Just Let Me -- G -- Indoctrinate You!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dear America,

so apparently, when we are being led by lawlessness, moral compromise, and complacency, we just follow now.

Like sheep, are we?   Is this just the new way of American governing, circa somewhere around the early nineteen hundred's when it all began, leading us into today, into the reckless spirit of living in denial, rebellion, sugar-coating and spin, feeding off of sex, lies and videotape -- and you think we're okay with that?

HOW -- tell me HOW -- in the world --  did we get to a place -- this place -- when introducing a 3.7 Trillion dollar budget, with revenues of merely 2.6 Trillion coming in, sounded pretty good? Oh, and with an incredible 14 Trillion dollar national debt on our back -- a.k.a. an insurmountable debt -- that even, with all the tea in China, can never be repaid.  C'mon!

Please, tell me this is all a bad dream; where's the pale of water, c'mon, quick, somebody slap me.

Only in America.

Did you hear that Billy Ray Cyrus would take it all back...all five years of Hannah Montana, being on the show, having his daughter make gazillions of dollars, making her a star -- he tells us now, he would trade it all in -- because the work of the devil basically, has ruined his life, family and everything that was ever important to him.(you can click to The Scoop if you need to read more)

In the Bible, we are reminded often of our free will; and with that, our inherent duty, to honor that free will with every essential element necessary to be of sound mind, firm understanding, purposeful knowledge, in keeping with a constant checks and balances of who we are, and all the ways available to us to be ever so mindful of things that stir around us, that may do us harm; to be our very best, in order to truly expand and grow our good, we must be vigilant in our commitment to be clear, watchful, careful as we go about our way in the real world.

"For this very reason, make every effort to add to your faith goodness; and to goodness, knowledge; and to knowledge, self-control; and to self-control, perseverance; and to perseverance, godliness; and to godliness, brotherly kindness; and to brotherly kindness, love.  For if you possess these qualities in increasing measure, they will keep you from being ineffective and unproductive in your knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.  But if anyone does not have them, he is nearsighted and blind, and has forgotten that he has been cleansed for past sins."
2 Peter 1:5-9

We are watching our representatives in government -- almost all of them -- make these horrific crimes against our natural inheritance and birthright...as we sit idly by...saying, oh that's nice, that's real nice, look at them working together, compromising and all.

Living high on the hog, living beyond our means -- being too proud, or selfishly and politically motivated, not to take the appropriate measures to change our course, even in the midst of total disaster -- is just humanity's way of answering to a deeper, broader, all the more encompassing problem, just plum ignoring our good conscience altogether; but clearly now, after all these years, just throwing more money at our issues doesn't seem to be cutting it, is it?  And kicking the can down the road, is remarkably hardly of conscionable thinking.

IF we are of the nature to face our worst fears...

A people's morality is so much more than what we choose to do when no one is watching -- it is what we do collectively, out in the wide open spaces; it is how we choose to govern; it is seen in the eyes of our children and how they treat their elders, let alone their friends.  It comes chock-full of loaded questions, divining the grace and peace and understanding upon whether we value life, or not; to live honestly and truthfully, or not; to recognize the value of our blessings, our family, our livelihood, our country, our faith -- or not.

Our moral compass guides us when making hard decisions, and when making easy slips of good judgment; our morality forces us to stop to ask ourselves, when faced with a moment of simple indecision or complicated indiscretion, is this the right thing to do?  We are never no further away from contemplating our own morality, than we are of taking our very next breath -- and that's not self-righteous, superiority complex, judgment speak at all;  it's just how we are made, as human beings; we are all given this gift, each and every one of us, and that makes it a beautiful thing.

A people's morality is there, ingrained into our being, even when in the midst of making the nation's 2012 budget -- a commitment of great price; and tagging along with it, let's just say a wide variety of unintended consequences of a certain pecuniary offense... amid other quite precarious dealings, behind closed doors of course, highly inappropriate to mention here...

If only, our leaders paid more attention to the little devils and angels sitting on their shoulders, no?

My god, could not all of this have been prevented if we asked a few simple questions, like,

-- "hmmmm, what do you think is gonna happen next year, when we have to pay this unfunded liability?
-- or hmmm, wonder what will happen when we push that button?
-- or hmmm, do you think this is what the people's mandate last November had in mind?
-- or hmmm, a hundred billion a year sounds like a lot of money to the little people, let's run with that and see how far we can go before they laugh us all the way to a rubber room?

This may come as a surprise, but our government DOES NOT MAKE MONEY!
The only way they make money is by TAKING our money -- borrowing money that they have no business printing in the first place, in the dead of night, only to cover up the immorality that has preceded them, or worse, was perpetrated by them -- and controlling the very assets that belong to US!  that's it.  that's all they have to play with -- and apparently, we let them now. bah baaah (that is sheep speak)

Turning a blind eye to the lack of sound judgment in our midst; paying no attention to the wizard behind the curtain; just letting them take us down in debauchery, mayhem, financial ruin, just piling up one lie up and over another.  Are we that stupid, or are they simply misguided in every way?

