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Friday, February 11, 2011

Dear America,


when we think of evolution, we gain a sense of something changing, growing, expanding, doing away with characteristics which no longer serve the greater purpose, allowing for new methods of operation to kick in, constantly tweaking the system basically, to arrive at a bigger, better, stronger -- leaner, meaner, wiser -- end result.

This is what inspired the 2008 elections -- the very idea of something truly wonderful to swoop in and change everything, for anything would be better than what we have.

We succumbed to the fundamental transformation like camels to a desert oasis and drank it up.

So this marks the day the evolution of the western world changes forever; we shall see, soon enough, just what kind of unintended consequences come our way; we shall see, soon enough, just exactly what these hundreds of thousands of "young people" in the streets of Cairo are all about.

But make no mistake, February 11, 2011  -- oooh, look at that, 02-11-2011, there has to be something in that numerology somewhere -- marks the day of fundamental transformation in Egypt; who knew, that when we voted in Obama, his vision for hope and change would spill over into the Middle East so rapidly.  Who knew, that when he was speaking before a Muslim Brotherhood audience just two years ago, the organizing of a regime change, a complete overthrow of the Egyptian government, would become a complete reality so soon...no, that is true, it is hardly complete now is it...

And to think, who knew, that with the natural evolution of Facebook, it would make way for a system of Foreign Policy by Social Network; and might I add, a little more tweaking with this method is needed.

What was it El Baradei tweeted mid-afternoon yesterday?  "Egypt will explode. Army must save the country now."

the new buzz words seem to be centered on 'revolution'  'anti-government' 'social justice' 'universal rights' 'democracy'  -- as if Egypt is responding to the rise of the secular, when in the vernacular, we are really bearing witness to something entirely different.  Our idea of democracy -- by definition and by evolution -- is on opposite ends of the spectrum.

Islamic Sharia Law is synonymous with democracy only in reference to when the people are allowed to vote, in fair and open election.  The people of Egypt could just as easily elect El Baradei into office, the chosen one when it comes to the Muslim Brotherhood, as anyone else.  He is the one, right now, who stands out, connected, speaking up as a leader, organized and fully supported by the most radicalized Islamic faction in the area -- the same group currently outlawed for being responsible for the killing Anwar Sadat, among others, and shunned by the Mubarak regime for the last thirty years; but the organization never really went away, and, as nature would have it, they were given plenty of time to mature, adapt... further evolve.

For the last eighteen days, our administration has done everything within it's power, and even everything that goes above and beyond, to take Mubarak down; they have sent envoys for a sit down, they have publicly denounced the leadership -- calling for Mubarak to do the right thing, to listen to the young people, and step down; they have orchestrated an entire storyline that, for all intents and purposes, was contrived and manufactured to suit the means to an end.

It may have begun as a natural, organic uprising, but it most certainly morphed into chaos, making way for a rendition lost in translation,  applying this administration's answer to everything -- clinging to soundbites of universal values and rights, organizing the streets of change, even if on the other side of the world --  all the while, never letting a crisis go to waste.

This is huge.

One thing that crossed my mind, in the last 24 hours specifically, is the number of people we have in power to protect us -- lead us -- interpret world events such as this, to ensure our safety.  In this day and age, our government has evolved into a pyramid of all kinds of levels of protections; question is, are we safer for it?  Are they actually working in sync, to the extent all the entities need to be?  Are they understanding of the history of the world, to the level we need them to be?  Are they continuing to ask all the right questions, even uncomfortable ones, respective of all the political and economical and international ramifications?

Clearly, the leader of all, is our president -- but after that, we have layers and layers of academia and military and economic powers, people in place to interpret the world and how it affects the United States: starting with the upper echelon and our Secretary of State, Secretary of Defense, Directors of the CIA and FBI...we have a Homeland Security Secretary, a National Intelligence Director, with full bureaucracies built up underneath; there are ombudsmen and ambassadors, a hierarchy of intelligence officers and secret service -- and yet, what did Napolitano just admit:  "The terrorist threat to the homeland is in many ways at its most heightened state since 9/11,." while addressing Peter King in Congressional Hearings on Wednesday.

More troubling, comes from the mouth of our National Intelligence Director, James Clapper, only yesterday, when asked to define the threat of the Muslim Brotherhood:

"[ahh]...it's an umbrella term... for a variety of movements...for what is happening in Egypt, it is a very heterogeneous group, largely secular, which has eschewed violence and has decried Al-Queda as a perversion of Islam...they have pursued social ends, betterment of political order...there is no over-arching agenda in Egypt, etc."

This statement required immediate follow up from a DNI spokesman. enough said.

So here we are, experiencing a new era of Foreign Policy by Facebook, with plenty of pinheads in power offering up consolation by denial, at a time when the "threat to the homeland is...at its most heightened state since 9/11" -- do you feel good?

Have we evolved leaner, meaner, wiser in battling against the forces, adapting to the fluidity of the new world order and those who wish to do America, the entire western culture actually, only harm?

If this daily diary of an American girl does anything, may it impress upon us to accelerate our own evolution -- may we welcome a new democratic Egypt with an open heart, if that, in fact, remains to be the wave of change rising into power as we speak; for the way things sit right now, we are stuck in a vortex swirling what we know and what we don't know all around us, and it's running wild at the moment; we can only hope and pray that we are watching the west win one -- if not, we got no hope, leaving us on a wing and a prayer.

anyone catch the story about mandatory Arabic classes being administered in a school district in Texas?

Apparently, not too long ago, our Department of Education, issued a grant to offer mandatory Arabic language and culture classes within the Mansfield School District.  According to our Department of Education, they have designated the Arabic language as the "language of the future." (and you thought it was Chinese...lol)  Yes.  That would be here, in America. Is there something they know and we don't know going on here?

David Horowitz, founder of the David Horowitz Freedom Center, has quite a few thoughts on the matter, as brought to light in the article linked above; but if you go to his website,  you will find a whole 'nother world view as to what is happening today in Egypt. and I double down dare you to go.

So, it remains to be seen if the democracy brewing in Egypt is on behalf of the western definition, or Middle Eastern; remember, Islam does not separate church and state, no where, no how, never.  By definition, an Islamic Government cannot be "secular" (hello? earth to Clapper...sure hope you have your retirement plan secure)

Sharia Law is Sharia Law -- stoning is really stoning -- adultery is still adultery, and punishable by execution -- and beheading is still beheading --  as the desert heat and beat goes on.

Our leaders (nearly all of them) are either being fooled, big time -- OR, they know exactly what they are doing, double time -- OR, they simply do not know what the unknown brings at this present time. And to that end, how poignant the debut of Rumsfled's new memoir, Known and Unknown -- how weird is that?

oh what a day in the neighborhood, no?

Make it a Good Day, G

let us pray for the world -- affirming this hopey-changey thing happening in Egypt spins our way. play your music today ...desert rose...sting....and just pray with me today.

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