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Tuesday, November 6, 2018

It's a Day to Do Your Civic Duty Thing

Dear America,

Walk beautifully,
talk beautifully,
live beautifully

stop the drama already

Joe Biden...calling this the most important mid-term election of his life...seriously?

if you really think about it -- it's all relative, you know, Joe.

Those out of power, want in.
Those who disagree the most... with the current administration, want change.

But just the same -- those in power, want to stay in power; those who agree the most...with the current administration, want things to stay the course.

Part of me just wants it over with already.
But naturally, another part of me is excited to see what, in fact, happens.

For it seems like days, weeks, perhaps months, of nothing but nonsense back and forth -- the facts absent.  It would seem, for much of the time, the facts, the substance of the issues, have been ambushed by mob speak and media fanaticism, being inundated with waves of fear mongering and candidates often toning up or toning down the rhetoric -- depending upon the crowd.

But let's also get one thing straight -- we are not a democracy!  We are a republic!  --  albeit, a wee bit messed up republic...there is that.

Stop the drama already...that is my wish for today.

Ooooh  Me thinks that this would be a great day for a rerun of this drama  --

One day,
One day,
maybe one day we will figure it out...

maybe one day we will walk and talk and live and  love beautifully with one another.

Until then -- do your civic duty and VOTE today.

Make it a Good Day, G

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