But here they are, our keepers, the morally corrupt, solvency sloven, lost within their own world reminding us of Bacchanalian times  -- go ahead, oh chosen ones, eat, drink and be merry -- celebrate a 1.1 Trillion dollar deficit for 2012, while ringing in the  current 1.6 trillion dollar days  -- go right ahead. we can wait.  we'll just sit back and watch things just play out for a bit.

We are watching, indeed; while some of us, will speak up and say enough is enough.

The thing is, we raised better children when the Department of Education was a crazy 12 Billion/year (around 1968).  Fact.  yup, as far as the eye can see, we've reached about the last of 'em.

And yet...

Here we are, watching the right and the left quibble this morning over a 3 Billion dollar fighter jet program, all while some are turning around on a dime proposing a 53 Billion dollar high speed rail going to nowhere.

Here we are, adding over 200,000 federal employee jobs over the last two years, when the private sector is experiencing 16% unemployment (adding a discretionary number to account for the UNDERemployed); oh, and just today, tying our national security to the unions -- no longer will airport management be allowed to bring in a private service -- gone, bye bye -- the TSA's will be unionized, supplying 18 million dollars in new  union dues, supporting the already community organizing,  labor loving, liberal, left wing agenda lobby -- having just accomplished, without so much as a hiccup, a surge of more troops to the front line leading into the 2012 elections.  Who's crazy now?

Here we are, with our very own New York Stock Exchange now completely taken over and owned by the Germans -- say what?

Here's a thought, how about we get Marco Rubio and Allen West to run together for top dogs in 2012?

Crazy, I know; what kind of experience do they really have -- none!  But these days, that is spreading the good news!  Desperate times call for desperate measures.

This country needs a shake up, to the core, with leaders who appear to have a spine, a moral code of honor, integrity, standing firm on the principles that made this country great; where are these people, and more important, how do we get them into the big house before we go down in ruin -- that's what I want to know today!

We don't have time for quibbling over millions of billions; those days are long gone.  We're of the age now, when we only wish we could say we would "take it all back" -- as in the candid interview, when everyone around you is thinking, you can't be serious dude.... with none other than Billy Ray "a day late and not a dollah' short" Cyrus -- but how stupid would that sound, right?

We can't take our wrongs back; we can't go back to the way things were and change our mind; it is done.

This is a time to move forward with everything we've got left -- which hopefully, is filled to the brim with a moral code to do something about it, to repent, to beg for forgiveness and understanding and grace; AND THEN, to build upon the principles we truly know will work, to win our future back, dismissing the pie in the sky rhetoric giving us only what the people want to hear; because don't look now, all you down on the funny farm, the sky is in fact falling.

This budget -- the one being adamantly and fundamentally and defiantly defended by our president since Monday -- is morally corrupt in every way; how can anyone, left, right and center, feel secure knowing that this president is okay with sending us further down the road in H - E - double toothpicks, projecting in his very own words, according to his no uncertain terms, a trajectory of trillion dollar deficits for each year over the next ten (oh while saving perhaps a hundred billion a year) -- oh, and reaching a national debt level beyond our most wretched imagination. are ya kidding me?
This isn't even as tasty as pig slop, how can anyone defend this as the answer to our fiscal mess?

Granted, the world and perhaps a few power elites, would love to take America down; but this isn't who we are, this isn't what we are about, and it certainly isn't anywhere close to the reality our founders intended  -- and I would bet my life, other people are feeling, if not reeling, the very same thing.

This may be another morning to play the Motor City commercial over and over and over again until we actually get it through our thick skulls; from the days of Iacocca to EMINEM, invoking that very same spirit of revival, its time to take Detroit back... Route 66 back... time to take back Boston, Kingman, and everything in between them, back!

The District of Columbia belongs solely to the people; we own it;  we sign their paychecks; we decide what we spend and when.

It only took about 90 days, but already, they are back in business featuring business as usual, and we've got no time for it whatsoever.

If I were president, I would fire myself!
and go ahead, call me crazy, make my day...

Why G?  Why are you so upset?  He's just trying to do the best he can --- Why would you say that about our president? He inherited the debt...

For the audacity to try to pull the wool over the eyes of a people who, apparently, by all countenances upon him, misguidedly thinks we are sheep; but little does he know, even sheep born in the USA know what's up, cuz it's wigging time.

And that goes for the whole lot of you, too....how this man, this administration, this congress, can get away with just taking everything we know and love in good, clean conscience, hidden behind moral compromises that shake our very foundation to the core, jeopardizing everything, and keep doing it!   is purely beyond my comprehension.

I am livid.

but hey, happy happy,
make it a good day, G!  

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