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Monday, April 18, 2011

Dear America,

happy monday.

Mondays sometimes get a bad rap; they come chock full with attitude beginning the night before -- simply dreading the start of a week's worth of work up ahead.  The alarm goes off a wee bit too soon; the lucky shirt is in the laundry; while everything seems to be happening so fast, getting a breakfast thrown in before running out the door only happens with acute attention to detail and stellar time management.   You would think, with every week lined up the same way for centuries, we would be somewhat better prepared for the weekly punch in the gut --  that it wouldn't have the power over us like it does.

And this is all about things we know about, things expected.  Throw in the unknowns, and things that make us go boom without ever seeing it coming -- that really blows.

So this morning, I may sound like I am all over the place; so take it from me, right now, I am about to do you a favor: just leave now and nobody gets hurt,or stick with it all the way to the bitter end through all the bobbing and weaving.  This is still a free country, so you are free to make up your own mind at any time (as am I...isn't that wonderful) -- so don't get to the end and curse me, okay?  just expect me to be all over the place, no surprises, starting now. (suggestion, just breathe and you'll be fine.)

You know, for all the doomsday predictions thrown up on the chalk board --  let's just get down to the brass tacks -- most of them have ultimately come to fruition; sure, it is done for the beauty of television, making a reality and spectacle of the news on the day holding to the basic premise, "truth has no agenda."  Glenn Beck has turned this remedial task into an art form.  He has become the Picasso of throwing it all out there and seeing what sticks, what has merit, what might hurt us and what might come back to bite us in the butt.  And then, most days reminding us what our founders might do, or think, about it.

Today, one of my favorite things -- Mr. Beck-meister fuller himself -- is being hammered in the media (again); but this time from the right.  Interesting.

Let me see if I can channel what he might be thinking -- why now?  You guys have had all this time to jump on my pleasantly plump derriere, because I love my ice cream, and you wait for me to be on the ropes (in perception only, mind you) before you feel compelled to riddle me with a smear campaign? Officially jumping on my liberal use of OPV (other people's video) without the proper shout out to each and every one?  ah hello, I was doing the same thing a year ago, two years ago, back on CNN even -- and now you come at me?  That bites, but more important, what gives?

I didn't see that coming, d'jew?

You know what GB did see coming, the slow and painful death of America that seems to be around the bend if we aren't careful; and so it begins (again) -- as this happy monday/tax day/day of reckoning goes down -- bouncing out of the corner and making a spot on prediction come to fruition and one for the history books, the one, and the only, reality buster extraordinaire, GB, is right again (say it like you're in an echo chamber, or something -- like an announcer for the WWE -- it's more fun)

...and the crowd goes wild.

Based on perception, mind you, AMERICA has been downgraded by the S & P.

Just because America's future sort of 'hangs in the balance' these days --

...choosing the uneasy stance on what appears to be unnatural footing
...unable to shake the ghost of debt limit's past
...being stuck on politics more than course correction
...having lost it's way through fuzzy math a long, long time ago

...perhaps the S & P knows something we don't.  hmmm What do they see?  And strangely having a refrain of do you hear what I hear humming in my head.

Wonder what GB might say to all the rabble-rousers who have made it their business -- and profited greatly by  it -- shooting up or shooting down his theories like a street wise thug?  Clearly, GB has satisfied a need for all sides to use and abuse, so who's kidding who here?   Wanton, insatiable dissing of the man has become commonplace -- especially now that he is appearing "outed" by Fox News -- even though history continues to prove, if not validate, nearly every little thing that comes out of the guy's mouth.   No matter which side of the ring you are on, isn't he, now (and forever probably), just a guy who continues to see it all coming long before many of us even catch a glimpse?

GB saw this downgrade coming.   How about we talk about that!  And yet, all anybody really wants to talk about today is getting the proper recognition where recognition is surely due on a thirty second piece of video...fascinating.

Now splitting the subject of details, schmeetails on a totally different angle, how about this one?

From another contributor for The Daily Caller, we return to a prediction that didn't exactly come to fruition from the UN.  And let me add, I can't wait to check out this Anthony Watts guy @ http://www.wattsupwiththat.com and Gavin Atkins, at Asian Correspondent.com who broke the story answering a simple question, "What happened to the climate refugees?"

In another case of the sky is falling, doomsday is coming, everyone take cover, parlayed over the last couple of decades breeding climate change fears, promoting a whole string of catastrophic homegrown terror attacks, plotting against anything that moves, breathes, or even tries to make a living...even having the power to extinguish entire islands, leaving millions -- billions maybe -- homeless.

NOT.  Where are they?  huh?  Hey, UN, are you listening?  And get Al Gore on the phone, like right now.

Now, talk about profit sharing -- if not actually prophesying for profit.  are you kidding me? way to go building credibility there.  at least, GB is correct when he gets up on his soap box, there is that. but details, schmeetails.  He has occasionally used video without saying where he got it from on live tv. ooooh.

