyes; and sir, if I may be so bold, we're not all that impressed with that side of you who likes to impress, if not expressly for the press.  We have seen a Presidency-by-I-am and are not smitten.  Initially, as you have presented yourself -- simply toying around with the idea of taking on the leader of the free world -- so far, your reputation keeps preceding you (and that, isn't a good thing).

We are just not that sure about you.  The trust factor is one of your greatest liabilities.  Are you just in it to win it?  Or, is this just the making of another reality show in our midst, and in six months time, we'll be catching all the behind the scenes footage (with ad-lib's and off mic remarks included)?  Or, are we simply locked into some kind of twisted derivation of the Trump Bucket List, soon to be presented on YouTube, with the culmination of your swearing in to be filmed while you are jumping out of a plane?

Well, in a word that you might understand -- fuggetaboutit.   We got no stinkin' interest in that, yo?  You dig me?  (I'm trying to channel my newyarkar) What we want, we the people, is a little respect; and that goes from you, too, now that you think you have all the right stuff. 

Newsflash:  It is now open season; welcome to the show; buckle up and enjoy the ride.

What we want, is a return to the way we were; a country with checks and balances and politics revolving around the rule of law and our constitution.  What we hunger for, are the conditions to restore our faith in all the right things again; a vision once held in high esteem, carrying with it our duty and responsibility bestowed upon us by our founders, dating back 5000 years of time, virtue, history and truth.  Not such an easy task, no doubt.

What we want, is a true free market Thinker (and by all evidence, your resume should tell us that you know a thing or two about this) -- but even then, your history shows a few missteps... perhaps it's just a misguided appreciation to a policy running counter-intuitive to the forces of the real free market... maybe simply a case of not knowing then, what you know now...an ideological evolution, if you will...but all benefit of the doubt easily gets tossed under the microscope when we see where your donations have gone over the years, when we see you haven't taken the time to vote in a primary for 21 years; and this evidence is just beginning to shine through.

We don't need another prophet promising to fix everything, piping through loud speakers and twittering he would be different, while boldly claiming world peace and cake for everyone would finally rule the day; we don't need that.  To be perfectly clear, what we need is a whole lot of humility.

What we need, is someone with the courage to stand up and admit we are doing this all wrong and backwards -- which to date, I'm gathering after some sincere consideration, you have come to the not-so-humble-conclusion, a realization that who better to recognize and understand than YOU;  there is no doubt in my mind, you have no doubt.  But do you recognize the underlying foundation from which all desire for reformation comes?  Do you really, really know what the fire in the belly of America really represents?  hint, hint: this is another essential element to the making of our next president.

Sure, in all honesty, we are amateurs, all of us, there is that (some of us just seem to be better at it than others).  Whether born in the USA or Kenya, we wear our self-reliance on our back.  To meet success in our daily lives, we must do the work, yielding to the law of compensation, recognizing the values of supply and demand, striving to educate, prepare, and make something of ourselves.  If you will allow a return on a theme, America IS the quintessential Amazing Race -- be it in our skills, conditions, paths, diversity of color, creed, and character; we are one big pot melting into one big race over and over and over again.

What we need is really a president who not only understands who we are, where we have been, and the foundation from which all bounty comes, but one who respects it through and through.  In order to move forward with any sense of brilliance, we must go backwards, retracing our steps, in order to arrive at a place where we went wrong and start over.

Are you prepared to cut the budget drastically, and return to living within our means?

Are you prepared to defund the latest entitlement program, Obamacare, and allow the business of health care to return to the free market -- and put in new regulations to operated even better than it did before?

Are you prepared to close our border until order is restored and sustained?

Are you prepared to cut entire departments of government who have long overstayed their welcome?

Are you prepared to secure the debt limit at the current ceiling, with a real plan to reduce the national debt?

Are you prepared to cease the Global Warming fanaticism reinventing CO2 as a harmful pollutant?

Are you prepared to command respect of America again, without acting like an arrogant S.O.B.?

Are you prepared to return our children to an education teaching lessons of good character, the joys of living in a free market, the lessons of reaping what we sow, the bounty that all good things come to those who wait, if not, work really, really hard...Are you prepared to gather enough nerve to battle the neanderthals who have taken away designated time for prayer and personal reflection, fair debate and conclusion, of all facets of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, left - right - and center? Promoting all things  INDEPENDENT, not dependent.

Are you prepared to return the power back to regional locals, in order to serve communities large and small equally and in proportion to their individual needs?

Are you prepared to grow a nation's independence -- drilling for oil here at home; tapping into our own natural gas, safely and securely; allowing the open market, supply and demand, private risk and investment and benefits, to grow the green market, expand the hybrid industry, increase the solar power, and capture the magnificence in the wind?  Are you prepared to continue the investment of our nuclear energy infrastructure even in the face of the Japanese natural disaster?

Are you prepared to wake up the apathetic?  Are you prepared to enliven the authenticity of America's heritage and divine providence, for you do recognize that She has been corrupted, abused, and left for dead?

Are you prepared to be a statesman looking out for our best interests?  Modeling our best behavior?  Acting selflessly, reverently, respectfully in the highest office of the land?

You're a businessman -- could your business survive running deficits in the trillions of dollars for any length of time? (right.  we do know the answer to that, huh...my bad)  But honestly, is there any chance you could live to see just one day beyond ninety days passed due?  seriously?

That is just how absurd this whole debt debate has been; in the real world, this corporate model does not work.  ever.   Are you prepared to return legitimacy (that is, if they ever had it) to the Federal Reserve? Are you prepared with any kind of a plan to run against a world wide mission to destroy the dollar? bring down America? and basically end the greatest republic that ever lived?  Because, as someone who runs in a pretty elite crowd, you should realize that we are on the chopping block; the entire world wants to tell America, 'you're fired'  -- and just how do you plan to combat that? seriously.  how?

