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Monday, November 1, 2010

Dear America,

"If no one among us is capable of governing himself, 
then who among us has the capacity
to govern someone else?" 
Ronald Reagan

In a nutshell, this explains the difference in ideologies between left and right.

Russ Feingold -- the senator about to lose his seat in Wisconsin -- continues to cling to the devastation of legislation passed over the last two years, turning a blind eye to the people, in full on denial of what is about to happen to him, emphatically stating, "...I don't think we want to go backwards..." so behind in the polls he can't see straight.

Yeah, I think we do -- that is, if you think restoring America to her founding principles and values is a step in that direction.

As a whole, we like the center -- or rather, the spot just right of center; that's where we like to live.
The Left seems to gravitate to this kind of use of disparaging language, pointing fingers to the wayward, backward thinking of the right almost too easily -- it's like their big go to button in name calling.
Running for Governor in Colorado, John Hickenlooper,  received a glut of unwanted attention for a comment he made some time last year -- having only been reincarnated in the middle of a contentious campaign -- when he made the grave error of lumping Coloradans into the "same kind of 'backwards thinking' that led to the slaying of gay college student Matthew Shepard in Wyoming.

According to an article in The Denver Post, "Hickenlooper's spokesman, George Merritt, said Hickenlooper 'was making the point that the kind of intolerance that led to Matthew Shepard's murder is not unique to a single community in Wyoming'." That's all he was doing, okay, get over it, no big deal, moving on.org.

Yes, and making no further comment on guns and religion in his remarks, Merritt left us lingering -- as if there really is something to a name -- and believing he really wanted to.

Just what is sooo backwards (say it like a valley girl) is like expecting people to be able to fully, honorably, compassionately, and productively have the capacity to govern themselves?   Really?  Just what part of that, exactly, seems unreasonable?

Our local paper, the "U-T" now (peeling off from the big long name, The San Diego Union-Tribune) poses an economic question to a panel of fiscal policy fanatics from the area.  It's eight of the same round of brains each week, responding to a topical issue of the day, and featured in the Sunday paper.

This past Sunday asked, "Do you favor quick action to reduce the federal deficit in the next round of budget deliberations?  If so, should that take the form of tax increases, spending cuts (including entitlements) or both?

Oh. Color me surprised.  The count was split down the middle, 50-50.

Now, you can choose to dismiss or deny or twist the truth anyway you wish; you can go by way of Russ Feingold all you want; but this seems to solidify and exemplify exactly who we are, as a people -- and likewise, points us to the very direction we must go when contemplating solutions -- our due north is center; are you listening Washington?

And crazy as it may sound,  taking a closer look at the various answers the panel gave, the funny thing is we are basically saying the same thing when it comes to our economic picture.

We know THIS is unsustainable; we know we are weak right now; we know it will take a combination of real spending cuts, tweaking entitlement regulations, and raising more revenue -- how we differ is in the how we do it and how much.

But since history repeats itself, if for just one moment we could look at where we went wrong, it may tell us everything we need to know -- if anything else, it will paint a clearer picture against the past, something is bound to jump out at us.

While, as you would expect from my vantage point by now -- according to me, G, we went WRONG when we went LEFT to solve our ills.

It was the very point we said government can take care of you, better than you can take care of yourself.

It was the very point we said government can pay for what you can't, or won't, or haven't got..

It was the very point we said 'government is here' and 'you are there', let's come together -- all you have to do is release a few of your personal freedoms and liberties, and make way for the government to regulate, and profit, from every facet of our life -- it's for your own good, you know.

My girl, who I must say is wise beyond her years (much of the time, anyway) had the task of coming up with a thesis for her Honors English class over the weekend; it is to be based upon the current book of study, The Odyssey.  Still a work in progress and awaiting a teacher conference for approval, her initial thought sent her in the direction of the malady nestled deep down in the attraction of choosing short term gain over long term survival and success.

huh, I wonder what might have made her go there?

I just find it amusing really; so much of what we really believe to be the answers these days are right in front of us -- it's just that right now, what we seem to be short of, is a healthy round of government officials with the courage to go the distance, to make the hard calls, to cut the spending and expand a business environment ripe for the taking; the real scurvy is no longer hidden from view below deck -- it lives amongst us and is killing every opportunity for survival left and right, even in the light of day.

We are simply malnourished in the principles that enliven real growth, that would ultimately feed into a contagion of enthusiasm and confidence, and send us sailing into directions onward and upward and forward thinking -- in the way this nation was intended.

The founders set us off with perfect conditions for prosperity -- it was full speed ahead all the way, with everyone finding a place to hone their skills, to make their mark, and blend into a crew of one nation, unlike any other of it's time; matter of fact, one could almost say, our founders were before their time -- knowing full well what could happen to us if we failed each other, if we let each other down, if we did not stay awake to look out for rocks and pirates, warning us even, of all the unforeseen interferences and fallacies of man to better equip ourselves for a vibrant and prosperous future course, and build a country with honor and a faith unwavering.

America was intended to be different than all the rest.

What is backwards is believing that more government is more the answer -- and this remains to be where we went wrong from the start, at about the turn of the twentieth century.

Somebody in high places thought America's premise needed tweaking, somebody like a Feingold or a Hickenlooper, decided for us a new direction, and now utterly and sadly responsible for the whole wide world of fantasy and reality rocking every move we make.

The frigate itself is in fine shape -- what needs to be changed is the ideology at the wheel; while ironically, falling back to our founding principles may be all that we have left;  fortunately for us, we are still in a position to rely on a little backwards thinking to smack us upside the head and get us out of here, as the sirens serenading through the fog spell nothing but trouble.

So, let us tweak a Saul Alinsky-ism line of thinking, "all change means disorganization of the old and organization of the new" and come up with something more forward thinking, shall we:

From now on, "all change means disorganization of the new and a much needed re-organization of the old" -- as in making way for a twenty-first century reformation kind of thing.  Are you with me?

And yet, before I go, I can't seem to resist the urge -- an ever so slight and short term gain is flashing before my eyes right now -- I mean, with a name like Hickenlooper, its hard not to wonder just who is the super dooper hick here...oh G, that isn't being very nice.  No, it isn't -- but neither is lumping all people of mid-western culture into a brand new demographic, simply called, "backwards thinking."  Doinky der dee doo that is just wrong and you're a dork, Hickenstupider.  feeling better already.

Make it a Good Day, G

TOMORROW TOMORROW I love ya TOMORROW, is only a day away...sing it with me...tomorrow, tomorrow...I love ya tomorrow... la la la lala la la....

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