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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Dear America,

As the world turns...a shade of gray.

So apparently, the expectation of one's human nature to be held to a higher, wiser, truer, never falter standard, is far greater for the average Newt, and a republican, than the average Billy Boy Jefferson Clinton, and a democrat.  Is that it?  Can we not be done with this hypocritical repartee?

You know, in life, sometimes the best teachers are the ones who have been there, done that.

They allow for the general public, and anyone else within ear shot for that matter, to feel their pain and embarrassment when in the middle of it -- while when it's all over -- we get to witness how these people find their way out of it.

But this sense of somehow, some way, just because more often than not, the GOP also stands for people who actually attend church or temple, believe in a loving God, and actually try to live a life as best they can according to some kind of lethal combination landing between religious commandments and moral truths -- that somehow these people are not also human...

...that they make mistakes

...that they lose their way, scruples, principles

...and let's just throw in a whole lot of common sense for good measure

-- that these people are held to a higher standard against the other party seems downright preposterous, hypocritical, unrealistic, and simply unfair.

With everything else going wrong in the world, with all kinds of other questions to a possible presidential candidate there might be, what has G's head spinning this morning...this.

“You’ve also been married three times and admitted to having an affair with your current wife while you were still married to your second,” a student said to Gingrich, “As a successful politician who’s considering running for president, who would set the bar for moral conduct and be the voice of the American people, how do you reconcile this hypocritical interpretation of the religious values that you so vigorously defend?”

And his immediate reply: “I believe in a forgiving God, and the American people will have to decide whether that’s their primary concern...If the primary concern of the American people is my past, my candidacy would be irrelevant,” but that, “the primary concern of the American people is the future.”

To the lowly student taunting the giant political force, let's go ahead and talk about questionable presidential behavior:

What, were you five when Clinton was getting BJ's in the oval office and playing hide the cigar with an intern?  (oh that's right, you kids today don't call it sex either)

Have your teachers not taught you all about the lifestyles of the rich and famous, and a few good Kennedy men, battling with infidelity and womanizing  in the early sixties?  Rumors abound on the real history...between the tragic death of Marilyn Monroe and a young Chappaquiddick woman... (oh that's right, that doesn't count, that was during  your grandparents era)

Let me guess, you would have still voted for John Edwards had it not been for that misguided wrong turn he took with a campaign photographer, thwarting his presidential intentions with his good ole' American boy smile?

Double standards are everywhere and often between the two parties -- while in this day of age, I gotta say -- even if I risk sounding counter to my own ideals of a certain candidate/representative -- if this is all you got, let's moveon.org.

Now, please indulge me as I switch gears a wee bit...

One of my favorite people to listen to is Star Parker; her story (her real life!) features an African-American woman, coming out of poverty and the welfare system, experiencing hard times that I can only imagine; fast forward to today, where this woman -- this bright, vivacious, conservative, black woman -- blossoms into a living example of what this country is all about.

She has grown into a shining beacon of hope for not only other African-Americans, but for ALL Americans; she teaches what she knows to be true, as she has lived it!  Transcended it even...and all of it centers around tried and true American principles and values.

The thing is, she walks her talk and empowers scores of Americans to follow her because in their heart of hearts, they believe her...

aw, let's get real... I believe her...and that's enough for me.

and right now, she is staring right at me -- for she is the face of February on my Clare Boothe Luce Calendar (I have talked about this organization before...but check them out if you haven't already).  Anyway, a short bio on Star is featured this month, while in real life, she is founder and president of CURE, the Coalition on Urban Renewal.  (and right now, you too, can help her "stop Planned Parenthood lies" by going to her website and finding out how you can get more involved).

My point, she can teach us because she has been there -- truly been there; she has been at her bottom bottom, her lowest of the lows -- and has risen above it.  And more important, she didn't stop there (and can we get a thank you Jesus! Amen); she didn't stop at the spot where you only help yourself; she continued to move forward and to share her life's lessons, to extend her wealth of experiences, to champion the cause of being a better American, to teach the rest of us coming from a place who knows. I love, love, love her and you should love her too, just sayin'.

