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Tuesday, December 4, 2018

It's God Rest His Soul GHWB Thing

Dear America,

"Annoy the media: Re-elect Bush"

that was then -- 1992; and it was seen on bumper stickers.

funny how some things never change, right?

so -- from the "dog whistle" that got him elected  to   Sully, the service dog, laying by the casket of President George H. W. Bush -- the legacy of H.W. will be debated until its relevancy and media currency has also passed; but what irony, that the same liberal media who used their power to deride and ridicule the man -- with headlines like, "the wimp factor" -- are now fawning all over him like a cheap date for the funeral.

And just as George Herbert Walker, himself, just couldn't seem fit to vote for the Donald back in 2016... even going so far as to actually casting a vote for I'm with HER (which he didn't even have to do, btw, in order to make his point... but I digress) ...the "anyone but Trump" fanfare and methodology runs wide and long and high and deep in BS @ CBS, NBC, ABC....yadi yadi yada; for the media just loves a republican when they are a dead republican, just keepin' it real.  (see also, the McCain effect and climate change...another convenient paring, of late.)

once wrote, 
"Isn't it nice to think 
that tomorrow is a new day 
with no mistakes in it yet." 
author, Anne of Green Gables 

.....and how.
I do believe I would have liked this Maud 'without the e.'
And to know what I mean,, you would have to read that link, above.

perspective on life ---  whether it's our own or someone else's; whether it's temporal or long lasting, anecdotal or scientific ---  is a fascinating science.  Is our perspective more accurate while in it, or in the look back?  Or is it both, with prejudice? 

Or, is the truth of any reality always sketchy, at best, weaving together what we perceive, what we cling to, what we want to be true, with the evidence of things seen and unseen?

the constant ebb and flow of reality, masquerading with what we think to be reality, can be kind, or so unkind, depending upon the winds of what I like to call, the perception factor...and all depending upon the winds of time and space and optics and politics of the now, and assessing just where the sweet spot lives to justify the means to an end, in hopes of gaining the most in overall public appeal.  The mainstream media lives here day in and day out.  If it doesn't fit a narrative, they don't say it, let alone reveal it.

For the people who do not pay attention -- or were even alive back in the day circa the Willie Horton ad of 1988 -- Donald Trump is the only racist, misogynist, white supremacist, or sexual assaulter ever put in office that matters.     And for that reality, it all makes this girl go kinda crazy.

So Bush lost re-election in 1992; to who?    Billy -- the serial sexual assaulter and one time  rapist,   racist, misogynist... adulterer, liar, player, and fraud -- Clinton.  

Somehow the country recovered from the first Bush, survived "BJ" Clinton,  and then even elected a second Bush; go figure. And how hilarious is it, that the Clinton Administration is factually framed by two Bush's...or is it just me? 

And continuing down history lane, the eight years under Obama were so bad, it heralded in an extreme response from the American people....Trump and MAGA mania...Of course, the 52% of the vote from the white women delegation is reprehensible -- according to the entire left...considering these women unable to think for themselves, and following lock step with their racist, misogynist of a husband.  Begging the question, is it logistically possible to slap the left hand of the other half of the country at once?

moving on dot org

The weird thing is -- all I can think of when I think of George Herbert Walker Bush is Dana Carvey.

As the politics of life and death and entertainment merge splendidly together for one blink of an eye...

What a tribute from SNL; beautiful. 

"Now and then it's good
 to pause in our 
pursuit of happiness 
and just be happy." 
Guillaume Apollinaire, poet

oooh speaking of things that make me giddy, happy....

and considering the close ties between George W and Michelle O....

i love how she gave some smack back to that "lean in" movement, and its creator, Sheryl Sandberg:

"Marriage still ain't equal, y'all," Obama said to a crowd gathered in Brooklyn on Saturday for a leg of her international book tour, several news outlets reported. "It ain't equal. I tell women that whole 'you can have it all' -- mmm, nope, not at the same time, that's a lie. It's not always enough to lean in because that s--- doesn't work all the time."
it's true. kinda.

I must say, though, marriage IS equal,  in the sense that your marriage decides what the equation should look like, personally, in the tending of your own family's needs; both husband and wife come to the table to decide equitably, equally, what is best for the family.  What does it mean when we say "equal" anyway?  Equally, and exactly, by portion, of the splitting of the chores, the child rearing, the income(s), according to the reality of your individual family? 

It is more a question of what is equitably best for the whole family.

Michelle is correct in saying that the Lean In sh&% is in some ways a bunch of baloney....because, honestly,  if you want to have it all at the same time -- you, being a woman, wanting a full time career and children and a house to take care of -- it takes a lot of money; but even then, you will never achieve the imaginations of "having it all."  (whatever that really is)

For when anyone (man or woman) chooses the career over family -- the quantity of time, and all -- the family is getting less  and less of you.  Mathematically it is impossible to have it all.

This is why, for the longest of times, women stayed home to raise the children; for the benefits of working had to outperform the absence from the children, from the household.  indeed.

Michelle is spot on.   (pretty sure we have never agreed on anything else)

oh my,
speaking of having it all --

I gotta go!
reality is setting in, and setting in quickly.

God rest his soul, P.G.H.W.B. and thank you for your service.

Make it a Good Day, G

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