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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

It's About that Julia Ghoulia Thing

Dear America,

"This President 

Has Radicalized 

So Many More People 

Than ISIS Ever Did"

astonishing, isn't it?

...Julia Ioffe, a columnist for GQ Magazine, said this on CNN with Jake Tapper....and Tapper didn't even question it.

On one hand, this commentary is simply disgraceful; on the other, it goes to prove just how leftists really think, and operate, and have their being, really.  And it all goes to the credit of one of the Left's leading mentors --  Saul Alinsky.  They -- the Left -- should know a lot about radicalization, for Alinsky wrote the book that led a generation, and an entire movement; a movement that is still alive and well today.  That book is titled,  RULES for RADICALS.

Of course, what we normally think of when it comes to radicalization today -- usually steers us in the direction of the Middle East, the place where the deep seated roots, the fertile soil, and subsequent branches of Radical Islam began; it began there, only to grow and extend around the world, reaching levels of ferocity of extremism in ways seen and unseen.  It is a mystery as to how truly entrenched the world really is,  for no one has the nerve to talk about it, let alone investigate it...except perhaps, this president.  But that is neither here nor there at the present moment.

What is here  -- and there -- and everywhere -- is an unbelievable amount of harassment and vitriol against not only a sitting president, but a guy, a fellow American,  who honestly just wants what is best for this country; what is most on his mind, are the needs and concerns of THIS country, and no other.

Having said what she said -- just how this Julia ghoulia still has a job anywhere upon this very day, is beyond my understanding.  But even having said that, I will respect her freedom to say what she wants to say, given our foundation.  Free speech is free speech is free speech.  

But oh boy...she gives one of the most asinine character assassinations of a president I think I have ever heard. 

And nobody seemed to balk on CNN -- except for that one token conservative on the panel, David Urban...um, like, aren't you gonna say something about that Jake?

He's not, David.
Doncha know they are all drinking the same koolaid, listening to the same podcasts, and doling out the same hate, at 78 beats per minute  (just to put it in a language common of the times back in the day when rules and radicals first aligned).  Only now -- it's better, bigger, bolder and on a loop 24/7, from broadcast news to cable to each and every wave of broadband from sea to shining sea.

Alinsky may have set this in motion back in the day when eight track tapes were just the thing, but guess what, folks?  It's working...and not only that, the Left has probably never been more organized or as powerful than it is right now.

Even people who think they have their head on straight --  like Kanye West -- suddenly have second thoughts and give in or give up; for by all appearances, the pile on Trump is simply too great; it's a mainstream mountain too high, a demagoguery valley so low, there ain't nowhere to go but into the stream of leftist consciousness, no matter how outlandish the perception or plum tall tale lies. 

Perceptions don't need to be based in truth; it's called just the right mix of manure and dirt...and just about anything can take root and recklessly spread like a weed.

But whether we all agree to make America great again, or not -- make no mistake:  America is at a time of her own choosing as we speak.

Under our feet are numerous laws in motion... laws like, that of attraction, that of creation -- and everything that we do or say today, right now, is immediately placed into the American soil.

Tomorrow we reap what we sow.

I recently listened to Erwin McManus on the Hillsong Channel -- he was speaking of this kind of choosing that we all do, day in and day out, even if we go about our business totally oblivious to it.  And he said something rather stunning -- he said -- "evil men don't wait for God's permission to move forward."

They just do it.

No questions, no conscience at play, no wondering, um, should I or should I not.  They just do it.

Radicalization speaks of the kind of evil that only evil men and women do.

And for Julia to place President Trump in this company -- or worse -- to accuse him of "radicalizing so many more people than ISIS" is unconscionable, indefensible and wrong every which way to Sunday and back.  Julia owes the president an apology....

and, as a matter of fact, she owes me an apology, too  -- for just who is she referring to anyway? 
Have I been radicalized -- simply for voting for Trump?
Am I a radical -- according to Julia ghoulia -- just because I don't believe in open borders, or approve of Obamacare, or am about to vote yes on the removal of the California gas tax? 
Seriously?   Am I?
Now, truth be told, the synagogue shooter didn't even like Trump, so that connection just isn't even there there...
But if we're going there,  just maybe I will take my crack pot who can't even build a mail bomb over your baseball field ambush dude any day of the week.

Julia, Julia, Julia -- this divide -- it is just part and parcel of the landscape of American politics, the choice of government large or small, and goes to the center of our differences.  Thinking you need to grow a little smarter than what you have on display, just sayin' -- this new radical- leftist hybrid model is just not ready for prime time.

And even though I know how you got here -- thanks to Alinsky and his followers, and their followers, and the followers after that....you are a product of radical ideas that were planted, promulgated and propagated for decades.  You feel quite certain, by the company you keep, that you are on the right track for the right reasons and are not afraid to say so through any means necessary.  For the end justifies the means, right...

I get it.

I have seen it; I have read about it; I understand it; and I even bear witness to it every day here in America.

and now, I am so over it.

oh my goodness,
oh my goodness.

All this girl ever wants for America, is what is best for America -- as a whole.

This diary of America is feeling so downtrodden...crushed under the weight of an American spirit usurped by hooligans and marauders and outlaws and ignorant people like Julia...speaking of which,

"I don't see democrats killing people." 
said Don Lemon, CNN
... seriously, Lemon?
Newsflash: you are a lemon.

I have no more words to say, for today, other than it sure is spooky in America these days.
But hey...um, Happy Halloween?

the end.

Make it a Good Day, G

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