Those who have real life experiences, no matter whatever field, no matter whatever reality, have always grown to be our best teachers, our wisest mentors, our shining example of how to follow ever after; as we in turn replicate the process and principles, our world changes, even if only at the local level.  What begins to happen, over and over and over again, is the exponential expansion of our cornerstones -- a nation's character and values -- as these things begin to shape us and take us a long way...

...and through it all, through thick and through thin, we build a nation, AMERICA, merrily merrily up the path of duplicating the good.

But the school of hard knocks and wrong moves has the ability of teaching us everything we need to know right quick when we give it a chance -- take anything that pops in your head and the process works --

  • a history of too much debt, too much spending, what does it teach us?
  • a past of staying up late, drinking too much, what does it teach us?
  • a habit of yelling and screaming at your kids, having those kids grow up to yell and scream at their kids, and so on and so on, what does it teach us?
  • a penchant for driving too fast, talking on the phone, eating a burger -- and then fixing our lipstick-- what does it teach us?
  • a night of Facebook and texting friends -- when we should be doing our homework -- what does it teach us?
  • a president who takes advantage of his power and prestige, what does it teach us?
  • an opportunity to ask a real question to a man who has a wealth of political insider knowledge and experiences, and we blow it, what does it teach us?
The thing is, as human beings, we blow it a lot!  Speaking of which, if I could ask three questions to the big guy in charge:

DO I think it should take nine days to respond to Libya -- and to the crazy man in charge, Moammar Gadhafi --  when in fact, you were sending in an entourage for a sit down in Egypt maybe seconds into it -- proposing Mubarak, by name, to do the right thing, for his country and all, to listen to the youth protesting in the streets, calling for him to step down?  Morally, I think you would be on the right side of history, if you came down on Moammar a wee bit harder..."the entire world is watching...violence is outrageous... unacceptable..."  oooooh...you basically said the same same thing responding to the tragedy in Arizona. what gives?

DO I think after campaigning as a champion of marriage (that being, defined in matrimony as between a man and a woman) to just yesterday, out of the blue, you justify fudging a little... as your feelings about marriage further evolve... floating around the idea that the office of our Department of Justice no longer has to defend DOMA -- which, by the way, IS A LAW, enacted by the last democrat in office -- do I think that's cool?  You say, it is because there is no "reasonable defense" of such a law -- having decided for yourself outside the rule of law -- when in fact, you of all people should realize, law is fixated by what is called PRECEDENCE.  The reasonable defense of DOMA is the mounds of precedence that has preceding it -- that, by definition, is simply known as traditional marriage in this country, and actually since the days of Caesar. typical politician flip-flop.  really?

DO I wonder wonder wonder how it is possible for you NOT to interfere with the coaxing of the price of oil -- not to be confused with making an immediate about face on where you stand with the issue of drilling here in America --  and while we're at it, getting to the good stuff of clean coal, natural gas, and going a little nuclear -- and for sure, for kicks and giggles, not that we could sustain ourselves, adding to that, the solar, wind, bio-fuels and what not...how can you not see into the future at a time like this is beyond me?  A nation's security is at stake and you distract us with a combination of making a hard core union assault against a state and changing your mind about DOMA?  wow....where are your priorities? not to mention your juevos rancheros?

Getting back to Newt and the question -- Newt might be just the right kind of guy for the job (you know, to take over where Barack leaves off) -- given his experience AND ALL.

The last two years has taught us much...and we have Barack Hussein Obama to thank.

Make it a Good Day, G

and then again, some people never really learn a thing...rumor has it Charlie Sheen was on his way to a vacation spot today, taking with him his soon-to-be ex- wife, Brooke, his live in porn-star/girl friend, and another woman.  Our morning local radio show, DSC, on Jack FM, put it like this, "Charlie Sheen and a couple of prostitutes."  To frame it another way, perhaps he is just looking to fill in his resume before a congressional run, considering his current gig is on the way out...

oh my dear America, we have such a long road ahead of us...time for a little Carpenters...now playing on dear america...

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