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Monday, February 14, 2011

Dear America,

Happy St. Valentine's Day xx

So, now that the "worst part" is over, now that democracy can have it's day in Egypt, Leon Panetta is going to get right on it -- you know, organizing a Task Force (of 35), to try to figure out...just what the "triggers" may be, to cause events (like in Tahrir Square) to take place, to take shape, to just explode and burst upon the square like that, right out of the blue.

Which is weird;  if events such as the uprising in Tahrir Square are good for democracy, what exactly needs to be figured out?  Isn't it just another day in a freedom loving town square, ripe with enthusiasm, honest debate, of sound principles and mind, simply organizing in order to form a more perfect union? What could be so bad?

But it's just odd really, for just by the sound of it alone -- Task Force (of 35) -- aren't we way beyond that?

Could have sworn we were beyond that, considering we started brand spankin' new arms of authority and security levels to prevent another 9/11 from happening, to protect Americans, to venture off into foreign lands figuring out just what triggers remain alive and well and ready to get us (Americans) all over the place --

We started the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (in 2005) just for this purpose, no?  And thanks to people like James Clapper, we know that one is on top of things...

And what about the United States Department of Homeland Security, formed in 2003?  Isn't this sort of thing right up their alley, too?

I find myself dazed and confused wondering just how many departments and directors do we really need -- but more than that -- and I am addressing Leon directly here -- exactly what will a task force (of 35) do that these guys, mentioned above, should already be doing?  If this isn't already being seriously redundant, just another bureaucratic layer, doesn't all of this just provide us with another loving spoonful of just how much our federal government is broken?

A Task Force (of 35)?  seriously?  Keeping it real, we're not simply talking about product development here, if you know what I mean -- and again, what's the worry? If what has happened in Tahrir doesn't stay in Tahrir, isn't that a good thing?   you know, for the sake of democracy, and freedom and liberty for all...

A Task Force (of 35) doesn't seem to be lining up with the reality on the ground, something seems off the mark, or is it just me?  Why do we need to understand the conditions that created the uprising at all?  It's all good in the hood, for brotherhood, unless we misunderstood...

And gotta love Joe (Biden) jumping out on Friday with his mating call for reform (slinging his arrow towards Mahmoud Ahmadinejad) --

"Let your people march, 
let your people speak,
release your people from jail, 
let your people have a voice..."

Where was all this love when the Iranians were actually in the streets, in what, 2009?

Throwing in a sidenote: Do we dare wonder if  there is a task force looking into the newly appointed atomic chief over there, in Tehran, just yesterday?  talk about something not quite right...they just keep building and balking at any thought, let alone serious consideration, of holding nuclear weaponry capability, and the intent to use it...


Perhaps it is just a chemistry thing, or something; maybe Leon is feeling a wee bit off, needing to take some time to look into things a little deeper, hoping to justify feeling more secure moving forward in relationship to the new world order, which seems to be changing by the minute, it's a wonder anyone can keep up.

But what happened in the streets of Cairo, make no mistake, was a peaceful, non-violent, protest and should be commended as the president pointed out -- "for very few moments...history takes place...people in Egypt have spoken...never be the same."

Even though, at the start (Jan 25-26),  riot police responded in the first couple of days, firing tear gas and rubber bullets to clear the square -- according to accounts, six people died in the first two days; the Muslim Brotherhood stepped in by January 27th, calling upon it's supporters to join the protest, the next day the government arrested some of these guys, turned off the internet, and called in the army.  All in all, media was attacked, roughly 300 people were killed over the course of two weeks, and it all ended with the military staging a coup to take Mubarak down, and out, for all we know, flying him off to the riviera for long overdue vacation, drop kicking him with a staunch warning never to show his face again. 

and today, sweet charity, peace at last in Tahrir Square, more or less; what's not to love?

So, in review:

Egypt will never be the same.
One more American Ally is in limbo.
Israel's future is in question.
America's future is "ours to win"
even though we've got plenty of doubts --
but rest assured,
a task force is on it already.

Thank God we have a day filled with chocolate and sweet nothings to cling to for the moment -- so to all my friends and frenemies, kiss kiss.

Make it a Good Day, G

And with regard to the biggest news of the morning, only Obama could unveil his 2012 budget 1.1 trillion dollars short  -- you would think he would start with it balanced, considering the 1.6 TRILLION dollar deficit for this year alone, and the 14 Trillion in national debt! 

Our president is proposing a 3.73 TRILLION dollar budget, with revenue of only 2.6 Trillion; going into another year of trillion dollar deficits.   Are you kidding me?   Between the Chosen One and the rest of us -- we don't need no stinkin' task force to tell us, one of us is utterly clueless; and it ain't us.  

Very few moments... in history...come with such clarity...thanks to your agenda...this gawd awful budget... and the fumbling of this administration... our love and devotion wanes...rest assured, as you ponder all the reasons why, my long lost love lost -- it's not you, it's me (even though we both know it's all you, just little ole G hasn't got the heart to tell you)...fair thee well, my dear.

ABC Poison Arrow playing on Dear America..."who broke my heart, you did, you did"... cupid is just a click away.

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