And boy, do I love the details from both Watts and Atkins...here's just one:

"Nassau, The Bahamas — The 2010 national statistics recorded that the population growth increased to 353,658 persons in The Bahamas.  The population change figure increased by 50,047 persons during the last 10 years."

Notice how I made sure you could see exactly where I got that information --removing any room for doubt.  good stuff. please read it.

For an added bonus, the entire read is deeply permeated with a natural, dry, global warming wit which Watts freely throws around, making certain a great way to start the week, if not the day.  That whole Google cache lesson...bringing full circle a soap opera of that was then, this is now.  And the map that mysteriously went bye bye, that somehow comes back to life through the miracle of internet savvy-ness --  bravo to both of you guys.

And now, to a tale thousands of years in the making; spinning perception, reality, faith and truth all wrapped up into one.  Did you read about the do over for when the actual last supper occurred?  some of you will either love this or really hate it, but Easter, after all this time, may actually have a real live birth attributed to an actual day from here on out, without having to calculate by stars and moons  first.  Can you just imagine it?

Basically, due to a "mix-up," a professor/scientist at Cambridge, Colin Humphreys -- after piecing together calendars and data from both the stars and documented history -- devised a way to come up with a real date.

Let me just quick step to the punch: April 3rd may very well be deemed Good Friday, and April 5th, Easter, from this day forward ..and thank God there is a God who clearly thought this one through, no?  You know, how awkward would it be if  it turned out to be April 15th, or right smack dab on the first, right...whew, that was a close one...

...wouldn't that news have the power to create enough material for the late night talk shows for decades to come -- or at least until we all go off the air...that being our fate, certainly forthcoming, after the current season of having our credit worthiness downgraded...what, with all the Islamic caliphate-ing going on...with the price of gasoline and soybeans and corn and wheat skyrocketing...with the debt ceiling about to be raised for the 75th time...with social security, medicare and medicaid having only about twenty years of life, if that...with the dollar dropping and shares for goldline popping...with the power elite of the world homing in on a new world order coming to a theater near you soon, details at eleven.

Is it fear mongering when it comes from truth?  is it?  is it?  
Does it make any of it less true if the lessons come without attributing said truth to the rightful owner/producer/purveyor of said truth?

Perception is everything indeed. Our willingness to see all sides, with peripheral vision, even double vision, against that which we deem impossible, could never happen, and is otherwise considered just another crack pot nut job at it again -- seems to be a skill only a few dare to tread.

I have told this story before, I'm sure, but one of the most infamous people from my high school was just a girl named Brenda Spencer -- a quiet, shy type who never said a word in the Honors English class we shared. The long and the short of it, she was the subject of a song about Mondays after she shot up the front yard of the elementary school just across the street from her home...

And all because she was quoted as saying, "I don't like Mondays."  That was all it took for a creative genius to pick it up and make a  popular song out of it, profiting wildly.

We are thirty years passed all of this, but the point is, when people hear the song, do you think they know the history, the truth, after all these years?  Generally speaking, I think not; only if somebody were to come along and connect the dots are the stars all aligned.  And taking this one step further, do you think Brenda ever got a cut?  Somebody made money off of her in the light of day. thanks to Boomtown Rats.  true story.

the thing is, sometimes we can get caught up in details that really don't matter over all; if those who feel shunned by the improper use of their video on the GB program really thought about it, surely they must be wondering by now, why now, too. Why now?  Why are these people coming out of the woodwork now, after he has had years of being on TV, after a couple years being on Fox News alone, for goodness sakes -- a place we all know, a sitting target for all kinds of attacks every day.  Why now? 

Just like all of the other hair raising questions the GB program has produced for us on a daily basis, why now can be used for most everything under the sun.  egypt, check.  libya, check. islamic caliphate, check. wisconsin, check check. the dollar - deficits - national debt, hat trick check point and match.  Accusations of GB using miles of miscellaneous video feed without proper identification...check history.

America relies on every generation understanding the basic principles year in and year out. Stories of our heritage, and our birth, and the reasons why we were made, must be passed on -- or one day, there might come a day that we will have all forgotten how it ever happened, let alone understand what it will take for us to carry on, respective of all that we know to be true, all that we know to be untrue, and all that we wish our future to be.

Much like a parent telling the story of the day they were born to their child --  truth sometimes gives way to creative license... to play up the parts that thrill... to embellish fits of circumstance with impassioned spirit... to connect the dots and lineage with history and reality in ways that lift us up, not tear us down. 

Easter, apparently has a birthday now.  Who knew?  who would have ever thought that one day Easter would have it's day.  Of course, time will tell with what we do with this sort of news -- Hallmark hasn't had a chance work it into the system yet -- while, if the Left have anything to do with it, I wouldn't be surprised if they are already working madly at scrubbing this new found glorious detail as we speak. (cache anyone?)

Mondays -- some of us hate them and some of us dig them -- no surprise there; still others make the most of it before noon.

Make it a Good Day, G

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