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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Dear America,

a sliver.

a budget of $3.8 Trillion, operating with a $1.5 Trillion deficit, and proposing $775 million in spending cuts (fyi -- only applying to "discretionary" items, and paying no mind to items requiring immediate attention, like Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid). And can we get a rousing shout out to the Patriot Post this morning, for providing the colorful  visuals... along with the unintended consequences of the nation skipping a beat that immediately follows... or was that just heart burn...can we get a plop plop fizz fizz.

all this, with only a few years to go before the trillion dollar "Affordable Care Law" kicks in all the way! remember, we are only beginning to pay for it now, full benefits don't even start until 2014 -- who's brilliant idea was that?  for they deserve a prize, as that is just fabulous...best way to fight  the rising cost of health care, start corrupting the corruption early and often.

But never you mind...that is a long time away from now...

As the echo of a president speaking to Joe the Plumber rings in my ear..." I believe when you spread the wealth around, it's good for everybody."

If you take the time to listen to the entire five minutes spent with Joe the Plumber -- which you will have to find on your own, as my link is merely a fraction of the conversation -- you will be amazed at just how dazed and confused Obama sounds.

He spins his own weave of tax rates with catch phrases, while trying to convince a hard working plumber, that now that he's kind of made it... under his tax plan... if you go back ten years and somehow have a chance to relive it, you would have more money in your pocket now -- but since that isn't realistic, what he wants Joe the Plumber to recognize, now that he is doing so well, is that he should support a tax plan that makes him pay more for his success -- you know, to help those who are coming along behind him -- you know, "because there are two ways of lookin' at it..."

So with respect to Obama's 2012 budget, there are two ways of lookin' at it --

ONE: at least it's something, right? He's put a "freeze" at 2010 levels, whatever that really means, since we were already in the hole in 2010, one would have to wonder about that; but all in all, he has a plan, a budget (given we have been operating without one, this is a step in the right direction) and he has come up with a number -- $775 million -- in actual spending cuts.  refer back to the pretty picture above, to put that number in proper perspective.

TWO: we are doomed.

Now, it has been a tough couple of weeks around the globe, hasn't it; we have fires of unrest fracturing the entire world, as if we are falling apart.
So, I don't know about you, per se, but I couldn't help but get the biggest chuckle in days, while watching the O'Reilly Factor during his weekly segment with Dennis Miller; me and my girl turned to each other with eyes wide open thinking this guy is brilliant (that would be Miller, not always the case for O'Reilly).

First, I have probably said this out loud before, but Miller is smart -- so quick on his feet -- and funny -- it is hard keeping up with him half the time -- what a fireball of wit, wisdom and western culture -- his mouth should be the eighth wonder of the world, but perhaps that's just me; but when he told O'Reilly, something to the affect of, you know, a good question (for the president) would have been to ask him, at the end of the game (Super Bowl) should they have evened up the score, you know, to be fair?

No need to show a pie chart to figure that one out -- redistribution, no matter how you slice it, no matter which side of the ball you're on, does not work -- will never work -- and only keeps good decent people from actually, going to work, in more ways than one.

Redistribution of Wealth, in any form, discourages -- in fair and equal proportion -- both the creators and the takers... stifling all good deed, all the way around, as if both hands are tied behind our back; did you watch Joe the Plumber's expression over the course of his sliver in time, as he was face to face with the man who would ultimately become the next president of the United States? 

His face grew twisted, he cocked his head, he tried to interrupt when things turned to mush, as he attempted to swipe the sweat, literally and figuratively, off his brow -- looking at Obama with a face of confusion, frustration, or just plum impatience half the time, yet all the while, painstakingly trying to pay him his full respect; ugh.

Joe the Plumber, as we all know now, became the face of middle America, and his moment with Obama would be replayed and reused and retained as the quintessential argument of the campaign -- not that it made any difference.  Oh, to know what we know now.  see also yesterday's lamentations which seem to follow suit...Known and Unknown, that is the question.

And then, in the midst of all the conversation on cutting spending we have another Joe, promoting the administration's plan to "invest" $53 Billion dollars in a fly-by-night cockamamie scheme to have the government get into the High Speed Rail business -- you know, Joe, if it were cost effective in the least bit, don't you think a Carnegie or a Rockefeller would have done this already?

It's simple, there are no takers because the numbers simply don't add up; oh, and what's this...what corporation stands to gain the most with this little operation...GE.  Case closed.  next.

Which, by the way, if you have not already done so, send a letter to Jeff here.    This link connects you to The Free Enterprise Project, offered through an affiliation with Freedom Works; if you get on the email list with Freedom Works, they make it incredibly easy, and FREE, to send letters to your congressmen and women, and just about anybody else worthy.

Just before I leave you, another segment from the day, yesterday, included a preview of an upcoming John Stossel report; with him standing in the middle of an ice rink,ordering people around, meddling, encroaching on free expression, restricting the natural flow, proving to America, for the umpteenth time, unlimited government intrusion is no way to go around life (as our founders intended, of course).

The thing is, the good news and the bad news is the same news -- to live in a free country, to remain a free people, to grow a free enterprise -- it actually, and boldly, requires a system based upon the principles of freedom and liberty in order to facilitate the unlimited-ness of all possibility to take shape; yes, and likewise, a system such as this, inherently, intrinsically and emphatically requires all of its members within the group to act responsibly and account-ably to that end. [yikes, as I get Glenn Beck screaming in my ear, begging the question, "can man rule himself?"]

We have proven now, thanks to the last hundred years or so, that man cannot rule man -- that man, must rule himself, tied to Something Greater Than (whether it is God, or in principle) 'said man', or else man loses  everything, including every living, breathing hope and dream along with it;

We have proven now, thanks to the last hundred years or so, that government is not the answer to the problem, but the problem itself;

We have proven now, thanks to the last hundred years or so, that one cannot spend more than one takes in, for that trajectory is unsustainable -- and of course, a pathway wrought in fear, instability, worry, unease, disease, addiction and corruption --

...robbing peter to pay paul
...getting in deeper and deeper in over your head
...finally reaching a place of total, moral, financial, emotional bankruptcy
...for the liabilities eat us up piece by piece, one by one.

bye bye miss american pie -- for no longer would we have the ability to even talk about the pie, let alone discuss what we will take away from it; no longer is it a question as to when, how much, or just where oh where would a portion not be missed whatsoever; no longer is it a question of  who we will choose to eat it with or how much we can share, for none of it would matter anymore -- for, in a manner of speaking, we would be plum out of pie. all gone. no more.  buh-bye.

Make it a Good Day, G

Dear America song is dedicated to all the Joe's of the day -- Joe the Plumber, Joe the VP, Joe the baker and the candlestick maker, and of course, my favorite Joe of all...xx... I'll never tell...and yes, even to a brother, Joe, who just so happens to be celebrating his 44th year on this earth upon this very day -- rock on, brother.

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