The bottom line, Mr. Trump, America doesn't seem to trust you any farther than we can throw you -- into the Hudson, without a paddle, swimming upstream, on a Tuesday (that would be tomorrow). And I'm someone who kinda likes you.... But this little presidential run you seem to be banking on isn't a game of Monopoly or Apprentice or Let's Make a Deal.  you get me, playa?  And, speaking on behalf of only myself and my dog, think you have potential, at best; but you, sir, have a lot to prove. The Trump Tower has no power over us.

And, just so you know, there isn't a whole lot you can say to change our minds; consider yourself under the latest Palin Doctrine, following the Laws of Attraction --  people either love you or they don't.  And yet, if you are in this for real, if you wish to gain our trust, the race ...starts ....now.

the gun has been fired....

why aren't you moving....

You may think your intermittent fifteen minutes of fame, coming at us on a seasonal basis, is enough to carry the burden; and then you better think again.

we, the little people, have done our homework over the last several years...  we are not the same people who swooned to a young, hip, up and comer, politico dynamo -- who masterminded the most skillful campaign, quarantined every skeleton in the closet, and otherwise, manipulated, cajoled and disguised the real truth from the whole truth from not a shred of honesty  -- who swallowed it up anyway. been there, done that.

oooh which reminds me, that corny interview you did with Meghan McCain for The Daily Beast, of the read this, skip that generation, forces me to enlighten you of another political faux pas becoming all too often conveniently commingled with reality -- progressives are not good for America (whether left or right).  And if you don't get that, you might as well hang your boots up right now.  Stealing a portion of a sales pitch from Stanley Steamer, know the stain, my friend.  Know the stain.

All in all, your heart may be in the right place, time will tell.

I want to like you -- I mean, my gosh, I have had you standing loud and clear in my margin, along side Chris Christie as the other half of your dynamic duo, for months now; at first glance, what America needs is the business of taking care of business all the way around.  We need to get back to work.  We need to get back to basics, the original intent.  We need to stop worrying about the rest of the world's issues and focus on our own -- our own fiscal mess, our own dysfunctional families, our own kids, our own schools, our own in-law's, our own neighborhoods, and on and on and on. Our preoccupation with the goings on everywhere else but here has been a welcome distraction, a cause to take away from our responsibility at home.

At the same time, we certainly don't want the business aspect to dominate over us, to take away our soul.

Perception is everything -- especially at the start of a campaign; I am just hoping that you have not only done your homework, but that you are prepared for the test about to be sprung on you from every corner of the world, every back road and alley way, every mom and pop and corner store from sea to shining sea.  This is real for all of us little people; some might say, this election is a turning point; if we are to put all of our eggs into one basket, we better make darn sure we know who is suspending us into thin air for another four years and counting. capeesh?

A local neuro-scientist, V.S. Ramachandran, of UCSD, was recently designated to be one of TIME's top 100 most influential people -- yes, right there with Obama, Mark Zuckerberg, Nicolas Sarkozy -- even Natalie Portman (?) as noted in an article from our San Diego Union Tribune on Saturday.  He was added to the list because of his natural, God-given ability to Think!  Isn't that wonderful.  He has made a career, by the sound of it anyway, of thinking outside the neuro-scientist box and has been quite successful at it.

As the UT explains, he is "best known for developing a therapy for phantom-limb pain in which a mirror is used to reflect the intact limb, creating the illusion that the missing one is still there. That persuades the brain that all is well, and the pain subsides."  Our imagination can do funny things with reality, no? (and boy, does this sound like America's issues, or what?)

The thing is, we could probably do a bang up job imagining someone like you, Mr. Trump,  to be just what the doctor ordered for curing the symptoms of an ailing economy, the bleak road ahead, along with a host of unintended consequences along the way...and then go back asleep.

But the truth is, only when we realize that the disease has been long in the making, will we have a snowball's chance in H-E-double toothpicks to know the real cure...

...that once we come to realize the proven path, the one centuries old in the making, the path we thought we could travel with our eyes closed, and yet, over time, not accounting for a lick of duty, not contributing to a hill of beans worth of hard work, common sense and responsibility -- that the same path would take a turn -- that one day, in one fell swoop, we could be totally overrun and overtaken of our own demise, false gods, greed, corruption, and the making of total, fiscal insanity -- because we each imagined multiple realities going on around us for so long, nobody was really paying attention to where we were headed --

...that even, if a certain someone does run, for all the right reasons of course -- the real question remains, are WE PREPARED to fully, actively, selflessly, honestly, virtuously, courageously back you up?  Or do we look in the mirror and think everything is fine, without realizing we have lost life and limb to atrocities that might very well could have been avoided, settling back into complacency and total disconnect?  We may no longer feel the pain, but somehow we must still figure out how to walk.

we could get along just fine if a little self-reliance kicks in right about here.

getting a second wind comes in handy, too.

sometimes, just getting back up on the horse does the trick; funny thing, works the same way when we get bucked off.

sunrise, sunset, sunrise, sunset.

even with all the right stuff, the real truth is, a trump can only do so much -- the rest is still up to us; and on that note, hard to tell where our personal commitment starts and stops sometimes.

in the meantime, you sir, the trumpster, the trumpinator, the trump van-dango-a-go-go, the master of your own enterprise, the creator of the next really big thing (maybe) -- you, sir, have your work cut out for you.  I'll close the door and give you some time to think.

Make it a Good Day, G

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