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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Dear America,

some things going on are so obvious,

take for instance, the news bite this morning on the cheapest fare of the day: New York to Moscow, 415 dollars round trip.  You think to yourself, duh, who would be going to Moscow unless you had to...

then other things, take us totally by surprise, like hearing that child sex trafficking is on high alert as we come up to the Super Bowl weekend in Dallas.  that one stops us dead in our tracks, thinking, in America?

So pimps, prostitutes, and party organizers are being watched;

there are campaigns featuring football guys saying things like this:

"As a man and as a father of two beautiful girls, I'm not buying it — and neither should you," Dallas Cowboys nose tackle Jay Ratliff says in one television ad. "If you're one of these men buying these young girls, I'm telling you that real men don't buy children. They don't buy sex"  -- this advice, coming out of an Associated Press article this morning.

Quickly, your mind wanders and begins to think, now if there is sex trafficking of any kind, surely it's coming from places like Moscow, under some kind of shady Russian bride thing, or something -- but our American girls?  and then, it jumps to another obvious WTF moment -- so what we think might only happen in places like Vegas -- or the red light district in town --  happens routinely at harmless football games, as in places like Arlington, Texas, for the upcoming Super Bowl?  and then, we land in the world of a place we thought our head could never imagine -- children, young girls, being pimped to hopped up, footloose and fancy free, middle aged men with a hall pass for the weekend?

I know, I know, this girl is so naive...shoot me for letting it show...

sadly, I am aware we have underage prostitution -- sometimes at the "choice" of a young girl (yeah right) -- while being a mother of a fourteen year old myself, incredible emotions rush over me at the very thought and stark unbearable reality that our baby girls of the world live through...   

But discover a whole 'nother view before my second cup of coffee, and smacked down in front of me as if I should have already known about it, to realize it is a full blown industry driving a front line of 'added attractions' in the city, as if just dishing out Bud Lights and pretzels for men just in town for the big game?  This is news to me.

How about for every "John" they find, they high kick them to New York to take the first flight to Moscow -- only, making it a one way passage -- for what, a mere $207.50.  What a deal I have for you, no (say it with a russian accent, more fun).

 The thing is, I was searching for other news, besides Egypt going up in smoke and this is what jumps out -- and there I am, suddenly ambushed, tackled to the ground, and left for dead... just waiting for the buzzards to come swooping in to finish me off, pick me apart, until there is nothing left but dust...leaving only an impression of something that once was.

That's what stunning news does to real people.  The shock, horror, takes us to another level of realization about our world, and sometimes, without any notice whatsoever. Bam.  Take that.  How do you like me now?

Some news changes us forever -- like getting personal news about a family member.

Some news simply leaves a slight impression, perhaps giving us an ah-ha moment, but quickly dissipating into the ether with a puff of smoke -- like hey, wanna go to Moscow, honey? laughing it off before the next sip of cappuccino.

Some news scares the living daylights out of us, while it might take days, weeks or months to resume normal activity, like finding out we have cancer, or something.

Some news we just have to ignore altogether -- as just by the sound of it seems too stupid for words, let alone a minute of our precious time -- like "Kutcher, Moore booed in Brazil" -- true story...on Yahoo, some time in the last week

And sadly, some news just stuns, cracks us right upside the head, like today's headlines on the new pimping styles engaging middle aged men in an environment least expected...anytime the phrase, "I'm not buying it" becomes a sales pitch not to buy... in a way synonymous with everything vile and reprehensible... as to be referring to the sale of a young girl's body and soul --

-- that we should come to this day, this age, when we have to create an advertising campaign not to touch something so very priceless -- that we should be put in this position, scolding those who just might think about it, pleading our case of the unthinkable, that if you should lay even so much as a single hand on a child, any child...just makes me weep.

While the good news of the day, only about a quarter of a million showed up to protest today -- in Egypt -- versus the million Muslim march that was being advertised and orchestrated by the Muslim Brotherhood.  Proving, it takes the deep pockets of a Union to truly pull something like that off -- an organization complete with a war chest of planes, trains automobiles, especially a chartered bus or three hundred just sitting around waiting for an opportunity to arise.  It had the makings of a solid hook up -- full media attention -- people running scared, not leaving their homes in fear...the overthrow of the evil dictator hanging in the balance (and he really is evil...the real stunner though,  the best hope for maintaining Egypt's "democracy" seems almost non-existent by anyone in line to jump at the chance of replacing him).yay cloud...

Did you know it was the Muslim Brotherhood responsible for killing Anwar Sadat?

So, a prayer for the world day, might be a good idea to toss around -- anything would be better than what we are facing on front page news;  a time to pray, can't think of anything better or more worthy of our time, than a time right now. 

hmm, that's funny, Moscow is looking better and better...

for the plane, may I recommend, Ecclesiastes, chapter 3:  A Time for Everything...under Heaven.

Make it a Good Day, G

another version of Adele is playing today...and with the way I feel... she may be playing all week.

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