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Monday, November 26, 2018

It's Winter in America Thing

Dear America,

Charles R. Kesler

just read it. (yeah, that link in the heading....read it)

it explains nearly everything happening TO America...

it especially explains the current border invasion by the rather large group of disingenuous "asylum" seekers, under the organizing and cover of radical leftist groups...which is happening, as a crow flies, forty-five minutes from my front door

and ironically, it even explains what is happening outside of America....cue Paris.
And remember this!
We the People have a president with the courage to back out of that international climate change redistribution of wealth agreement (last year) and have, for the moment, saved hard working Americans from this kind of oppressive, misguided, taxation (all, except us Californians maybe....thanks to the latest proposition -- to reverse added gas taxes -- not passing...Prop 6)

Let's let Kesler say a few words --

Political scientists sometimes distinguish between normal politics and regime politics. Normal politics takes place within a political and constitutional order and concerns means, not ends. In other words, the ends or principles are agreed upon; debate is simply over means. By contrast, regime politics is about who rules and for what ends or principles. It questions the nature of the political system itself. Who has rights? Who gets to vote? What do we honor or revere together as a people? I fear America may be leaving the world of normal politics and entering the dangerous world of regime politics—a politics in which our political loyalties diverge more and more, as they did in the 1850s, between two contrary visions of the country.
Look folks,
when you have migrants storm a border, en  masse, THAT is not rational, thoughtful, respectful action, with intentions of full assimilation in the pursuance of immigrating to the United States of America, by any stretch of the imagination.  THAT is pure chaos, and they are even wearing repulsive t-shirts, and waving their home country flags, that prove it.

But here's a FLASHBACK that is most interesting, from 2013 -- um,  same behavior, same border, different president.

I love this part from Kesler --

Conservatives, by contrast, regard the individual as the quintessential endangered minority. They trace individual rights to human nature, which lacks a race. Human nature also lacks ethnicity, gender, and class. Conservatives trace the idea of rights to the essence of an individual as a human being. We have rights because we’re human beings with souls, with reason, distinct from other animals and from God. We’re not beasts, but we’re not God—we’re the in-between being. Conservatives seek to vindicate human equality and liberty—the basis for majority rule in politics—against the liberal Constitution’s alternative, in which everything is increasingly based on group identity.

We have rights 
because we’re human beings with souls, 
with reason, 
distinct from other animals 
and from God. 
We’re not beasts, 
but we’re not God—
we’re the in-between being.

love that

what's happening at the border looks a lot like action without soul, without reason, and quite indistinct from the actions of other animals....just sayin'

So if we won’t change our minds, and if we can’t change the subject, we are left with only three other ways out of the cold civil war. The happiest of the three would be a vastly reinvigorated federalism. One of the original reasons for constitutional federalism was that the states had a variety of interests and views that clashed with one another and could not be pursued in common. If we had a re-flowering of federalism, some of the differences between blue states and red states could be handled discreetly by the states themselves. The most disruptive issues could be denationalized. The problem is, having abandoned so much of traditional federalism, it is hard to see how federalism could be revived at this late juncture.

oh Kesler...this girl is right there with you...

And speaking of this girl, me, G -- I'm done giving you bits and pieces of something you should read in its entirety, all on your own.

oh wait, I like this part --  "Let us pray that we and our countrymen will find a way to reason together and to compromise, allowing us to avoid the worst of these dire scenarios—that we will find, that is, the better angels of our nature."

It's winter in America...and it came early.
brrrrrr  (yup just a totally unrelated link just to keep you on your frozen toes)

With regard to the days ahead....
will it be more      long      cold    civil    war?
Or, will we find a way to reason together?

k, now it's the end.

the end of this day in the life of an American Girl  is here.

And it's ending at the bottom of a deep chasm, suffocating in questions and chaos, with civility and compromise as elusive as the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel that never comes. We may as well throw in a groundhog telling us it will be six more weeks of winter before winter has even officially begun.

Make it a Good Day, G

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