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Monday, February 28, 2011

Dear America,

"and to the republic, for which it stands..."

but do we?
do we actually stand for the republic?
do we even understand what this really means anymore?
do we have even so much as a clue, as to how far we have become separated, divided, and crippled by our own inability to take a stand -- for anything of value -- anymore?

The only thing that seems oh so very clear these days is the unyielding and wretchedly overbearing idea of a creating a new America-- yet, eerily unbinding, non-committal, wishy-washy, and nondescript just the same -- as we are beginning to see through the jaded eyes of liberalism; as if, we've got a new sheriff in town (that being, a corrupt, abysmal, slap across the face to the law abiding republic we once were).

Take for example how The Left continues to re-define us, using the process otherwise known as "democracy" as the language to describe peaceful uprisings in Egypt, to the streets of Wisconsin; the UNIONS are simply demonstrating their right to protest, and make their voice of equality and fairness heard round the world, as democracy in motion -- while the tea party is synonymous to astro-turf, discredited, and pummeled to the ground in ridicule and outrageous claims of racial bigotry and hatred.  The anti-government movement -- even by actual legislators and State Senators -- is considered a move supporting democracy; while the legislators and State Senators home in the State Capital, standing ready and willing for debate and lively discussion, sit politely waiting, like gentlemen (and women) -- witnessing the so-called democratic process upended, turned upside down and into a mockery -- awaiting for the rule of law to take it's rightful place along side them.

The LEFT is being democratic; while the RIGHT is just plain wrong.

I am strengthened this morning, through the miracle of the internet... and even though, in the midst of fighting off tears like a damsel in distress, while warding off a string of feminist yelling at me for saying that as we speak...grief overcomes me; having been sucked into a fog of disconsolate sorrow for my country's current state of affairs, let alone it's future; I give my solemn gratitude for the real, live patriots who live among us, who courageously take a stand and speak up for the rest of us,  and save us:

"The word "democracy" appears nowhere in the two most fundamental documents of our nation -- the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution. Our Constitution's Article IV, Section 4, guarantees "to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government..."

...To highlight the offensiveness to liberty that democracy and majority rule is, just ask yourself how many decisions in your life would you like to be made democratically. How about what car you drive, where you live, whom you marry, whether you have turkey or ham for Thanksgiving dinner? If those decisions were made through a democratic process, the average person would see it as tyranny and not personal liberty."
This observation comes brought to you by Walter E. Williams -- nestled in a bevy of keen foresight and thoughtful hindsight packaged up daily, redirecting the sometimes wayward, but forthcoming enlightened American,  by way of The Patriot Post...the VOICE OF ESSENTIAL LIBERTY, indeed.  Linked there, on Walter, is his entire piece, simply called "Democracy Versus Liberty."

Williams quotes John Adams saying,

"Remember, democracy never lasts long. 
It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. 
There was never a democracy yet that did not commit suicide."

So, I guess, looking back, that congressman from Rhode Island was a little bit right, "...every once and awhile you need to get out on the streets and get a little bloody..."  I refuse to even call him by name -- we already thoroughly discussed the hypocrisy last week -- certainly, he isn't worthy of any more of our time. I just couldn't help but get a visual tying these two thoughts together.

Apparently, the new, albeit illegitimate, Rule of Law -- make that, OUTLAW -- is under the authority of a new governing body -- Union Leaders, Radical Revolutionaries, and Community Re-Organizers large and small -- along with the help of a few misfits, who, even though they took an oath of office to follow our Republic's lead, heeding to a higher authority, that being our Constitution and a conscience, have deemed now sensible to go AWOL without a cause or sound reason among them.

A brand new paradigm has taken over the town square, west is east, north is south, and not a lick of good authentic faith, integrity, and honor in sight, as it's squelched by the clamoring left wing ideology taking for ransom our republic, and everything for which she stands; where is our true grit?  (yes, with the Oscars fresh in the back of my mind...how 'bout that Colin Firth...yum...The King's Speech...here's to a return for a little elegance and grace...loved his acceptance speech, wit by Brit...and for the other guy, Tom,"the moral of the story, listen to your mother"...  dripping in sweetness...talk to me...snap out of it G!)

