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Friday, February 18, 2011

Dear America,

Happy Friday

And this, my friends, is America operating with a radical in chief:

he has sent in the troops, acting directly against the rule of law, inhibiting the free flow of our republic, by interfering with a state's ability to control, lead, defend, and live within it's means and abide by the law, for all citizens concerned.

Union members and our president's very own community operation, Organizing for America, has been called upon to threaten, intimidate, and create utter chaos, upon the personal homes of GOP lawmakers, and specifically, the governor, in an attempt to force the republican leaders to back down.

And to think, our president, who initially said, 'um ah, let me just say, I haven't followed exactly what's going on...but it would seem to be an assualt on unions."... has ordered in his thugs to wreak havoc against the democratic process to take place, blatantly acting against our rule of law.

Instead of ordering the democrats to show up in Wisconsin, to man up, and vote -- we watch him blast the Governor and enforce and reinforce the troops on the ground protesting in the streets, and within the capital building, and upon the lawns of lawmakers in full force.

This is an affront to everything America stands for according to our rule of law -- and he should be impeached.

There, I said it, for this reason and many more, he should be gone.

THIS is a turning point for America; the president's direct involvement turning a state issue further upside down, turning the body of lawmakers into a three ring circus, is deplorable, reprehensible -- while adding an element of vitriolic divide never seen before.

God bless the United States of America, this morning, and every morning from here on out.

Make it a Good Day, G

And PS to the haters who seem inclined to test me, antagonize me, with leaving comments deemed inappropriate, rude, or just plain stupid -- I welcome all views and comments when they are thoughtful and not of the kind that simply, "anonymously", and cowardly lash out against my views.  I love dialogue that welcomes all respectable response and conversation...but make no mistake, its my blog and I can do what I want to -- and I will most certainly delete the mean spirited and ridiculously ugly thoughts that come my way every time.  blessings and kisses all the way around people.


  1. The biggest problems in America are caused by people like you who live and thrive on "Us" vs. "Them" instead of "We" the People. Why don't we all stop fighting with each other and work "Together".

    PS - I dare you to actually keep a comment and not delete the open dialog you invite by asking\allowing comments. If you only want positive comments on your posts, then you should just remove the ability to leave comments entirely.

  2. if you read my blog regularly, you would know me by now and my point of view -- we are all in this together, which allows both sides to speak up -- respectfully -- making every effort not to add fuel to the fire, so to speak. Good and respectful comments that are of that mindset will always be welcome. thanks G