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Friday, October 26, 2018

It's About Criminal Political Activism of all kinds Thing

Dear America,

"they have no place in our country... 
bring to swift and certain justice... 
to the fullest extent of the law.... 
never allow political violence to ever take root in America...."

amen to that
amen to that

"bottom line is that Americans must unify...
every day, 
we are truly showing the world, 
just how truly great we are..."

way to diffuse a situation, Mr. President. Just moments ago.

we have the best law enforcement in the world, Trump continues to say.

So will this media of ours, finally take hold of this continued call to unify -- as Americans -- made repeatedly by this president, and agree with him?  

Will they?

[yeah that question is purely rhetorical]

Will the media now go back and analyze the prior call for incivility, made by the former Secretary of State and former presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton?  

Or the nonstop calls for resistance made by Maxine Waters, like
 "Let's make sure we show up wherever we have to show up. And if you see anybody from that Cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd. And you push back on them. And you tell them they're not welcome anymore, anywhere."

going way back to June now, to get this twitter response made by the president:
“Congresswoman Maxine Waters, an extraordinarily low IQ person, has become, together with Nancy Pelosi, the Face of the Democrat Party,” he tweeted. “She has just called for harm to supporters, of which there are many, of the Make America Great Again movement. Be careful what you wish for Max!”

Yes.  Indeed.  
How prophetic that really was, right?...."be careful what you wish for Max!"  But will anyone go back to the record to cite the president's rather common-sensical warnings made at the time?

What this bomb scare does --  besides making crystal-cut clear the crystallization of  the great political divide in this country -- is show how our words matter.

Just about anyone and everyone can take what the democrats have dished out over the last few months, and make a connection.  IF one party calls for acting in an uncivil manner to satisfy the political tension and differences between -- all ears, right and left, will hear it!  

Clearly, we live in a society now where any kind of crackpot, left and right, will do things -- with or without the call for incivility, so do we really need to say things to actually incite it?

Case in point, all the protests and confrontations made in the middle of a meal (Sanders, Neilsen, Miller and the latest, McConnell) , like a baseball field being shot up to smithereens and seriously wounding House Majority Whip Steve Scalise....[Did that shooter characterize all democrats?]

CNN cannot lead the instability, the hatred, the nonstop condemnation of this administration twenty-four seven and NOT be found responsible, in part, for this kind of political vitriol in action.  And yet, it's not just CNN -- ABC, NBC, CBS news have all aligned with the same refrain, the same news feed, the same tilted news cycle day after day after day... to the tune of 91%.  91%!

The president was harpooned by the media for saying this  -- "The media also has a responsibility to set a civil tone and to stop the endless hostility and constant negative and oftentimes false attacks and stories. Have to do it."

And I wonder -- just what is wrong with that?  Garbage in, makes garbage out; what we think about, expands, yadi yadi yada....see my blog post from just yesterday

And more than that -- the MAINSTREAM MEDIA  is not supposed to show ANY political bias.  Like, none. 

Just imagine a world where, over a few days, the Trump Administration receives nothing but high marks from the media, like it did for Obama.  Just imagine that.

Imagine Trump getting credit for all of this positive economic growth, the escalation of consumer confidence out of the blue, the great and sensible tax deductions, the lowest unemployment in years, the return of strength with regards to our relations at the United Nations, the common sense approach to trade relations and America's relationship with crazy countries (like Iran and North Korea and even Russia)...and how can we forget, his firm stance on the safe keeping of America's sovereign borders, especially the southern border, the one about to be tested by nothing more than an invasion ....and just in time for the November mid-term elections.

That   -- the caravan -- is a script of left-wing theatrics like we have never seen the likes of before.

To Tucker Carlson -- 
"When you arrive in a country 
to contribute to it 
and to assimilate into its culture,
 you don't wave the flag of a foreign nation. 
That's what you do in triumph 
when you invade a country."


Every American should take issue with this approach to immigration, sans assimilation.
Every American.

Every American should also READ THIS in order to understand the depth and breadth of the organizations behind the mass invasion fast approaching.
Every American.

Every American should also agree that this is not the proper way to seek "asylum."
Every American.

Every American should take a moment to reflect upon the one thing President Trump has been trumpeting from his response to Charlottesville, and all the way to the start of this news cycle, in the wake of this bomb scare and the capturing of a suspect...and that being, this is the time to UNIFY, as Americans.

Every American.

Every American should be concerned at the level of criminal political activism taken by any one of us, including, but not limited to, inciting violence and inspiring in-your-face resistance; calling for incivility until such time democrats are back in power; sending inert bombs to a dozen, or more, political/community leaders; and ambushing places like baseball fields far and wide. It is all wrong.

Heightened rhetoric, mental illness, ignorance, broken spirits, fanaticism, intolerance, leads to actions unbecoming of the average American, just sayin'.

That is just a logical conclusion based on facts; for any mindful, sane, conscientious, educated, thoughtful person just doesn't send bombs, or blows up ball fields, or gets in the face of a politician over a bowl of fettuccine, or refers to an entire party fitting to receive acts of political retribution...it's like, who does that?  Who says that and can still garner a serious audience of support of any kind, um Hillary?

We have to pay attention to every little thing; and more than that, consciously come together and move to do the right thing, always.  And Unify.  Unify.  And Unify...

"Have to do it."

This is what all Americans must do, not just today, but every single day.

We have to choose our words carefully, we have to act responsibly, we have to unify demonstrably, if we are to ever create the kind of society we can all live in, in peace -- especially in light of our clear ideological differences between us.

Newsflash:  we do not all think alike in America; but it is expected of us -- e pluribus unum - to respect each other and our differences, even if we can never ever ever agree on anything.

Out of many we are one; that, by definition, defines who we are as a country and as a people.

One = Unify as Americans, not divide.

the end.

Make it a Good Day, G

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