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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Dear America,

You know that sinking feeling when you think you have already said too much?

That should be what is crossing the minds of our state department officials -- scratch that, make it the entire Obama Administration.

There are so many different takes on what is happening in Egypt -- even within Egypt! It's as if all the stories, and various factions, are competing with one another for attention, talking over one another, saying that's not true, this is...interrupting each other...clamoring to have the floor...holding all calls...and on and on and on.

One of the 'faces of change' shall we say, includes a group called the "April 6 Youth Movement" -- linking to it's Wikipedia page for a quickie review there for you.  Just another 'social justice' group -- part of the louder forces building up and bellowing out of Egypt -- adamantly insisting for immediate departure of Mubarak and  having no intention of leaving Tahir Square anytime soon.

They feel quite certain another group, the Council of the Wise, along with it's perspective and involvement, are not representative of the growing democratic reform making way for a revolution in front of the entire world...read this from The Daily News Egypt.

Of course, we have already been discussing for days the activity and hidden agenda of a group called the Muslim Brotherhood, who are wishing and hoping and praying to Allah for a quick replacement of Mubarak with their guy, El Baradei.

But again, as a refresher for you, we are dealing with a society with a different definition of democracy than either you or me, aren't we; the majority of the population still condone stoning, execution for adultery, cutting the hand off the thief, execution for leaving the Muslim faith, and so on and so on.  They are comfortable with a leader, even if that means a dictator; at ease with a military rule, if that means stability and the empty promise of more than $2/day.

But I can't help myself this morning, wondering, just what in God's name is going on inside the minds of our "wise men and women" who are leading US right now?

And certainly, fresh from having watched the interview with Donald Rumsfeld and Hannity last night, just what are the "Known and the Unknown" [title of Rumsfeld's new memoir]  conditions of this complicated international predicament?

Paraphrasing something he said, Rumsfeld reminds us that 'there are extremists who wish to harm the United States, and harm Americans...to impose a caliphate.'

Now people, from both left and right, have criticized Glenn Beck, for making such an early call on this kind of provocative line of thinking, Chris Matthews called it simply 'looney-toons'; but here we have, the former Secretary of Defense (twice over and spanning, what? 35 years of experience!) speaking of the chaos in Egypt in plain, simple language that quickly defines exactly what it is, and in no uncertain terms -- for the region's history, including the radical Islamic movements making waves in Tahir Square right now, among other places, make it so...hello?   this idea is not far fetched, based on fear, as if formulated from the minds of some kind of feverish fanatic as many cool heads would have us believe...
This isn't 'crazy talk' -- it's what it is.  It is a religious dictate, prescribed by Imams and Shahs, going so far back in time we might as well say, the year 632 A.D, or around the time or the day, the music died.

I loved the part when Rumsfeld described the workings of 'academia minds' in government -- being able to talk things over in small groups, hold meetings, resolving nothing more than perhaps what to order in for lunch; it sounded like there were moments within the Bush Administration best characterized as frustration, for in a time of war, time does not stand still -- there is no luxury to discuss things ad infinitum, for things have to be decided -- choices must be made -- as if some options actually come with expiration dates.

that is a man who understands war -- and who understands the Middle East -- in ways we only wish the Obama Administration knew for real.

More startling are the number of things the press, and people reporting on the eight years of the Bush Administration, got things entirely wrong.  To say un^%#ingbelieveable doesn't even cut it.

For the truth is, the known and the unknown intersect on the fly, as conditions on the ground and in the air are far more fluid than solid as things change, rapidly, and are constantly in flux; things get mixed up with the 'what we know we don't know' with 'what we don't know we don't know' along with what we know we need to know right now.

While here we are, in the midst of wide spread overtures made in recent days, showing some of the western world is making total about changes in regions across Europe, and the United Kingdom, bidding P.C. politics adieu; while here in America, we are left with an administration, who like Rumsfeld respectfully chastised, can't even call the war on terror, and the actual perpetrators of the radicalized Islamic extremists, for what it really is; we, in America, are so careful not to call it what it is, so as to protect the feelings of moderate Muslims everywhere...we turn a blind's eye by way of political correctness, allowing the radical Islamic enterprises to actually set up shop right here in America.