Is this what you want, America?  Implosion by mob rule?  Giving permission through our silence, peering out from behind our lace curtain for fear of getting involved;  by our paralysis, for years on end, we now enter into a new age, when the democratic forces stage a coup, subverting the law, shooting holes in our faith, taking advantage of every dream our republic ever intended or thought possible.

Waging a perverse assault against the homestead, the land that we love, is what is wrong; AND, of all things, using the very tool distinguishing good from evil --  as in the process bestowed upon us through a thriving democracy in action, the ballot box, most otherwise held in high esteem under the watchful eye of the Rule of Law, first and foremost.

"it soon wastes, exhausts, murders itself" 

-- as we allow for the very sticks of dynamite...
the faults of majority rule, the fallacies of an overzealous agenda, the mistaken identity of a democracy going rogue, which ultimately, and methodically, and misguidedly, turns unto itself for every petty, selfish entitlement, for every Utopian dream of a more fairer, truer, richer new world order...
 -- to strike the foundation from which we came, leaving our republic behind in the dust.

You would think, after all we have learned by now, of the rise and fall of democracies far and wide, the intellectual pool from underground, would be bursting from beneath the surface, spouting tales reinforcing our true north; you would think, after dust to dust and generations of seeing the fruits of our labor only come from hard work, self-reliance, with equal portion of understanding that man must rule himself -- wisely, intelligently, thoughtfully, and conscientiously -- our exceptional-ism would live long into the forever after.

But we stopped teaching the right stuff, didn't we?

We stopped empowering our youngins' with the goods to live long past our sunset, haven't we?

We near plum forgot what it means to live in a republic and treat her with respect -- to honor our privileges by doing right unto one another, huh?

Matter of fact, word 'round town makes me think a duel may be the new order of the day; let's line up the definitions and ideologies and differences of opinion -- based solely upon the merits, mind ya,  not with gun-slingin' or bows and arrows -- and see who's got the last man standing, shall we?

This week, G wants to look at the THINGS WE STAND for -- and the things we seem willing to lose just the same; it struck my funny bone last night, when in the middle of Hollywood's night to shine unto thy self, that about half way through, a couple people representing "the academy" and "ABC" put our hearts and troubles to rest by letting us know something really important -- sleepless we are no more -- for the two entities have partnered up through the year 2020... in order to bring forth the spectacle most wanted, and simply known in these here parts as the Oscars ........ (lol)

...as if, anyone around will still care
...as if, we can still afford to even go to the movies
...as if, and on second thought, Hollywood might be the only thing left standing
...as if, it's all about me, taken to a whole 'nother level of discontent, hasn't hit the town already
...as if, LA hasn't been bombed by Iran, China, or even one of our own, before the decade is done...

What will AMERICA look like in the year 2020?  Shouldn't we worry when the media chastises the Tea Party, and yet, turns around, elevating something that runs so counter to our principles, as in the mob rule tearing apart the rule of law within the Wisconsin state legislature -- as if picking up a poster themselves and calling it democratic -- storming the state capital, calling it the right thing to do?  Shouldn't we concern ourselves with the level of character and conscience graduating from our schools of learning, when the majority of them couldn't tell the difference between a republic and a democracy to save their own life, let alone someone else?

This is basic America 101, riding in on a stagecoach built for a princess, and yet, we are caught in the crossfire of mis-characterization, wanton assault upon the Rule of Law itself,  and sheer demagoguery of the worst kind.

Keeping vigil on through the night, might be a good start; mayhem may ensue; as always, seek shelter with the like-minded, like a Walter E. Williams, like a John Adams, like all of those who contribute to The Patriot Post everyday  -- and of course, keeping a steadfast faith in Something Greater than ourselves.

Make it a Good Day, G

P.S. don't fence me in...
playing on GTV, just a click away on Dear America...

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