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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Dear America,


"regrettably the time has come 4 Pres Mubarak 2 step down relinquish power" 
So, I am going to get right to 'the thing' today...

anytime we "tweet" foreign relations and policy advise, we look like idiots when it comes from someone so high up on the political food chain, like John McCain; I mean, we might as well have had Megan immediately follow up with, 'yeah, like, now's the time, Mubarak is soooo out of here.'

and don't even get me started on the abbreviations...seriously? are we in sixth grade civics?

and if all that wasn't bad enough, he had a sit down with Obama? did you tell him his health care legislation really sucks and his mama wears army boots?  (that last part is just something I remember from when I was twelve...there is no other deeper meaning than that, seriously, it's just that stupid).

I love the comment made by Dick Morris last night, comparing something Colin Powell had once said in relation to Iraq: "you break it, you buy it..." -- and quickly spun it around addressing Obama's new start treaty made expressly for Egypt...repeating, "you break it, you buy it."

And if we were all wondering what in the world Israel was thinking...now we know that too; a resounding WTF America? is chiming out of the airwaves there...yeah, I think it was tweeted by somebody in the ministry of foreign affairs...no, no, I'm sorry, it was a real live conversation:
"I don't think the Americans understand yet the disaster they have pushed the Middle East into," said lawmaker Binyamin Ben-Eliezer, who until recently was a Cabinet minister and who is a longtime friend of Mubarak.
"If there are elections like the Americans want, I wouldn't be surprised if the Muslim Brotherhood didn't win a majority, it would win half of the seats in parliament," he told Army Radio. "It will be a new Middle East, extremist radical Islam." within the article linked above, written by Amy Teibel of the Associated Press
while silly Americans are just going to market, getting ready for bean dip and nachos and pizza in less than 72 hours, without a care in the world -- no, scratch that, we care, it's just that this crazy town activity isn't anywhere close to our back yard...it doesn't affect the outcome of the big game... doesn't really have anything to do with you or me, right?... they can work it out... "the youth" have staying power and will prevail... trading a Mubarak for an ElBaradei, what does it really matter in the great scheme of life?

Wrong again.

But yesterday said it all:  apparently, we now live in a world where it is totally cool to tweet major, hyper-sensitive, international relations recommendations -- a.k.a. unwarranted and ill advised advice -- from a political has-been with a penchant for attention -- and nobody thinks anything of it.

This week has accidental tourist written all over it, between how we began the week focusing on the horrors of Super Bowl entertainment, and an advertising campaign built around the idea, "I'm not buying it" -- to later, questioning the authenticity of the Egyptian sit down and America's involvement, thinking to myself, I'm sure not buying that... -- to today, recognizing the latest 21st century truism, what we 'break-ah you buy-ah' (may I recommend a Turkish accent on the fly) no matter how costly or where we are around the globe.

I should be tweeting, 'it's a stunning turn of events for this little American girl.'of course, adding a frown-y face at the tail end :(

The worst part is, we haven't even entered into the worst part.

And now, given the side of the bed President Obama has chosen to lay, spinning this in America's favor, or simply desperately trying not to say another word for fear it may make things worse, will be all the more more difficult.  The stage has been set; the hyper-ganda extravaganza has already begun; we have already meddled too much; we have made our bed; we are responsible for breaking Egypt and Israel relations, by rolling over on top of them both in one fell swoop --

how did we get here?  did someone slip us a roofie?  what were we thinking?

Our president has now made a situation; he will have to choose between standing up for Israel and our rich history of Judeo-Christian relations, deeply and defiantly defending the homeland for a vast majority of the world -- and the very birthplace of America's soul,OR

he will choose a certain and specific Islamic state -- and not the peaceful kind (as we would be kidding ourselves if a certain Egyptian democracy could  rise all of a sudden from this rubble like a Phoenix).

for me, on this "happy thursday" (yeah right) -- I am finding myself unable to breathe.

perhaps we should just Twitter and Facebook out to all our friends to meet up on the White House lawn... asking for a sit down and then a step down -- and maybe not in that order -- this might be the only way to go, in order to command a certain respect that, already, our president seems akin to understanding -- some would say he is almost advocating, right?  -- hey, it's just us "youth" out here, demanding our rights of universal humanity and best interests to be heard...can you can dig it? yo, Mr. President?

Between the absurdity of signing off on an UNLAWFUL and UNCONSTITUTIONAL health care law -- a sorry piece of legislation that already has more organizations and states opting out than those supporting it, waiving any and all agreements to abide by it, making it null and void for a few, leaving whoever shall be left to pay for it, while magically manipulating Medicare monies to cover 500 billion of it's costs, of which, will never see the light of day -- 70% of the people, 27 states, 729 waivers later -- how about we tweet this all together now shall we: "we'r not buy'n it mr. prez -- give it up 2day"  For more good tweets, go to The Morning Bell's feature this morning from The Heritage Foundation...I love, love, love these guys.

Oh how I wish the main man was a conservative -- he's cute, funny, and who can say no to him really?  I cannot tell you how much I wish I admired his taste in politics, ideology, and his whole social justice thing going on; I wish I could love more than just his pretty face, truly I do...and you can blame his wife, Michelle, for the fixation on his looks this morning...remember when she told us all not to vote for somebody just because "she's cute" -- I mean, my gosh, compare ObamaBabe to G's first hit of the day, M'key dodo bird; hands down, no contest.

But seriously, this guy can't get out fast enough if you ask me, and I hear you, loud and clear, nobody is...

Hanging on the way things are said and done these days, let's just leave it at the realization that the world is in for a world of hurt -- and coming to a theater near you shortly -- stay tuned to your Twitter/Facebook page '2 find out whr u shud run hide 4ever'...Australia's looking pretty good...except for a little water damage...at least everybody has their own accidental moat...as the glass is always half full in G's world (and regularly, it's red wine).

In the meantime, may I suggest loading up on not only the potato skins this weekend, but also a few things you might really need one day soon...you know, things like water, canned goods, flashlights, batteries, blankets, gas masks...just a little humorous advice from someone we like to call Uncle Ted xx

and hey now :) happy happy thursday 2 all and 2 all a

G'Day, G

guess who's playing on Dear America?
give it up 4 Adele, one more time rahhhhhhhhhhh

...now don't look so surprised
...I told you what to expect
...all week I forewarned
...and if you are adept at reading in-between the lines, all the better, yo?

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