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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

It's a Socialism Rising Thing

Dear America,

"I must study politics and war, 
that our sons 
may have liberty
 to study
 mathematics and philosophy." 
John Adams

it's hump day and this is the day dedicated to the hump...the hump that has grown into a mountain of propaganda and lies and a government so out  of  control we can't see straight.  We've hit a certain altitude now, and the hallucinations are real; and not only that, they are capable of bringing what was once a full-fledged Republic, proudly dependent upon individual liberty and self-reliance and free enterprise, to it's knees.

Now Bernie's half-baked supporters don't get it; and they don't want to get it.   My knee-jerk response would be to blame the parents; but we all know the revolution we are witnessing today comes by way of a road paved and masterminded from the visions of intellectuals out of the sixties, complete with reforming education from kindergarten through graduate school (on the backs of federal loans and gimmicks and promises and teacher's unions and a department of education that has no business being involved, let alone in charge.......) that has, basically, brainwashed an entire generation (or two).

What's not to love this Valentine's week...
Free College
Free Health Care
and let's just
Stick it to the rich, the corporations....tax tax tax tax tax
and Move On dot org.

Isn't it great to live in the college bubble...

And these kids think they are being so cool, so libertarian,  so revolutionary, so Che....joining forces and raising voices with this anti-establishment/socialist chorus; it's remarkable how clueless an entire class of citizens can be...how they know not the fault of their own stars.  And yet, who am I to tell them the night sky is clouding their judgement and steering them in the wrong direction, right?

What really pisses off this primarily poised princess is the sad truth of the unbearable weight of combating this delusional, possibly drug induced, ship of fools -- the philosophy majors, the gender studies tribe, and the eco-fascist soon to be a lobbyist, alike -- is nowhere to be found.  It's almost as if a contrary opinion or alternative view doesn't even exist.  And wouldn't Adam Smith be shocked.

The right side of politics, the conservative voice, the pure logic and explanation of it all -- is simply not heard.   And it certainly can't be heard if it's not said.

What a bitch, isn't it?  These little revolutionaries have been raised with the freedom to resist and revolt by the very nature and nurture of this America, the beautiful, and the foundation masterminded by the likes of John Adams, Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, Thomas Jefferson...and on and on and on....the original crew of one hell of a revolution and this is how they give thanks. 

But here we are -- socialism rising...
The real thing is being replaced with a magnificent bang -- a fraud of new heights and depths that will make heads spin in a rainbow of colors and psychedelic paraphernalia.   Fundamental Transformation is the LSD of our time.

So time is a limitation today, for me, little g....hence, this girl is going to send you road-tripping around the web for a wee bit.

FIRST.  Let's start with some numbers.  (It's the real, real thing, baby)

U.S. Debt Clock.  A stop watch commonly referred to here on this g thing; but it's been awhile, so let's revisit it again, shall we?  

Pay attention to the real total in UN-funded liabilities...101 Trillion Dollars!
or perhaps how many Americans receive government benefits...161,056,763 million people
or perhaps how many Americans are still UN-insured, sans Obamacare....41,047,808 million people.

Or just maybe go to the number of people in the workforce...150,613,363 million (while 23,863,899 million of those work for the GOVERNMENT! While another 94 million have simply taken themselves out of the workforce for one reason or another)

And now just imagine having a credit card with 2.5 TRILLION DOLLARS racked up in interest alone!

The president's new budget is just one bad trip, and hardly worth the high, even if it feels good right now. The Heritage Foundation breaks it all down, here, and it is mind-boggling-ly good and thorough, at least to the extent a quick analysis can be; but it will require a wee bit of concentration and possibly more than three minutes of your time, okay...

What is a riot is how the Senate Republicans are beginning to send emails alerting the masses, like me, to the great bureaucratic mess that is Obama's new 4.1 Trillion Dollar budget.  Sounding the alert is one thing; it's the pitch that comes next that is highly questionable.

For the second paragraph asks for money to fight it!

It's like, are you kidding me right now?

Isn't that what you are mandated by the voters to do -- actually paid to do -- just by being a republican in the Senate?!?  Why do we need to pay you anything when this is just your freaking job?  You are being paid to put a stop to this nonsense and you are pan-handling to the lowly taxpayer to help you fund a task written into your job description?  How about you all reach down inside and find a little courage...and you find that right next to a pair of your huevos rancheros.  And after that --

I believe a return to any basic Political Science/US History class is in order (scratch that -- see if you can find one prior to 1979); and just to be clear -- no, you are not getting one damn dime.

"I must study politics and war, 
that our sons 
may have liberty
 to study
 mathematics and philosophy." 
John Adams

The kids today have no idea what they are doing for various short-sighted, misguided, independently-challenged reasons; but what excuse do the members of the Senate have, for Pete's sake?

America is experiencing two revolutions in direct conflict of one another; and it is not an hallucination -- it is a clear and present danger.  If it weren't so mind blowing important, it just might be fun to watch.

The thing is, we are not at liberty to watch; we must participate.

Get involved.  Be engaged in the debate.  Educate your neighbor who isn't paying attention, talk to friends, explain it to your children, support a worthy candidate in word and deed, write your congressman, call your Senator, read America's history and understand her foundation, contemplate what future is best, what future America can afford, and what future we intend to hold dear and close to our heart for the next generation.  

Make it a Good Day, G

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