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Friday, September 28, 2012

It's a Self-Explanatory Thing... Self-Reliance

Dear America,

I already regret this; but here you go --

"It's time for a new economic patriotism," he says.

which is a riot, considering when he was running for office, he said this about Bush:

calling Bushie's trillions in debt "irresponsible"  no no, I got it "unpatriotic."

But get a load of the heightened rhetoric using Patriotism as his back-splash.

like, how can you even call yourself patriotic if you don't agree with me...

The ad left-arms the entire kitchen sink at us, forcing us to duck and cover from the onslaught of the liberally-minded, dripping wet, warm and sudsy, ideals and policies deemed high and mighty OR you're not a patriot.

To lead from the left, a temperature-controlled environment -- preferably fueled by green energy, of course -- begins not, is rooted not, with the middle class but with suppressing the opposition.  The absurdity, really...the audacity.   Oh, the places we will go believing that all middle class think alike [oh, that's just G, pretending to be ironic like Madonna...]

The problem is Liberalism never takes a day off and it doesn't make economic sense from the get go.  And when I say from the 'get go' -- I mean to say from the moment you turn it on.  But in order to gain approval and mass appeal, the common strategy seems to begin by separating and labeling us by class, color, conviction, and conscience -- no need to run on the merits of the machine itself, if ever. 

So Bushie ran up a 4 trillion dollar debt over eight years; Obama 5.3 trillion in under four.  Just who is being "unpatriotic" now?  And yet, if Obama blames Bushie for his debt, would it not make sense that Bushie can blame Clinton for his?  And so on and so on?  I mean, honestly, what about the economy Obama is "inheriting" this time around?    Seriously?   But make no mistake, this is Obama's logic -- not mine.

And speaking of Clinton -- and the making of a "government surplus" -- let me point you in this one direction.
[warning: it's a rather long read but skip-to-my-loo through it if you can; given it adds a whole new dimension on the National Debt's operating instructions, it is well worth the time.]

You know what else is illogical?

What is illogical -- is when the president tells an audience something to the effect of 'I don't see no stinkin' victims...I see hardworkin' Ohioans'  and then turns around and preaches policies to fix the victimization of the middle class, the poor, the tired... the average patriot.

But let's get back to the ad for a second -- 'a hundred thousand additional math and science teachers?'  Is that what you believe is going to fix our competitiveness in and around the world? Is that what you believe is going to fix our inner-city schools, along side the inner-city kid who refuses to go to school, do their homework, or simply pay attention?

How about giving those kids a real choice, Mr. President?  I didn't hear that in your ad.  How about making schools compete in the free market for the best teachers and attracting a hard-working student body?

And yet, you keep packing it all in, don't you; here's a whole lot more from the two minute ad --

"Fourth...a balanced plan to reduce our deficit by 4 trillion dollars over the next decade...I'd ask the wealthy to pay a little more....And, as we end the war in Afghanistan, let's apply half the savings to pay down our debt...nation building here at home." 

So in patriot-speak:  1) Obama's plan includes reducing the deficit by 4 trillion dollars over ten years; when in fact, we are running annual deficits of over a trillion dollars -- which means -- we get to a net increase of the debt by at least 6 trillion at the end of ten years??  okay...  2) about Obama 'asking the wealthy to pay a little more' or what, we will just be called unpatriotic if we don't -- even if you already give 43% of your income away before property taxes, state taxes, sales taxes, gas taxes.... 3) "[Afghanistan] let's apply half the savings to pay down our debt" -- what does that even mean?    Obama applies imaginary money -- and only half of it, at that -- to the debt?  Because the Department of Defense will be refunding future money they won't be spending?  okay...

Get me Angie's List.   Isn't she all about making sure the money we are about to spend, is money well spent?

hmmmm....I wonder.... I wonder, if I vote for Obama, if instead of getting a free cell phone, can I get a new dishwasher?

What I don't get is just how some Americans just do not see it.

Liberalism is a walking contradiction to the American ideals; and I would be remiss, if not selectively biased, if I didn't admit that the republican establishment has been operating right alongside them, hand in hand, hand out to hand out, debt to debt being all equal (well not really, but details schmetails)

The thing is, a hundred thousand more math and science teachers will only guarantee another generation locked into man-made, streamlined, false narratives that run counter-intuitive to real logic and common sense. 

All we really need are tried and true patriots teaching other tried and true patriots to be better tried and true patriots.

The Obama re-election campaign is counting on Americans not to really listen to what he is saying; but in the event that you are -- and if you dare to question -- prepare yourself....as they will just call you names like unpatriotic.

It's their go-to character assassination tactic for Liberal use only.

The funny thing about self-reliance is that you either got it or you don't; we choose to nurture it or we don't; we choose to build it or we don't. But we can't have it both ways -- we can't be self-reliant and victims at the same time.  It's just like you can't wear a smile while thinking of something sad.

The reality is, the top ten percent of wage earners pay 71% of the Federal Income Tax, with half of all filers paying nothing -- the redistribution of un-favorable outcomes has been clearly accounted for; and to that end, 62% of the federal budget goes to UNFUNDED LIABILITIES aka Entitlement (welfare, Medicare, Medicaid, and social security -- for there is no "lock box", and the recently added, Obamacare).   The crooked patriots in charge have fraudulently misappropriated the hard-earned dollars of the rich and poor and middle alike.

Forcing the redistribution for more, by way of mandating the wealthy pay more over the next four years, and thereby exchanging the favorable outcome from one man's self-reliance for another's, is a twisted perversion of what this country is all about.

But let's be clear:  Self-reliance is the maker of the greatest Patriotic Machine in existence.  It comes with a lifetime guarantee with the proper maintenance -- review all operating instructions and warranties before use...and have a nice day.  And think before you vote.

Make it a Good Day, G

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