Newsflash: radical Islam truly believes that what they are doing is what God (Allah) really wants under the fundamentalist teachings of Jihad -- the caliphate is what they want, have always wanted, while they have been 'patiently' waiting on the ground  for just the right conditions to bring it about -- and now, it's happening, looking almost effortlessly.  And the Obama Administration doesn't even seem all that concerned -- speaking on behalf of the Muslim Brotherhood in the interview before the Super Bowl, our president remarked, 'oh, they're such a small faction...' -- nearly brushing it off like a fly on his jacket.

If I were in charge of the world, I mean, America -- I would close every Islamic Organization's door tied to the Muslim Brotherhood, the April 6 Youth Movement, along with any and all groups who speak of "social justice" for Islamic growth and expansion like it is just another union setting up for the common man and the common good,  as in workers of the world unite (and they are easily found) -- those include, but are not limited to, the following: Islamic Supreme Council of America, Islamic Assembly of North America, Muslim Students Association, Islamic Society of North America, and perhaps, adding anyone associated with the radicalized "Nation of Islam" might just quickly bring the list to a close (for the moment).

FOR THIS IS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, not divided by special interests, religious factions, color, creed,  either in song or in spirit or on parade down fifth avenue.  We are one nation under God, indivisible; and when you come here to live, to make a residence and build a life, here in America, KNOW this:  you are no longer who you think you are -- you are now one of US -- and we are marshall.  And if you should not want to become one of US, then you should just know  you should not come,  it's as easy as that.

Moving forward, a good place to start, endeavoring to find solid, democratically forthright, Muslim American relations, an organization that is in America's best interests, is Brigitte Gabriel's Act for America -- along with any other group associated, of course,  as organizations they recognize and deem as one of us -- Act for America easily separates good and evil, locking in with only the ones without a hidden agenda against the western culture, democracy in general, and capitalists in particular.

For, according to all that we KNOW about the radicalized versions of the Islamic faith, the one's who preach violence against Zion, the one's who hail actions of suicide bombers, the one's who truly hate the western world and everything it is about, the one's who wish to do harm to the free market, free enterprise, free religion, free speech and to the ever-so-popular growing happy free people living in a free society  -- in a word, America  -- that is enough to kill us, for it goes against everything a follower of radical Islam is about.

And they will not stop --  until they reach the age of another CALIPHATE  -- all over the globe.

These people do not recognize, let alone respect, the UNIVERSAL values of the western culture, Mr. President -- not in one, teeny, tiny bit.

This is not UNKNOWN; this is not what we think we need to know but don't know yet.

This is what we KNOW; this is what we know to be true and undeniable -- as clear as black and white.

True Democratic Egyptian forces on the ground have had their platform ambushed by the radicalized Islamic extremists --  and it would seem, by all accounts up until five minutes ago, that nobody, within 100 feet of the White House, has a clue; clarity, normally found between the ears of learned men and women in high places, is markedly surfacing, at an inexplicable rate, as an unknown factor.

Let us only hope we come to know a whole lot more by tomorrow, if not before the end of the day.

Might I suggest, a little brainstorming...sometimes beginning the discussion posing a question like, 'what's the worst thing that could happen?' might be just kind of jumping board needed.

Whether jumping into a pool of rather mediocre resolve through board room chit chat, making a list of things to do for tomorrow and the like -- or taking a real leap of faith with rock solid decision making, in the best interests of western culture everywhere... you know, if for no other reason, than to promote the best chances of achieving a democratic global governance, you can dig that, right?...offering something like free and fair elections for everyone at half the price, on behalf of social justice everywhere -- you would be into that, right?...no matter; the discussion making an honest to goodness decision on the things we know and don't know is real and absolute and can no longer be avoided.

This is what you are being entrusted by the American people to do  -- not Muslims, not Jews, not Christians, not Mormons, not Atheists -- but as a unified front of Americans, on behalf of what we know for ourselves to be true and valued in this country, as well as, all over the rest of the free world.

Remembering something our dear President Obama has said on many occasions, in varied context, going something like this:

is unsustainable
-- for this we do know -- 
it is simply 
no longer an option
at or on
the table...
let me be clear,
it is neither at,
or on,
the table 
at this time.'
or something like that

...hmmm...a turkey club sounds good today.

Make it a Good Day, G

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